Enter the Magical, Dreamy World of Laura Zalenga

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(This interview was conducted in German.)

Fairy tale magic pervades Laura Zalenga’s (@laura_zalenga_photography) images. “Even today, I have the Brothers Grimm book on my nightstand — it’s worn down from all the reading,” she says. The photographer from southern Germany doesn’t depict knights or frog princes, but she shares melancholic moments and magical places in her triptychs. “I like negative space a lot,” Laura says of her extreme landscape format. “The calm in it is something that’s important to me. I hope my pictures have the same effect on the viewer.”

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Plue's True Form

During Hiro Mashima’s anime series Rave Master many fans have asked Hiro Mashima this one question over and over again “Is Plue really a dog ?” Even during the Fairy Tail series people still ask Hiro Mashima this question. During a Rave Master Episode, Hiro Mashima reviled Plue’s true dog form to the world to prove that Plue is definitely a dog. 

Here’s a sketch version :