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Fairy Tail Chapter 499 Spoilers - YonkouProductions Blog
We begin with Gray and Juvia under Invel’s Ice Lock, they’re losing consciousness, can’t think, and questioning why their body is doing something against their will. Invel says Gray is going to win like he thought and that he needs him to awaken to the dark side to become a warrior to defeat E.N.D. “Zeref is the one to defeat Acnologia and ... Read More

Fairy Tail 499 Spoilers

Thank you, Mashima. For proving Gruvia fans were not delusional in believing Gray loved Juvia.

So much that he would have rather died with her than hurt her or have her die and himself live. 499 confirms as Gray himself admits she is more than a friend to him. Will make a full post once the chapter comes out but remember this: Lisanna, Mavis, Gray, Gajeel, etc. have all come back. Even Ultear is an old lady. Juvia will come back too. She will come back to Gray, because everyone else died for him. Every other couple and character getting a happy ending except Gray? No, just no. Be patient everyone. It may take a while, but don’t lose hope in Juvia being revived.