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Today a group of my friends and I dressed up in garb and went to Hedge End Medieval Fair. There were a few small groups of re-enactors, and a couple of people demonstrating for HEMA, but honestly the best part was running around through a giant hedge maze and playing putt putt while eating ice-cream (it was a very hot day). 

I lent my only other two dresses to my friends to wear (I am that go to person for kits and costumes), so I made myself a new dress out of linen, which I dyed and sewed yesterday. It was very comfy and airy.

P.S. Flower-crowns makes me so happy! Thank you @forgedinfoamtemperedlikesteel ! <3

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By Joanna Robinson

This past weekend I attended Timeline Festival, one of the largest reenactment events in Victoria. The festival showcases reenactment groups from medieval knight and vikings, right up to WW2 soldiers. I honestly had no idea what to expect and didn’t really have high expectations, but it was an absolutely fantastic day.

I was involved with the HMB group which included team Havoc (NSW), team Vulture (QLD) and team Kraken (Victoria). Go Squids! I squired for my lady Knight, Jesykah aka @forgedinfoamtemperedlikesteel and John squired for her man, Josh - it was like the weirdest double date ever. Squiring was honestly harder work than I expected and it was all go from the moment we arrived, but I loved every minute of it and hanging out with the whole HMB crew, which included the group who went to Battle of the Nations as team Australia was excellent. I can’t wait to do it again!

Photo credits: sunandswords, Keith Day and @theprohobby

I Want A Ren Faire Comedy Film

Like “All’s Faire In Love” but… better.

I want a rag-tag group of young rennies who have to work together when they hear their festival might be closing.

I want the nerdy local girl who has wanted to work at the faire all her life and joined the cast at 16 and has basically been the Leslie Knope of ren faires ever since.

I want the insecure squire who has spent his whole life on the road and craves living up to his father’s jousting abilities.

I want the pothead push monkey who just wants to be at the faire for the good vibes and supports everyone with everything they do.

I want the bitchy princess who just wants a power trip but when shit hits the fan she’s willing to do what it takes to protect the faire.

I want the grumpy teenager who only works the faire because his single father drug him out there.

I want the wise old pickle salesman who randomly dispenses invaluable advice to the protagonists.

I want the tired director who is at his wits end and is just about ready to lose hope until this group comes along and revives his hope.

I just really want another renaissance faire movie.