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This Isn’t Fair | Closed (Jimmy)


❝Mom come on this isn’t fair. I just wanna spend the weekend with Dad and then come home for my birthday on Sunday.❞ Claire sat in the kitchen the night before while her mom put the things from dinner away, she shook her head at her daughter and leaned against the counter. “Sweety I said no. You’re dad has scheduled times when he sees you and we can’t just let him take you for the weekend.” Claire rolled her eyes ❝Why? Why can’t he have me for the weekend? WHY do you HATE him so much?❞ Amelia shook her head. “Sweety I don’t hate your dad alright. Trust me this is all for your own good. We’ll have your dad over next weekend to celebrate your birthday like we planned.”

Claire shook her head, getting up from her stoll and storming off. ❝Whatever. I have homework.❞ She heard her mom say something before getting to the top of the stairs but she didn’t bother to listen. At this point, when she was about to turn 16, all she could think was how much she hated her mom. It had been a long time since her parents split up. There was a custody battle and once the court caught wind of her dad being forced to ‘seek thearap for his delusions of the angels the court determined him unfir for parenting, granting custody to her mom. He was only allowed to see her when her mom was around. Sometimes they would go to his house, the same house she grew up in but most of the time he came over to her mom’s house. She hated this. She couldn’t wait till she was old enough to move out, then she would be out of there. Before going to bed she pulled out her phone and opened her text messages, going straight to the one titled Dad.

[TEXT: DAD, 9:45PM] Night Dad. Miss you.

She curled up in the blanket her dad had bought her for her last birthday and drifted off into sleep. The next day drug on but finally she was out of school for the weekend. Normally she rode the bus home but this time, this time she would be walking. Walking back to her real home. The house looked just like she remembered it. She took a deep breath and clutched her backpack that was full of clothes for the weekend. She walked up the stairs to the large porch and knocked on the door, practically bouncing with joy. Her mom worked till 7, so she had at least until then to come up with a game plan.



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SNAKE CHARMER : Earth Pony : Herpetologist (specifically snakes)
Quiet, thoughtful, brave. Special talent: Communicating with snakes.

PATTY O’ FURNITURE : Earth Pony : Patio Furniture Salespony
Loud, quick-witted, humorous. Special talent: Selling Patio Furniture

DREAM BOAT : Pegasus : Sailboat Captain
Charming, romantic, dreamy. Special talent: Sailing.. into the hearts of ponies.

AIR WAVES : Pegasus : Radio Host
Smooth, smart, mellow. Special talent: Hosting late-night radio talkshows.

FAIR FORECAST : Unicorn : Weather Forecaster
Charismatic, talkative, perfectionist. Special talent: Forecasting the weather

NEWSIE BLUES : Unicorn : Field Reporter
Assertive, thorough, a little morbid. Special talent: Reporting bad news.