fairmount high school

“Barbara Leach [Dean’s debate partner in high school] revealed what she thought had been her secret about Dean: if he couldn’t find documentation to back up a particular point, he faked it. ‘I lived in dread that he would be found out and the good name of Fairmount High ruined,’ she confessed. But a couple of times Sue Hill substituted as Dean’s debate partner when Leach was ill. 'I remember him fabricating sources, pretending to read them off his cards, and we still won,’ Hill confesses. 'Then he tried to get away with it again the next time, but that judge was too knowledgeable and we lost.’”

I am very sad to announce that today the demolition of The Fairmount High School, where James Dean attended and graduated in 1949, has unfortunately begun. Photographed here is the Northeast corner looking into Adeline Nall’s classroom, on the upper right and the attached hallway that led backstage in the auditorium where James Dean performed in many school productions.

(Photo curtesy of David Loehr, owner and operator of The James Dean Gallery)