fairmont royal york hotel

Prince Harry meets with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he attends a bilateral meeting at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel on May 2, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

Prince Harry is in Toronto for the Launch of the 2017 Toronto Invictus Games before heading down to Miami for the 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando.

Source: Chris Jackson/Getty Images North America


04/03/2016: Why I Missed Today’s Game

As I mentioned earlier I went to a bridal shower today and thus missed the game live. We went to the Library Bar at the Fairmont Royal York for High Tea which I’ve always wanted to do but, maybe at a lower price ($65 dollars for tea and finger food just doesn’t seem right). However as part of the meal we got a tour around the hotel and as a history student I was so excited for this. I’ve been the hotel once or twice, but just in the lobby, and to able to venture around was pretty awesome. The hotel is a huge part of us Toronto history and the history freak in me was oohing and aweing the whole time.


Why I Love The Fairmont Royal York: A haunted hotel fit for royals

The Haunting  

Like all hauntings this one involves an abandoned crystal ballroom, which was closed due to fire code violations. Since its closure, guests who have stayed in the rooms below have reported hearing noise such as music and talking coming from the abandoned ballroom. Furthermore, it has been reported that the elevator will sometime take you up to ballroom without anyone having to push the button.

Another haunting involves a former Banquet Porter who was found hanging in the stairwell of the 19th floor, where there are currently meeting rooms. Many have noted seeing the former employees upper body floating around.

Welcoming the monarchy

The building opened on June 11 1929 and was designed by Ross and MacDonald. When it opened the Fairmont Royal York had 28 floors and was the tallest building in the city! In relation to today’s standards that is tiny! Of course it lost the title when Commerce Court was built a year later and of course Commerce Court would eventually lose that title a well. 

It is the third hotel to sit at 100 Front Street and hopefully the last. At the time of its opening the hotel had 10 elevators and had a radio in each room - meaning it had at least 1,048 radios. The hotel expanded in 1956 to house 16,000 rooms.  

My favourite part of the Fairmont Royal York is the red sign. Signs, have a lasting impression on me. Sam The Record Man, Maple Leaf Gardens, I will even say Zanzibar, illustrate a time era in Toronto that is quickly being forgotten.  

Other Fun Facts

  • It is the choice hotel of Queen Elizabeth II and many members of the royal family.
  • It has three beehives on the 13 floor rooftop terrace.
  • When it opened a room was $2
  • The hotel lobby has a hand painted ceiling, travertine pillars, ornate furnishings and crystal chandeliers.
  • It has featured in Serendipity (Kate Beckinsale) and Cinderella Man (Russell Crowe)