so i think i’ve done something i hadn’t intended to; i’m canonizing Sparky into the Superverse. but not in the regular way…

meet Blue Angel, the Negaverse Counterpart to Supergal, and Devil Hound, her faithful servant. Angel is a Wonderworlder like Supergal, but her pod did not crash on Earth; it crashed in the Vegon Sector, and over millenniums of radiation from the blue moon, her physiology was changed quite drastically. when she was finally freed from her pod, she quickly took control of the planet and it’s natural inhabitants, the Bloboians. now similarly to the Primeverse, the Bodacians came to invade and take over this world, but this time Angel was in charge and with her armies, she beat back the Bodacians into submission. perhaps in an act of a truce, the Bodacians gave to her their prince (Killgala) as a concubine; she pretty much just keeps him locked up in a dungeon/tower. of course, that means she must retain her ties with them, so when their princess (ManDIE) went missing, headed fro Earth, she begrudgingly went to track down the wayward girl. of course, she won’t find Starfury there, and safe to say when Darkfury (Prime!ManDIE) arrives and sees what Angel has done to her people, there will be war again.

so basically in the Prime, Sparky is an alien, but he’s dead because the Bodacians took over and destroyed the planet…ok probably dead, we’ll see. but there, he doesn’t have to ever appear.

every episode of The Fairly OddParents
  • Timmy:life sucks
  • Cosmo & Wanda:no
  • Timmy:*wishes for a thing*
  • wish:*is cool*
  • Timmy:Nice
  • wish:*consequences*
  • Timmy:not nice unwish please
  • Cosmo & Wanda:you can't unwish the thing because da rulez
  • Timmy:shit
  • Timmy:*does a thing*
  • Timmy:ok now I unwish the thing
  • wish:*is unwished*
  • sometimes there's a baby that fucks things up and apparently a dog I haven't watched this show in at least 2 years

“Nickelodeon Nostalgia” by NAS Storyboard Artist Aaron Austin

“I’ve been at Nickelodeon for about 3 months now, and I wanted to make something that paid homage to the Nickelodeon cartoons I grew up with. It’s amazing how much a cartoon can mean to you even after so many years. I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to help create shows for today’s kids!” -Aaron