fairly odd folk


[ THE BEAST ] // [ THE TRAVELER ] : side a & side b playlists for Over the Garden Wall

THE BEAST {cover art}: for the hunter, waiting for you to lose your will and succumb to the forest

Patron Saint Hunter (Timber Timbre) // Bernadette (IAMX) // Sedated (Mikky Ekko) // Rust (The Short Story of Mary Agnosia) (Anchor & Braille) // Iceland (Bark Cat Bark) // White Foxes (Susanne Sundfør) // The Devil Within (Piano Version) (Digital Daggers) // On Trees and Birds and Fire (I Am Oak) // You Waste Time Like a Grandfather Clock (The Myriad) // Stranded Lullaby (Joe Hawley & Allison Hanna) // Shut Eye (Stealing Sheep) // Winter Ghosts (J/B/M) // Sad Eyes (Mikky Ekko)

THE TRAVELER {cover art} : for the joy of exploring a forest and discovering all of its wonders

The Moss (Cosmo Sheldrake) // Woodland (The Paper Kites) // Go Do (Jónsi) // A Walk in the Forest (Brian Crain) // A Traveller’s Anthem (Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk) // Bloom (The Paper Kites) // June Hymn (The Decemberists Cover) (Building Brooklyn) // Halving the Compass (Helios) // Blackbird (The Beatles) // it is a mystery // No Hopers, Jokers, and Rogues (Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends) // Kinder Blumen (Real Estate) // White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes)


MY [college] GRAD PARTY


THE FAIRLY ODD FOLK Return to The Bunker

Long story short, my school messed up on my invite to the banquet, so I decided to throw my own shindig for my family and friends. Luckily Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk were in town. Throw in a bunch of talented Manitoba musicians, and a ton of food, and you’ve got yourself a good ol’ time!

HUGE thanks to everyone that participated in the potluck; I wouldn’t have wanted to finish off the school year any other way :)