fairly new at this so eh

So anyway, good things:

-Emma Watson definitely suits the character of Belle even if I wish the rest of the cast could maybe get like…. at least acknowledged

-The Beast’s animation was pleasing and his voice was Good

-All the music was wonderful. Wasn’t a huge fan of Be Our Guest? But eh not that bad. All the new songs are lovely.

-Lumiere’s animation was also awesome. He was so energetic and fluid? How Good.

-Honestly LeFou just, as a character, was great. Much more expanded, nice little development, well played. If they hadn’t tried to brag about the whole “gay thing” that barely appears I would have nothing but praise for LeFou.

-Actually really funny? The humour of the film was (in general) really nice and the whole thing had a fairly light atmosphere except for… Scenes.

-Nice little backstory for Beast. Would have been nice to see that at least a little expanded on though.

-Belle and Beast’s bonding was actually really nice.

Sorry i haven’t been making any original content on this blog, i am still drawing but it’s just mainly cartoon and furry stuff- i’ve hit a sort of road block where i feel like i’ve drawn all the g/t ideas i can while still keeping fairly original. There’s only so many ways to draw it it feels for me and…..eh.
It’s a hard thing to draw, it’s so frustrating to do tiny details on small characters!
So yeah, sorry there hasn’t been any fresh new g/t content from me- theres just so many close ups of hands or faces i can take drawing y'know?
Plus simple cartoony stuff and furry stuff is more fun and loose to draw, it’s happy and free and doesn’t mess up my weak ass wrist as much as the detail and perspective needed in a g/t drawing does!
Nothings changing, i’m still answering asks and if i do make any original g/t content i’ll post it- i’m not leaving or anything, don’t worry!

Also when i was younger it was like a huge thing in my life, now it’s honestly not- i don’t think about it often if at all really, and i don’t think thats a bad thing.
I have a habit of holding into interests and hobbies as if they are self-identifying things because i have a hard time defining or knowing who i am without them, but like….it really isn’t important at all, i’m just over compensating for my identity issues by holding onto things so tight lmao.

Eh i dunno what i’m getting at, nothings changing- i’m still here answering asks, it’s just G/t used to be a part of my identity and who i was and now like….. it ain’t.
I don’t feel the need to define myself by my hobbies anymore and i don’t feel the need to pretend like they’re real in anyway, but honestly i felt this half a year ago and i don’t think i ever mentioned it.
Like i said, nothings changing though- this is just a thought on why i haven’t really made any new, original g/t content lately.