fairly badass

ok so I went to see Ghostbusters last night (fairly enjoyable, badass fight scenes, would watch again) and they were handing out logo pins at the movie theater which I was super excited about so I got like 3 of them. I decided to pin one of them to my backpack, which I wore to the summer camp program I was working with today. 

One of the 8 year old girls saw the little ghost pin and her eyes went wide - “did you see Ghostbusters?!?” and I was like “yeah, wasn’t it awesome?” and she smiled really big and said “yeah it was so cool!” and the girls around her smiled too. this same thing happened multiple times throughout the day when different kids noticed it. I did not hear one kid complain about the movie. 

so anyway who cares if it wasn’t the Cinematic Masterpiece of the Year™ this movie made some little girls happy and that makes me happy too