Lunch at Slice, corner of Fairlie and Poplar Streets, Downtown Atlanta. This is one of those places that doesn’t make it onto “best of” lists for Atlanta restaurants, but we love it because it brings the important amenity of beer and pizza to the neighborhood. No list-cicle can do justice to the goodness of neighborhood hangouts.


The Big Building on Walton Street, downtown Atlanta

Love. Love. Love this Walton Street building.

After I posted this pic, a downtown neighbor sent me a great photo of what the third floor looked like in 1903. I’ve added that above.

According to the caption on the photo, this was called the Big Building at the time and the office was used as a mail order business for a local product called Dr. Blosser’s Catarrh Cure (Catarrh is an old word for respiratory problems, now referred to commonly as rhinitis). 

I’ve also included an ad from that era for the product. I love living in a place with so much interesting history.

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