fairies and shit

i promised @scientiaa some ignoct fluff for when she gets off work so here’s some cinderella au i guess ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

“do i have to?” noct asks, keeping his eyes on the mirror. he watches ignis’s reflection reaching around his face to hold up his masquerade mask so he can tie it in place. “i really don’t want to.” 

“it is tradition,” ignis replies on a sigh. they’ve had this conversation before. he’s tired of it, noct knows. he doesn’t care. “every heir of lucis has a coming of age celebration that they must attend.” 

“but i don’t want to.” 

“and i honestly could not care less what you want,” ignis says, flippant. he finishes tying noct’s mask in place, the delicate silver mesh a high contrast to his dark hair. “it’s only for tonight. i think you’ll live.” 

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An Anime Rainbow

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