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Handcrafted Fairytale Clay Journals by Mandarin Duck

Jewelry designer Aniko Kolesnikova, (previously featured here) best known as Mandarin Duck is recognized for her whimsical, sophisticated, ornate work featuring mystical and exotic creatures, such as owls and dragons, as well as other natural elements like floral aesthetics. An expert at working with polymer clay, Mandarin Duck on YouTube was created for the purpose to teach people how to make beautiful handmade things.

Now, also a book sculptor, Kolesnikova wishes to teach people how to construct their own handmade journals, which resemble imaginative covers and creatures from a fairytale. She confesses: “I truly believe in what I do and I have a great mission in this world to inspire other artists to never give up, stay creative and strong on this absolutely beautiful, but sometimes a bit tough journey of being an artist.”

You can find more of her creations in her Etsy shop.

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Chapter two of the Weave: The Hunting Hawk is officially done! It’s been a year and a half since I started working on the Weave, and I’m so proud of how far it’s come.I feel like I’m a better artist and writer with every page and I’m so excited to keep going. 2016 has the potential to be my best year yet, and to be the year that I make the Weave my full-time job. Now that chapter two is done and most of the cast has entered the stage and the mysteries have started to unfold, this is the perfect time to start reading!

The Weave is a webcomic about Tally Llewellyn, a girl living in New York with no real prospects or talents beyond her extraordinarily bad luck. She finally catches a break and lands a new job after being unemployed for months, but on her first night waitressing at a bar called the Black Horn she witnesses a strange murder. The Weave is an urban fantasy murder mystery, with a queer cast and a heavy dash of romance. It’s pretty fantastic, if you ask me.

As you might know already, right now my time is split between working on the Weave, freelance, and a not-so-stellar retail job. I’m constantly pressed for time, and the comic suffers the most. I’m completely dedicated to making the Weave the best comic I can, and I’m working hard on finding ways to make that happen. My number one goal is to make the comic self-sustaining so that I can quit my job and work on the Weave full time. I’m an abuse survivor and as a result, I don’t have any family to help or any real support system, so I’m pretty much totally dependant on myself and on reader support to help make this happen. Lucky for me, there are lots of ways you can help!

Every reblog of the comic is a major, major help. This week the comic tumblr passed 3000 followers, and that’s because of you! Every reblog and signal boost got us there. Thank you so, so much! If you’re looking for more ways to help support the comic, you can share it with a friend, or post about it! You can also check out some cool wallpapers I made for the comic on gumroad! If you’re interested in going the extra mile and helping on a more long-term basis, then good news! I’ve got a Patreon! Patrons get cool rewards like free wallpapers and early looks at pages, and even things like actual cameos in the comic! Check it out!

I can tell you right now, the Weave would never have made it to chapter two without your support. Thank you so much for reading, I can’t wait to see where 2016 takes us!

Urban Fantasy Fae

Think about it-

Hotels and apartments kept vending machines stocked with cream and shiny things to offer fairies when something gets “lost”

People online discussing what kinds of fae live in their area, everyone thinking other places fae sound super bizarre (Australia complains that theirs are the most terrifying)

Police departments have specialists for missing children cases if they suspect changelings are involved

Weathermen including a notification for when the weather is likely to encourage certain types (“heavy fog forecasted this evening, so expect a larger than usual number of pixies”)

Buzzfeed quizzes about what kind of fae you are

Talking selfies outside and finding four (four!) dryads photo bombing from the bushes behind you

Teens volunteering to build fairy gardens in poor areas of the city for service hours, because it’s hard to appease fae properly at minimum wage

Public scandals when politicians are discovered leaving offerings for unseelie fae. Were they being blackmailed? Did they strike a deal willingly? Could the politician have been replaced by an imposter?

Prank videos on Vine where you dress as a banshee and scream at strangers in public (hilarious videos where actual fae see this and mess with the prankster)

Cellphone cases with iron lining on the inside so they don’t get stolen

Just… Urban fantasy fae.


Today I made my tribute jars for my altar! They’re so cute I can’t stand it

In order:
- Persephone (goddess of spring growth and queen of the underworld)
- Amphitrite (goddess of the seas)
- Selene (goddess of the moon)
- Antheia (goddess of flowers)
- Eos (goddess of the dawn)
- and a cute lil fae garden to let the fae know they’re welcome here :)