You might notice none of these shirts are video related.

Let me rewind you back to when I got sick for a month and then got slammed with the flu right after and was out of commission for the beginning of the year. All I did was watch movies to try and make me feel better, in fact they have always made me feel better when I’ve been down. I was feeling very unmotivated and kept asking myself ‘what now’? Like, when I get better what should I do next? I was so stressed about this and realized I needed to de-stress somehow. And then out of nowhere, like a lighting strike I got that fire back and a flood of ideas came pouring in. I went into overdrive and just started thinking of things that I thought would be fun to do. Things that we kind of already have in common like video games, movies, tv shows, writing, and videos. The cornerstone to any kind of friendship is to see what you have in common with each other and this is where the idea of the Cinema Series gained life.

So this Spring collection is half of a two part collection of movie-inspired shirts. Part Two is coming in Fall 2015. These movies each have a story some where in my life that have helped make me into the person I am today.  I’m willing to bet many of you enjoy the same movies as I and have a story attached to them as well.

Falling With Style (Toy Story)

When I was about 7 years old I saw this movie for the first time with a kiddy combo in hand and experienced what I believed at the time to be actual movie magic. I saw Toys come to life and it truly changed my life. I saw it 4 times in one day. I truly believe if I hadn’t seen this movie I wouldn’t have wanted to make films. I don’t even know if I would be the person I am today without Toy Story. It’s crazy to think a film holds so much sway in my life but it truly did captivate me.

As you Wish - (Princess Bride)

On a cloudy Maryland afternoon my Dad and Brother were watching TV when the Princess Bride came on, we all have the same kind of humor so when one of us laughs we all laugh harder together. It was one of those nights where we were all laughing so hard that it become memorable. I know a lot of you have that one movie with your family, this was that movie with mine.

Mass Hysteria - (Ghostbusters)

I grew up with this movie and had every toy and PJs of Ghostbusters but oddly enough that’s not what I think about when I think of this movie.

What I think about most is my girlfriend in college when she was dealing with really bad anxiety attacks. I know a lot of you can relate, it’s not easy to see someone go through these, I wish there was a switch to just shut them off. I remember one night she was having a panic attack and nothing was making it better so I hunted through a stack of ten DVDs, popped in Ghostbusters, and saw what the power of laughter could do. I kept it on repeat and we watched Ghostbusters for a month straight.

Time Given To Us- (Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)

I remember seeing the first trailer and running to tell my brother that they were making The Lord of the Rings into movies. Before this, in the sixth grade, I moved to a new state and everything they were teaching I hadn’t learned so I was failing. Soon after I had a book report on The Hobbit and got my first A in the sixth grade, so I was already a fan when I saw the trailer.

Dark Mark- (Harry Potter)

I had trouble reading as a kid, I actually had a speech problem and had to take hooked on phonics so I was picky about which books I would read. One night my mom brought home Harry Potter and I remember I would lay blankets in a empty bathtub and read in there because it was the only place with no distractions.

I remember when the movie came out my brother was in college and my dad just lost his job so my parents wanted to move back to Missouri to be closer to family. I moved in with my uncle and aunt for awhile so I could start school with everyone else while they wrapped up selling the house in Memphis. During the trip to Missouri I had this mini portable dvd player and I watched Harry Potter for the first time. I saw so many similarities with him and I but I wasn’t going to Hogwarts I was going to Fairgrove, Missouri. I literally had no idea where I was going because I had never been there. In the same way when my Dad found a job in Memphis again and it was time to go back, I didn’t want to but knew that I had to. It was a very tough time in my life and when I think about Harry Potter it brings it all back.

Must Go Faster- (Jurrasic Park)

I remember that when I saw Jurassic Park and the first dinosaur popped on screen I literally gasped, I had never seen anything like it before. I am such a fan of this movie but what will always stick out in my mind is watching it in Salt Lake City on a cold October night with a bunch of you guys and gals, and for that reason alone it will always be one of my favorites.

X Never Marks The Spot- (Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade)

I always remember watching Indiana Jones with pizza in one hand and a soda in the other. It was the kind of movie that warranted ordering out and making a night of it. I watched this movie a lot with my Brother even though for many years we didn’t get along because of the age difference, but I always felt like we bonded over movies because we liked the same kind of films. I never said it to his face but I always enjoyed watching The Last Crusade with him. I don’t think we said a single word to each other while watching it. I know it’s odd but being a younger brother I thought it was cool that my big brother was watching a movie with me.

Never tell me the Odds- (Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back)

I can remember the smell of the VHS closet and hunting for this movie, I watched it everyday during summers as a kid. I think it was the first movie I loved for myself. Like I found them on my own and watched them and was all about it. I’m not sure what exactly I love so much about Star Wars but this was the movie that got me into Sci-Fi and space. I became obsessed with space and for a while I wanted to be a astronaut, but in the end film took over my heart.


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