December 14th, 2012:

A gunman killed 26 people, 18 of them children, in a shooting on Friday morning at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. The school, located among wooded hills and suburban tracts in Fairfield County, 12 miles east of Danbury, serves kindergarten through fourth grade. The school has about 700 students.

For you, little ones.
- P.L. 

Help: QueerWOC In Need of Place to Stay

Hey guys,

So long story short I was kicked out of the apartment that I shared last night. Because it was 2am, I ended up sleeping in my truck at a rest area off I-95. I don’t want to do that again. So if anyone knows anyone who has a spare room or a couch that I could crash on that would be great.

I will provide my own food and live out of my duffle bag. I’m very, very clean and I’m really tiny — I won’t take up much space. I work 9-5:30pm Monday thru Friday and I could go to my Uncle’s house on weekends. It is inconvenient for me to try to live with my Uncle full-time because he lives 2-hrs away from my job. He is also very, very religious & though I would be safe, it will be a very uncomfortable situation for a long-time. It sucks but I would rather try this instead. I can’t afford a hotel or motel and I am trying to avoid staying in a shelter. Considering it’s the holidays and my Mom lives in Upstate NY, my best bet is trying to find a place to stay. My Mom is moving to Delaware at the end of this month, and I had already planned to relocate with her in January.

At this time I could probably pay like $50/wk, to just have a place to sleep & shower. I understand that most people can’t offer long-term stay on such short notice and without money. If anything, I would need a place just for this coming up week of Dec 9 through Dec 13. It must be in the Westchester NY, or Fairfield County (inc. New Haven) area in order for me to maintain my job. This would allow me to work another full week at work, and then I could quit my job, move in with my Uncle but have a full check to sustain my bills (car insurance, storage unit, gas, and food) throughout December and half of January. 


- A.

Fairfield County Gothic

There is a new girl in your class. Her name is Sarah. She is blonde with long straight hair. There was another girl last year, also named Sarah, with long, straight blonde hair. They are friends, already, but you have never seen them together. You cannot tell which is which.

You swear he wasn’t wearing salmon pants a second ago.

There is a pack of housewives approaching you, fresh from a spin class. They all wear Lululemon and as they approach, they blend together and come fast, faster than you can run. They want to know where you are going to college.

It is 11pm and you drive through town. The shops are dark. The streets are empty. You are alone, so utterly alone. 

No one knows when the snows will come, but we are all powerless to stop it.

You swear your turn is coming up soon. You just can’t see it yet, because of all the leaves. You don’t remember what street this is. You don’t remember when you got on this road. All you know is you have been driving for a long, long time, and everything is so, so green. You cannot see houses. You cannot see streets. You cannot remember if you even had a life before you got on this winding expanse of green. But your turns is definitely coming soon. It has to be.

It is six months later and you realize you’re on the same road again. You did not recognize it, because the leaves are gone. You aren’t sure if they ever really existed, or if they will ever come back.

The weather has changed three times since you left the house only ten minutes ago. You do not acknowledge it. It is not your place.

The shops in town are all closing and no one knows why. They are being replaced with frozen yogurt shops.

Every day when you check your closet, you swear there’s more Vineyard Vines than when you go to bed. You don’t think you bought those Sperry’s, but you wear them every day.

First estate sale of the new year: Exquisite Greenwich Mansion Contents

Come see this luxurious Greenwich mansion filled with fine custom decorator furnishings and antiques, window treatments, antique prints, fine and antique porcelain, exceptional decorative accessories, oil paintings and fabulous household and estate contents. Included are fifteen rooms of custom made draperies and window seating, complete with “all the trimmings” (valances, fringed tiebacks, rods, hardware etc.) There are multiple bedroom suites, all decorator-done with exceptional taste and quality–furnishings by well-known manufacturers such as Drexel, Century, Thomasville and Stark (to name only a few).

Sale Dates:

Thursday, January 19, 2012
10:00 am to 4:00 pm 

Friday, January 20, 2012
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday, January 21, 2012
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday, January 22, 2012
11:00 am to 3:00 pm

A sampling: antique convex mirrors, a traditional four poster bedroom suite with skirted canopy, matching antique wing chairs and slipper chairs, country French dining set, an upholstered Swedish bench, mahogany nightstands, antique occasional tales, quality carpeting, ottomans, fabulous sets of lamps with custom silk shades, many beautifully framed sets of antique prints and botanicals, a suite of charming white painted French furniture, Murano glass, Library Steps, multiple desks including a lovely mahogany leather topped desk, antique phone desk, book shelves, lovely Century armoire and many other accent pieces … including sideboards, cupboards and a custom game table with upholstered chairs. What every home needs: that perfect ottoman or bench, bookends, clocks, urns, exquisite fireplace accessories (fenders, andirons, fireplace tool sets), custom wall units, couches, kitchen stools, playroom and family room furnishings, lanterns, wall units, computers and computer chairs (also custom). Pick up a full room’s décor with matching window treatments, pillows, linens, etc. Also available is a massive amount of women’s designer clothing and handbags (Prada, Gucci, etc). We are selling the contents of the pool house done in a nautical theme, including a wonderful pine island unit, a collection of bird houses, shell mirrors, ceramics and earthenware, quality rattan, carpeting, etc.

Available are several signed oil paintings in gilded frames and signed prints including antique English sports block prints by William Nicholson, Also featured are this estate’s many outdoor planters and garden items, a full gym with universal, stretching machines and weight bench, a tennis ball machine by Tennis tutor, hardly used. The pictures featured will give you a glimpse of this home’s treasures, and we hope you will come visit this exceptional sale to find that special something to enhance the décor of your home.

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Product: Krups Beer Tender Home Tap System

Every woman wants a Kitchenmade Stand Mixer on their counter, while every man wants the Krups BeerTender on his counter. This is an awesome mini kegerator that sits on your counter and keeps your 5 liter mini keg cold and fresh. This allows you to have a prefect pint on draft without having to commit to a much bigger keg. It keeps your beer at a perfect 38 degrees, has a mini tap handle, and is made of stainless steel. It keeps the beer fresh for 30 days. When The FCL gets an office, we’ll be getting one of these instead of a coffee maker.

Price: $179.99 at Amazon.com

Sebago Local Harvest Ale (A.B.V. % 6.2)

I picked up a 4 pack of this at the store the other day because it was $3.99. I had never heard of Sebago and was expecting this stuff to be crap, except that I was throughly impressed. The Sebag Local Harvest Ale is an American Pale ale from Maine. The smell comes off as citrusy and hoppy, with possibly some chocolate malt. This beer is loaded with hop flavor and citrus. The finish on the beer is where the bitterness shows. This is a good fall beer that was definitely worth the price. I’ll be looking for more Sebago products when next time I’m at the store. 

Product: Chairman Series 110 by Buck Knives

A warranty that lasts… forever. How could anyone resist that? Buck Knives has been doing it right for over 100 years. This knife is the Chairman Series 110, which is endorsed by Chuck Buck (Chairman of Buck Knives). This knife is the classic 110 Folding Hunter, which is their signature knife, but part of of the chairman series. It features Chuck Buck signature on the lock back knife design. If you’re in the market for a knife, I highly suggest this one. This will last you a lifetime and its a classic.

Price: $89.00 at Buck Knives


President Obama addressing the tragedy in Newton, CT today.

Can you guess what government building is shown this photo?

It’s the Fairfield County Health Department, which has drawn attention from state officials for its moisture and mold problems, among other issues. Fairfield County Commissioner Steve Davis said some problems, such as a flea infestation, have been fixed, and the county intends to find a different building by next year.

Photo by Dispatch photographer Courtney Hergesheimer