fairfield pizza

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Fairfield Pizza - Kings Highway in Fairfield, CT

I drove up to Connecticut for the last Hostage Calm show earlier this month and figured it was a great opportunity to check out some new pizzerias in my least favorite state in the Tri-State Area. Nothing personal if you’re from Connecticut, but it’s just not my jam. I was (of course) stuck in tons of traffic on I-95 and, in my search for an alternate route, happened upon Fairfield Pizza. Needing a little pick-me-up (and a bathroom break), I stopped in, hoping they could surpass my previous, lackluster Connecticut pizza experiences.

Fairfield Pizza ended up being better than expected. They had a big selection (with name tags for the different slices, a nice touch!), a number of which looked pretty promising. I went for a buffalo chicken and it tasted pretty good! It does look a little wimpy in the picture, but it trumped a lot of significantly shittier buffalo chicken slices I’ve had in my life. The chicken was kinda mushy, but it made it blend well with the pizza underneath. It had a nice flavor, though I wouldn’t have minded it being a bit spicier. The crust was also enjoyable, having a nice crunch to keep the slice from getting overly soft or doughy. Overall, my hat goes off to Connecticut for surpassing my expectations. However, I was very put off by the high price tag ($3.50!!) for a slice that, while good, wasn’t really exceptional. I’m still waiting to be blown away, CT!!