fairfield park

I’m working on a group picture of the survivors, to celebrate the DbD anniversary AND my 500 followers on Tumblr. Never thought I would reach this number.

On top you see the first sketch I did. After a friend pointed out that the character heights were wrong, I had to start over again, because it made me so upset..
While changing the heights I also changed some characters poses and now I’m satisfied. uvu

Next step is the coloring~

Person of Interest
05x13 Ending
Person of Interest


Audio from Person of interest ( Roots voice ).

I absolutely loved the speech and thought of this while listening to it.

I hope you guys like it as well.

Being inside The Entity’s grasp can be a painful burden.

watching your friends die over and over,

forced to relive fears for eternity.

but Together we can overcome anything as a team.

bc i restarted my animal crossing and all my villagers are kinda ugly

anywho they all live in a town where mayor sky crab (or sky spider?) tries to get them sacrificed or smth

(idk what im gonna do for the killers, hmu if anyone has ideas)