fairfield music

Cosmic Lloyd gave performers a total show last week at the Beauty Shop in Fairfield, IA.  Universe Party was lucky enough to catch Lloyd in his first ever time on stage.  Lloyd is no stranger to the entertainment scene.  His production team “Wonderland Cheatcode,” which consists of him and Cody Olivas made this video for their song “Windows and Doors,” has hit nearly 3,000 views in under two weeks.  Still Cosmic Lloyd hadn’t performed a set until last week.  Those in attendance where “blown away,” and “totally surprised,” they said after Lloyd used a slow-knife slaying for this crowd.  Local percussion expert and live music goer David Hurlin had this to say: “Cosmic Lloyd is a volcano of pure light at the incendiary venn diagram intersection of back porch romance, beatnik wildness, samurai truth and extra terrestrial love poetry.” That sums up the way we can explain his music.  But it was what Hurlin said at the end of our correspondence that explains how we felt:  "A shock if intimacy that bends the very timespace that holds your body together.“  Keep playin CL, and keep US together.