fairfield halls croydon


The Beatles backstage and live on stage during a Mersey Beat Showcase at Fairfield Hall, Croydon, 25 April 1963

Photos: Andy Wright

“Wacky mop tops, cheeky chappies […] you know, like all the cartoon Beatle things, the little jokes. [We were] very naive, very sincere [interviewer: Very charming], charming, yeah, but a bit thick.” - George Harrison reflecting on The Beatles pre-1966, West 57th Street, 12 December 1987

An evening in Croydon was absolutely magic!!!! I had heart attack 3 times that day: 

1) when Sgt Boombox came up to me during the show (with camera!!) and involved me into performance. Shame on me! I forgot all english words, though presented to Boombox/ Noel our gifts 

2) when Noel’s pr manager Sean invited us to a backstage after the show and we saw Noel and his crew face-to-face

3) when I realize how handsome Noel is in real life. All the photos absolutely don’t reflect this fact. He is incredibly gorgeous, charming, cute and shy.