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Your comic is amazing, clearly inspiring hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of people, myself included.

It got me thinking, judging how mostly successful Elsewhere University is for the Fae, that other lessor courts would do similar things at other universities, some more successful than others. Possibly even forming rivalries between the courts/schools.

This is just a quick set up of one other university, doing things somewhat differently than Elsewhere, but the game and the rules of the Fae are still the same.


Elsewhere University is not the only University of its type.

The University of Fairfield

The University of Fairfield is old, established sometime before the Industrial Revolution.

Fairfield is named such due to its location, an open field where the weather is somehow always fair: sunny, a few clouds, a light breeze.

The founders of the school had not done their research. Or perhaps they were otherwise influenced. For Fairfield has its name for another reason.

It is home to a court of Fairfolk. (make no mistake it is no field, it is a fairy hill with old and strong magic to appear not as such)

The University of Fairfield was small, only a couple of buildings built upon the land of the Fairfolk. (although the silly mortal humans did not realize their error until it was too late) They had failed to ask for permission to build, but the Fairfolk let them, thus a favored was owed. The price of that favor was people, regularly. So people went missing and some, not all, came back and they came back changed. Some clearly fae-touched, others simply charmed, most just scarred from the experience.

Officially the University of Fairfield did not even last a decade, shutting down and closing after a couple of years.

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We will not stay put and stay voiceless, we will not accept the current state of our society if it is apt to labeling blackness as inferior. 

I photographed my peers while we participated in a silent demonstration for racial justice at Fairfield University on December 5th, 2014. 

Some Fairfield University students reacted with hateful remarks.