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The Signs as my Favourite Men in Literature

*Careful! Contains elements of sarcasm.

Rhett Butler, sexy and sarcastic twat with a heart of gold (literally, because he is that rich) who enjoys making fun of everything and everyone and watching dumb people being dumb // Aries

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brutally honest, handsome, physically strong, sarcastic, selfish, self-confident, drawn by goodness, afraid of rejection, wild behaviour, rebellious, charming, “ungentlemanly”, often amused and seldom serious

Edmond Dantès (Count of Monte Christo), a very decent guy who is imprisoned without any logical reason but manages to break out, starts a spicy campaign to avenge himself upon all the dumbasses who turned him in, becomes rich and powerful, HOT! // Taurus

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kind, honest, innocent, living by traditional codes, naturally intelligent, honorable, driven by duty, loving, forgiving, later bitter and vengeful, hateful, resourceful, imaginative, protective

Mr. Fitzwiliam Darcy, a snobbish and arrogant jackass who so mercifully decided to propose to Elizabeth “against his better judgement” when he obviously could’ve had every woman in England // Gemini

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honest, self-confident, feels superior, prideful, arrogant, assuming, sensitive, later easygoing, introverted, great communicating skills, great at analysing and organizing, has own set of values, dismissive, aloof, brave and stubborn, protective, chivalrous

Jay Gatsby, a romantic and gentle flower that is ridiculously obsessed with the past and can’t get over himself, seemingly thinks he’s the nicest guy in the universe and a beast in bed, tbh why would Daisy even look at other men? // Cancer

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dreamer, restless, delusional, charming, gracious, enigmatic, kind-hearted, determined, wealthy, passionate, dedicated to love, optimistic, energetic, loving, lives in another world, giving, caring, nostalgic

Harry Potter, a dork who needs friends who save him from all the stupid bullshit he attempts to do, he wouldn’t even have managed to get through the first year of school without Hermione and Ron, being his companion includes being dragged into some seriously concerning and dangerous shit // Leo

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brave, strong, devoted to his beliefs, strong-willed, warm-hearted, hot-tempered, impulsive, lack of emotional control, moody, witty, curious, protective, loving, humble, loyal, forgiving, grateful, stubborn, modest

Sherlock Holmes, a mental trainwreck and annoying know-it-all, I really understand why Dr. Watson is the only one who can stand his company because there’s not enough patience in the world to deal with this one, but I guess masterminds have to be hoes with a god-complex // Virgo

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high intelligence, perceptive to details, workaholic, concentrates strongly, energetic, perfectionist, possesses a genius mind, creative imagination, stubborn, narcissistic, understands and analyzes human behaviour, lacks empathy for others, supresses emotions, overthinker

Atticus Finch, tbh I don’t know if there is a bad thing I could say about this man, he is a great and loving father, he is a badass lawyer and he shoots like a young god, i mean look at him! who wouldn’t want to be Mrs. Finch? // Libra

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kind-hearted, fair, stern but loving, honest, consistent, fights for justice, calm, quiet, moral, open-minded, courageous, strong-minded, respectful, faithful, wise, empathetic, intelligent, omniscient, great guide/Mentor

Edward Fairfax Rochester, a rude and horny but romantic dude who totally forgot that he locked his wife in the basement and thinks bigamy is a perfectly legit thing // Scorpio

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excessively passionate, guided by senses, good at reading other’s minds, wild, desires a new life, pompous, genuine, often incapable of restraining his desires, dark and brooding, seeks innocence and freshness in contrast to his troubled life, deeply loving

Enjolras, a super-handsome hunk who thinks about the Revolution 24/7, honestly so much wasted potential because where’s the romance?, but then again it is borderline sexy to fight for what you believe in // Sagittarius

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believes in democracy and freedom, charming but also capable of being terrible, rebellious, determined, ambitious, stubborn,  passionate, wild, beautiful, has radical beliefs, stoic, unafraid, “gives more light”, typical leader

Macbeth, incredibly hot and brave warrior who has some trouble with his self-esteem and has to show his wife what a manly man he is, totally obsessed with power which is sexy at the beginning but then it just gets weird // Capricorn

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brave and capable warrior, consuming ambition, self-doubt, powerful, lonely, feels guilty, very manly, kind at the beginning, treacherous, imaginative, ruthless, gullible, loving towards his wife, loyal when not inflicted with his ambition, arrogant, respectful

Jean Valjean, a former prisoner with a giant heart and a helper syndrome, tbh it’s a little bit annoying how good he actually becomes, particularly because he has a shit ton of own problems including a cop whose only mission in life is to catch him // Aquarius

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honest, hard-working, compassionate, loving, willing to discover goodness, helps others, has a giant heart, idealist, takes responsibility if necessary, brave, selfless, intelligent and perceptive, strong and agile, protective, soft-hearted

Heathcliff, a really sexy beast with the attitude of a bad boy, can’t get over his first and only love and obviously has to behave like the biggest jerk on earth, obsessed with Catherine to the point where it gets really creepy, anyway I guess sex with him takes you to paradise // Pisces

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wild and natural, amoral, cruel, possesses stormy emotions, vengeful, hates and loves with the same intensity, cares for those he loves and desires, obsessive, loyal, passionate, powerful, adventurous but silent child, mysterious

I had not intended to love him; the reader knows I had wrought hard to extirpate from my soul the germs of love there detected; and now, at the first renewed view of him, they spontaneously revived, great and strong! He made me love him without looking at me.

An Indecent Proposal
  • Jane: I must leave you.
  • Jane: Yes, but you have a bride.
  • Rochester *PANIC. Oh crap, what does she know? Play it cool. Act natural*: Jane, I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Jane: Blanche Ingram, the woman you're about to marry!
  • Rochester *sigh of relief*: Oh her. She SO does not matter. I know I've given you every reason to THINK I am interested in Miss Ingram, but I love YOU, Jane. Can't you see how all the things I did were to make you jealous, so that you would reveal that you have feelings for me too? I mean that gypsy thing was not at all creepy in any manner, right? Don't you love me too, Jane? Oh, Jane, little bird darling say you'll marry me.
  • Jane: I am no bird.
  • Rochester: No of course you're not; that wouldn't work out all, would it? I was being metaphorical, Janet!
  • Jane: Are you making my name into a swear word?
  • Rochester: No, JANE, just say you'll marry me.
  • Jane: I don't know if I trust you.
  • Rochester: Why ever not? Is it the house? Is it the mysterious fire? Is it Grace Poole or a myriad of other issues, all of which have a very simple explanation but one that I refuse to offer?
  • Jane: Something like that, yes.
  • Rochester: So that's a YES??

Jane Eyre Month - Favorite Male Character: Edward Fairfax Rochester

“Nature meant me to be, on the whole, a good man, Miss Eyre: one of the better kind, and you see I am not so. […] Then take my word for it, — I am not a villain: you are not to suppose that — not to attribute to me any such bad eminence; but owing, I verily believe, rather to circumstances than to my natural bent, I am a trite common-place sinner, hackneyed in all the poor petty dissipations with which the rich and worthless try to put on life.”


 The Signs as my Favourite Women in Literature pt. 4 (Water)

Cancer - Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)
At the beginning of the novel, Jane is an isolated, quiet child who struggles with an aunt and  cousins who mistreat her. As a result, she develops an inner strength and when she finally has the opportunity to go to Lowood School, she proves herself to be an intelligent and determined student. She possesses a thirst for reading and education as well as a vivid creativity. She believes not only that knowledge is her key to freedom but also is taken captive by fantastic stories which are her only escape from reality. Her ability to draw and to give knowledge to others through teaching, gain her self-confidence and a leading position at school. Jane represents proper English womanhood by behaving decent, frank and sincere but you can definitely say that she is a rebel at heart. She believes that women are worthy of intellectual activity and goals in life like every man. When she first comes to Thornfield and meets Mr. Rochester, she immidiately falls in love with the place and she feels intrigued by its owner. It’s compeletely new for her to truly be herself but she feels that Fairfax Rochester accepts every aspect of her body, soul and mind and she can’t help developing a deep and unconditional love. Readers can watch her putting her defenses down, opening her heart and becoming extremely passionate. But where other people’s beliefs are clouded by feelings, Jane remembers who she is and preserves that fierce self-respect and her idea of equality. When she finally leaves Mr. Rochester she can’t forget him, knowing that he is her only true love. Jane knows what really matters in life and sees not only the obvious but also the inner beauty of things and people. Even when people diappoint her, she can’t help but seeing the good in them, trying to forgive them if they’re worth it.

Scorpio - Anna Arkadyevna Karenina (Anna Karenina)
At first sight, Anna Karenina seems like a decent and overly attractive, passionate and educated wife. She cares deeply for her family which is the reason why she visits Moscow in the first place: to help saving her brother’s marriage. Although she can’t find it within her to love  the man she is married to, due to his rational and cold personality, she loves her son Seryozha. He is the reason she refuses a divorce, which would grant her freedom but means the loss of her beloved son at the same time. Anna is elegant in the way she talks, walk. and dresses, she loves reading English novels and writes children’s books. It’s especially when she meets and falls in love with him, that we see her rebellious and passionate spirit to live life on her own terms. She finds it fairly injust that she has to suffer from social isolation and the contempt of others simply because she loves the wrong man. That is why she continues to go to concerts or other public events, where she is recognized by only few people but preserves a grace and elegance that are strikingly disarming. Anna’s highest goal and most important principle of life is love. She can’t stand the idea of lying to herself and playing a role simply because her life is bound by duty. So she breaks away from social norms and rules because that’s the only way to love and be loved by Vronsky, who isn’t so eager to do the same thing for her. Anna seems egoistic, for she ignores the ideal of living for god and goodness and instead follows the path of her heart disregarding the people she hurts or abandons in the process. At the end she dies for comitting a crime that only women in that society could be accused of because it was totally normal for men to betray their wives. But Anna dies for the privilege of being herself and following her own will and passion, which is stunningly brave and admirable.

Pisces - Éowyn (Lord of the Rings)
The reader gets to know Éowyn as an unhappy character, who has to watch over her uncle, while her brother is free to roam outside the castle and fight and generally is able to do everything she wants to do too. No one really sees what’s happening inside her, they assume that she is ok with being kind of a nurse because that’s what girls do. In fact, Éowyn possesses the same fierce spirit as her brother but she is destined to stay behind the safe castle walls watching the world fall apart. She feels like she is living in a cage epecially because she also has to bother with Gríma, who looks forward to possessing her as a reward for clouding her uncle’s decisions and mind. When she first meets Aragorn, she is stunned by his handsome, strong and kingly appearance. The young maiden longs to fight by his side and to finally escape into the outside world and as a result she falls in love with him. Éowyn’s actions are mostly driven by emotions, which is why she fights Sauron with the Rohan army because it means following Aragorn. However, she is a brave and loving woman, who is determined to protect and fight for her people, home and family till death. She has strong ideals of what is wrong and what is right, just and injust. And the handmaiden believes in trust and if she trusts someone, she expects the trust from them in return.