Himuro Tatsuya
(2nd most popular SG with 6391 votes)
“Half wing of Yosen’s W-Ace that soars on the court.”

183 cm/70 kg
October 3oth (Scorpio)
Blood Type A
Motto: Don’t expect life to be fair
Favorite food: pickles
Hobby: billiard
Specialty: Juggling
Best subject: Math
Committee: Student Council
Family: Father, mother
Things he’s not good at: difference between American and Japanese culture
Best play: Stop & Jump Shoot
Type: Strong woman
Way to spend free time: watching American Drama
Reason starting basketball: ??? (It’s covered by the finger orz)
Player he has his eyes on: Kagami Taiga (Seirin)

There you go anon ʕ•͡ω•ʔ I wonder if Himuro what drama Himuro watches.