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Can you do the signs as boyfriends? Sorry if you've been asked this before

oooo I like this one (:
Aries - as a boyfriend theyre very generous. constantly checking up on their loved ones & taking them out. he’s a huge family man so make sure you get along with them as well.

Taurus- always buying you things, he’ll want a lot of alone time with you to watch movies and cuddle. will do the little things for you.

Gemini- the boyfriend who is also an amazing friend. will always want to go out & show you off to their friends. he likes to converse about various topics so don’t be boring!

cancer- the jealous boyfriend! don’t even think about having a party with other dudes around or there will be an argument. other than that they are the most protective and will defend you til the end!

leo- will show you off and go great lengths to be with you. will sacrifice a lot to win you over. will never stop loving you no matter how hard it gets!

Virgo- the one who will show you they love you but rarely ever tell you in words. they prefer to use actions. they will expect you to treat them as they treat you and will not except anything less.

libra- the boyfriend who’s a hopeless romantic. every moment with you will be like a faireytale filled with endless laughter and tons of memories.

scorpio- the pocessive one who only wants the best for you IF it involves him. once he commits to you he will want 100% respect from you. he may come off as controlling but it’s his way of showing he cares.

Sagittarius- the one who demands his freedom and may forget he’s even in a relationship. he won’t forget about you but he might not take things as serious. there will never be a dull moment & he’ll take you on tons of adventures!

Capricorn- the boyfriend who wants to take care of you on the DL. he’ll come off as super serious and even a little shy, but after a while he’ll show his soft side. a relationship with his guy is like signing a contract. once your in, he expects nothing but loyalty.

Aquarius- best friends or lovers? he might confuse the crap out of you but he will treat you with nothing but respect & will never bs you. if you’re ever confused about how he truely feels about you or if he’s mad at you, all you gotta do is ask. communication is KEY with this one!

Pisces- aw sweet little Pisces lovew living in his fantasy world. he’s the one who will take the shirt off his back for you and kiss your feet …. BUT here’s the catch.. you gotta fulfill all his needs or you’ll get no where.