fairey aviation

Aboard HMS Victorious, a Fairy Gannet of 849 Naval Air Squadron is pulled to a catapult for launch by a very strong man - not really - circa 1967. This Gannet was used for picking up spare parts, mail, important passengers etc. A number of Blackburn Buccaneer S-2’s of 801 NAS patiently wait their turn in the background.

A Fairey Gannet AEW.3 - standing for Airborne Early Warning - of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, date and location unknown.

Designed specifically for the Royal Navy, the aircraft utilised a contra-rotating system powered by the Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba. In essence, they mounted two turboprops (Mambas) side-by-side and coupled them through a single gearbox. This allowed pilots to shut down one engine while cruising to conserve fuel and extend endurance. One prop could also be feathered without causing thrust asymmetry problems. One well designed little aircraft, they first flew in their original anti-submarine warfare configuration on 19 September 1949.

A flight of Fairey Fireflies and Hawker Sea Furies operating over Korea. During a sortie on 8 August 1952 a formation of Sea Furies and Fireflies became engaged by no less than eight Mig-15s. With one Firefly badly damaged Lieutenant Peter ‘Hoagy’ Carmichael of 802 Squadron embarked on HMS Ocean shot down one of the Migs before the two sides withdrew, the Sea Furies escaping unharmed.