Some Senators in Albany got a bit of a surprise on Wednesday:

Shortly after the beginning of proceedings, about 15 protesters who had posed as guests sitting in the upstairs gallery suddenly tossed hundreds of fake $100 bills onto the chamber’s floor below, a prank meant to call attention to the issue of campaign finance reform.

(New York Times)


Today, Cynthia Nixon joins the Fair Elections for New York Campaign. She has a message for lawmakers in Albany: don’t come home without Fair Elections. 


Are you coming to the lobby day on May 29th? Join us.

What did campaign reform supporters in New York to today when they were blocked from attending a hearing called by New York Senate Republicans? They found a window.

New York Daily News:

Protestors were literally coming in through the windows at today’s state Senate hearing on the New York City campaign finance system.

Shut out of the cramped hearing room by the Senate’s sergeants at arms, a group of election-reform protestors eventually grew tired of shouting in the hallway and  tried to disrupt the session via the room’s first floor windows. A few protestors did manage to stick their heads in and chant “Let People In” before officials closed the window. They also threw dollar bills inside as a symbol of the money in politics.

More from the AP

As long as the first thing you need to do when you run for office is raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, we’re going to have a ‘show-me-the-money culture,’ as the U.S. attorney put it. We want transparency, disclosure, lower limits, better enforcement. … But without public financing you’re not going to change the culture. Transparency is not going to stop this.
—  - Citizen Action of New York’s Karen Scharff, responding to corruption arrests in New York this week. (Albany Times Union

Some big name voices joined the Fair Elections for New York campaign today. Alec Baldwin, Kathleen Turner, Jason Alexander, and Kathryn Erbe all have a message for Albany: don’t go home without passing reform.