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The conceptualization of “orientation” as “which genders you are attracted to” really just… does not seem to work very well in my opinion, on multiple levels. Most obviously, it really does fail to work very well outside the gender binary. (also, to be clear; not trying to attack people who ID as any of these. It’s more the structure within which they exist that I take issue with)

For example; if “orientation” is a description of “which genders”… “bi” is not an orientation. After all, it’s a description of how many genders you are attracted to; two or more. 

…Unless you’re using it based on a binary understanding of gender. That is, you consider “bi” to be “attracted to female and male”. Which… well. From what I’m aware, outdated, and, again, tied into the whole gender binary stuff. 

Also “pan”, which I’ve seen defined as both “all genders” and “regardless of gender” fairly frequently. The latter definition of it is not a description of which genders someone is attracted to, but… at least to my eye, an alternate method of how someone experiences attraction. 

The obvious example, in my opinion, about how defining “orientation” as “which genders you are attracted to”, and decrying any attraction outside of “orientation” as fetishization… are agender people. Within that construct, how can someone be “validly” attracted to someone who doesn’t have a gender? 

I mean, this is better than the way most cis people and, to some extent, binary people in general, conceptualize “orientation” and “sexuality” as “the genders you are attracted to relative to your own”, but… the language is rooted in that binary understanding of gender. Even when the meaning has changed… the “bi-”, “hetero-”, “homo-”, prefixes, in particular, in my opinion, do still carry that baggage, and the implication of a binary, to my eye, at least. 

…Perhaps I’m just overthinking things, though. 

The point I’m trying to make is that in general, it seems to me that the way people (in particular, exclusionists) consider “orientation” just… doesn’t work so well outside the gender binary, especially once you get into identities like multigender, or genderfluid, or agender. And probably others, for that matter.

Because “the gender binary” is not just “there are only two genders”, it’s “these are the only two genders, and you must be one of them”, and while “only two” seems to be increasingly rejected, the other parts seem to be slower to be recognized, from what I’ve seen.


From 0 to Albert Rosenfield in Twin Peaks, how done are you with everybody?

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Wait what did Eriol expect Sakura to be? Also what are the secondary genders of everyone else in Sakura's circle? Yes I am including Tsubasa in that (related, how would you work Kurogane and Fai into the world of CCS while sticking to the original CCS world confines)


  • kuro is an alpha dunno about Fye I’m kind of wavering on him
  • eriol is an idiot and thought sakura would be an alpha, thus the extremely omega and beautiful form of Yukito, which, in all fairness, did in fact attract an alpha child of fujitaka
  • there’s no way around it, syaoran is an omega because of his Moon alignment
  • feel like there’s a tradition that betas don’t make good magic users because they don’t have a strong elemental affinity, but again, clow/eriol is an idiot, sakura is a strong magic user BECAUSE her elemental affinities are balanced
  • sonomi is a beta and super pissed cause she wanted to be an alpha and marry nadeshiko
  • nadeshiko and tomoyo are both omegas. ditto kaho. generally speaking, if your elemental affinity is considered yang you’re alpha, if it’s yin, you’re omega. Darkness is a coin flip but tends toward alpha I think.
  • fujitaka and touya are alphas
  • if nakuru could be fucked to deal with gender or dynamic, she would be a female omega
  • I am aggressively refusing to deal with the rest of TRC alignments, let’s just call them universal constants

I know that they were going for rodeo clown for Jacob in “And the Tears of a Clown” (probably since he’s from Oklahoma) but it’s seriously not fair that even dressed as a clown he was attractive:/ and now that I think about it…Cassandra picked out his outfit. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Imagine the Kisaragis hanging out at a lake during the summer. Seiko’s jumping in from the rope swing, Mayu and Shig are making a sandcastle with Yuka, Ayumi and Naomi are splashing around, and Satoshi is getting a drink from the cooler. He twists off the top and takes a swig, turning back to watch his friends playing and laughing with a smile. But it doesn’t last for long, since Yoshiki comes up from underneath the water, and walks up to the shore. His hair is down and he’s dripping wet, showing off his usually covered muscles, and running his fingers through his blond locks so effortlessly it’s not even fair how attractive he is. Satoshi’s face is red and the water bottle in his hand is crushed, as his best friend grabs his towel and rubs it over his toned arms. “You alright?” He asks, his classmate trying not to stare as he bends over to dry his legs. “Y-Y-Yep..totally..” Yoshiki reaches beside him to grab a drink, whispering into his ear. “Cause I don’t mind if you can’t take your eyes off me, Satoshi.”

What people think I mean when I say I love the idea of angels existing: conventionally attractive fair skinned woman with blonde hair and a smile that could win an award looking out for my best interests as I stumble through my mortal life.

What I actually mean when I say I love the idea of angels existing: mass of eyeballs and feathers surrounded by holy light, that the sight of would cause my fleshy prison to implode, destroys opposition with the mere sound of its heavenly voice.