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“I’m put together beautifully
Big wet bottle in my fist, big wet rose in my teeth
I’m perfect piece of ass
Like every Californian
So tall I take over the street, with high beams shining on my back
A wingspan unbelievable
I’m a festival, I’m a parade”


(tw: Grade-A Fucking Classism)

Katie Hopkins incurs wrath of Holly Willoughby with This Morning name debate

Wow. Just wow. This shit is painful as hell to watch, but I just couldn’t stop myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this angry. Philip Schofield’s face says it all:


“You had plans for both of us 

That involved a trip out of town 

To a place I’ve seen in a magazine 

That you left lying around 

I don’t have you with me but 

I keep a good attitude 

Do you miss me, miss misery 

Like you say you do?”

Elliott Smith, Miss Misery


Pictures from 40k Sixth Edition that hint at the return of the Squats (aka. Space Dwarfs). That in itself isn’t remarkable. The fact that this is basically 40k Mean Girls is far more amusing.

So I was arguing with an MRA (as you do), and he tried to justify his viewpoint with a quote from a deplorable biotruth-y pop-science article. The quote was as follows:

“Biologically, males across practically all species, are assertive, aggressive, physically stronger, and more dominating. Binary 1.

Females, across practically all species, are yielding, physically supple and nurturing. Binary 0.

These biological factors, seen in the human sphere, are the primordial driving forces that have morphed intellectually and culturally into what we know as gender roles.”

Like, what I loved was how this was linked to me as some sort of truism. Q fucking E D.

I mean, on the most superficial level, he’s fucking wrong. Hyenas, anglerfish, most spiders, praying mantids, meerkats, gyrfalcons, redtailed hawks, lions… All of these animals contradict that binary in some way. 

In addition to that, there’s evolutionary determinism (*cough*bullshit), biological essentialism, denigration of non-aggressive, non-“masculine” traits (Nurturing behaviour is Binary 0, apparently. To nurture something is to be a non-entity), and this bizarre notion that gender roles are universal across humankind. Like, what?

I’m okay with people disagreeing with me. I mean, that’s part of life. But I can’t stand stupid people expressing stupid opinions backed up by stupid examples. Drives me up the fucking wall.


Ahhh yes…

Hey guys, I’m back from Berlin. Lots of stuff happened, some good and some bad. May post about it when I get home, along with some stuff about Dawkins and my annoyance at his steady progression from “interesting and eloquent evolutionary biologist” to “islamophobic and presumptuous shithead who is very guilty of leading the charge of New Atheism”. Makes me sad, guys. But yeah, will discuss stuff later. Hope this evening finds you well.

“A mermaid found a swimming lad, 
Picked him up for her own,
Pressed her body to his body,
Laughed; and plunging down
Forgot in cruel happiness
That even lovers drown.”

– William Butler Yeats


I’ve never been fully sure why I have this dirt-poor-roguish-lunatic/filthy-rich-machiavellian-douchebag dichotomy present in all of my RPG characters. I suppose it’s because the bourgeoisie aren’t the best source of deranged escapism? Ballard might disagree, but my GM’s don’t turn to him for inspiration. Thank god. The horrors that might result…


“After all of this is gone

Who’d you rather be?

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

Oh, seriously…”

Metric, Gimme Sympathy

We had a round of our oratory competition today, and I actually got to go into rabble-rousing mode for a few minutes. It was so much fun. Fucking love projecting and using fancy turns of phrase. Also displayed “a nuanced understanding of the motivations for crime and the ties between hypermasculine culture and violence”, apparently. Fuck if I know, I just string the pretty words together and shout a lot.

Today’s post-fracture work
1x5 20kg, 40kg, 50kg, 55kg, 60kg, 65kg (warm-up)
1x2 70kg, 72.5kg
1x5 75kg
2x5 72.5kg
1x5 60kg
1x10 50kg
1x20 40kg

So the creator of the Oatmeal has revealed himself to a rape-joking, passive-aggressive little shitfuck. I’m just tired of hearing stuff like this at this stage. It’d be really nice if most of the web’s “personalities” and content creators weren’t making dumb jokes about rape. It’s not hard, guys. It’s really not.