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That post about liking things is seriously problematic for fandoms and genuine fans of media. If someone just sort of enjoys something and doesnt commit to it then they are putting pressure on theyre social circle. For instance, i had to break a friendship with someome that watched steven universe, but didnt involve themselves with fan theory or analyzing the show, even rebecca sugar said thats what its for. Its not fair for true fans to watch their friends not be invested in media.

This is the worst thing I’ve ever read

"You're not a real feminist then."

That’s so rude.
Let’s say here’s a prostitute. She loves her job, and her husband. They have a nice home together.
Now let’s say here’s a stay-at-home mom with 3 young children. She dresses conservatively.
And lastly, let’s say there’s also a kind woman who wears a hijab. She has a loving husband and a good job.
All three of these women are feminists.
Just because lady number one is open about her body and sex, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a feminist. Feminism is about equal rights. It’s about being able to express yourself and embrace the beautiful art of your body, mind, soul and heart.
Just because lady number two is conservative and a housewife doesn’t mean she’s not a feminist because she does the job men expect her to do like childrearing and cooking and cleaning. If you think those are feminized jobs, then you’re wrong because men raise children, clean, and cook. It’s not a girl’s job, it’s a part of life. She’s still a feminist.
Now last, but not least, is lady number three, who chooses to hide her hair and skin because it’s a part of her religion and beliefs. It doesn’t make her any less of a feminist because she covers her body and believes in what she likes.

Women have the right to do what they want with their bodies. They have the right to dress how they want, have the job they want, and be as open or conservative as they please. Whether or not they are a feminist is up to them, not you.
Just because a woman doesn’t openly talk about sex or her genitals or menstruation doesn’t make her not a feminist.
Just because a woman wants a feminized job doesn’t make her not a feminist.
Just because you promote feminization of things like jobs and clothes and people and hobbies and habits and interests, and shame other women for doing what they want, that doesn’t mean you’re not a feminist.
Or does it?

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i'm amazed at how far this has come, having been around since the latter half of iswf (still haven't gotten into game theory/coft because college, but those two will be my winter reading list). i'm also amazed at how far YOU'VE come.

Me? Eep! I haven’t even been paying any attention to that (not on Tumblr so much, anyway, though my therapist would probably agree with you. ;) ).

Also oh my goodness, ISWF - it’s funny you know, it doesn’t feel that long ago, sometimes I think it was only last year, and then I remember it really wasn’t and life gets weird again.

Black America owes no forgiveness: How Christianity hinders racial justice
Blacks are expected to absolve White America of its crimes. The rules change when the victim happens to be white
By Chauncey DeVega

#‎CheapGrace‬ “The expectation that black people will always and immediately forgive the violence done to them by the State, or individual white people, is a bizarre and sick American ritual.
A lack of empathy from White America towards Black America is central to the ritual: if white folks could truly feel the pain of black people (and First Nations, Hispanics and Latinos, and other people of color) in these times of meanness, cruelty, and violence, then immediate forgiveness would not be an expectation.
Here, the ritual of African-American forgiveness allows White America absolution and innocence without having to put in the deeds and necessary hard work for true justice, fairness, and equal democracy on both sides of the color line.”