I apologise in advance for ranting

So today I had band class for my last period and I sit next to an asshole eight grader (I go to a middle-high school) and he constantly bothers me. Usually I can ignore him (not really but I try to not say anything or be rude) a note: I have anxiety, and adhd so I already have trouble concentrating. So this boy knows that I have adhd and he constantly picks on me.today he was being slightly nicer (he was completely ignoring me) and then we start playing new songs for a concert we’re doing. So I’m reading the notes and trying to get the rhythm right and he’s goofing off (cause he doesn’t care) I asked him if he could stop talking so loud about some random stuff he was saying. And he’s like “why? can’t concentrate? Didn’t you take your pills?” When he knows fully well that I can’t take the pills because they make me stop eating and they make me really anti social and stuff. And so he keeps doing his thing for like twenty minutes (during our entire review time) and then we have to play. He fakes playing and I’m trying really hard to make up for the loss of one of two second clarinets. When we finish playing the song we go to the next one (which I wasn’t able to review at all) he starts muttering random stuff and I’m already shaking a bit so I muster up all my courage and say “can you please stop you’re going to give me an anxiety attack” and then he just repeats the words “oh I’m gonna give you an anxiety attack” for the entire song then I finally ask the teacher to move me and he says I can’t be moved because of my position. He asked me what was wrong and I told him that the kid was bothering me. He asked him what he was doing and loudly In FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CLASS he practically yells “ oh I’m gonna give her an anxiety attack” and everyone starts staring at me and I just hand my clarinet to the kid in first chair he nods at me and the teachers give me a pass for the nurse where I breakdown. This is fucking bullshit it’s not fair that kids who love and practically live for music have to be around kids who don’t care and bring them to the edge and I just can’t deal with this bullshit anymore.


And on a completely different note, and meaning no disrespect here… but am I the only one who thinks Kingsman is the score I really, really needed for Age of Ultron?

(To be fair, this is true in more ways than just the music.)

(But really, really, the music. Just imagine, I don’t know, Scarlet Witch stepping out to the Kingsman theme, or Nat calming Bruce down in a way that was actually heroic, or … )

Mercury's Purity by Alex Styles

There is a girl with golden hair
Who, when she was young, saw
What could be.
She saw perfection, fresher air,
And a mirage of a future where all are fair,
True to word, and humble towards improvement.
She over-estimated
Giving the greatest virtue, improvement,
To any and all with her own humility and acceptance as her only discretion.

The girl with golden hair despaired
When the world waned and mirages failed
To be the glimpses of how it should be.

She garnered her strength and compass
From her madness to use in her battle to stay enthusiastic.
She sees the darkness that could be
That pulls her from energy’s vitality.
Now she waits and waits for bays, foundations, walls and passwords.
Now she waits and saves the day
For when she can share true gladness.

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Never mind the hundreds of fair and true elections that have happened in the western free world, royal firm has to bring up hitler. What an insult to the four million who voted UKIP.

That is also hilariously inaccurate, naive and ironic. 

Firstly, while we have a Monarchy we can never have a dictator, HM and future Monarchs will act as a safe guard to this. It is one of the best functions of Monarchy. So lets get that out the way first for Jessica. 

Secondly, has it occurred to her that one of the reasons people want to leave the EU is because the EU is a dictatorship?

The EU is forbidding a country and it’s people from managing it own affairs, it refuses to let them have any say in how the country is run. Which last time I checked is dictatorship. 

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There was that one person who felt you were attacking her because she tried to reach out to someone you were arguing with without tagging you, you got angry, and then interpreted her apology as passive aggression, but like...I was friends with both of you at the time (she and I don't talk much anymore) and I thought it was a massive miscommunication, not harassment. :/ I have never seen you deliberately seek someone out and attack them, just reflect their BS back at them.

this is true and fair.


How to eat Vegemite like a true blue, fair dinkum Australian. Brought to you by a top bloke and our mate, Hugh Jackman. 

buen-nino take note. 


The swedish representative is not an homophobe. Im not in any way defending what he said but the comment was pushed and taken out of context. Måns has apologized and he is a huge supporter of the hbtq-community, he for example hosted the swedish gay gala. This doesn’t make what he said any better but it’s not true or fair to call him an homophobe. Take care

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Carry On - Hedley // Frank

Scene Four - Don’t You Ever Forget About Me - Sleeping with Sirens // Luke

Congratulations feat. Matty Mullins - Sleeping with Sirens // Percy

Best Thing I Never Had - Beyonce // Thalia

These Days - Rascal Flatts // Leo

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) - Katy Perry // Drew

Fair Game - Sia // Clarisse

True Colours - Artists Against // Nico

Daniel in the Den - Bastille // Hazel

The Silence - Bastille // Piper

Give me a fandom, and I will put my playlist on shuffle. The first ten songs that come up, I will match with characters of the that fandom.

So many times, we only focus on the negative. Why? It’s almost never completely fair, realistic or true – unless you want to design your pitch for abject failure. You owe it to yourself to consider success with equal measure. Every time you have a thought about pending disaster, balance it with equal airtime for thoughts about pending success. Envision yourself delivering the pitch that gets you the results you need. Prepare for what you want - and you just might find it.

Angela:Asgard’s Assassin #6 Review

Ever since Angela’s induction to Marvel, she’s been an absolute joy to follow. Her heart-wrenching origins makes her easy to root for, but her all business demeanor makes her entertaining & intoxicating. She’s a wild card, but fair & always true to her doctrine. The quartet of creators did a phenomenal job with this series. With every issue receiving a deeper glimpse into what makes Angela a very elaborate & emotionally laden hero. In a galaxy that’s given her nothing, Angela risks everything.

Reading Next Issue: I am sad to see the end of Asgard’s Assassin, but thrilled to see Angela returning for 1602 and Guardians of Knowhere. I will be reading both.

Issue Grade: A

(Review Character Total: 498)

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You feel that their outward appearance is a fair representation of your "true self"? Why?

I think someone’s outward appearance is a true reflection of who they WANT to be. They’re not always different, obviously some people are more comfortable with who they are than others, but I don’t think you can say you truly know someone until you really get to know them. You know the point of a relationship when you realize the person you’re looking at looks nothing like the person they did when you remember first meeting them? I’d say that’s a good start to really knowing someone 😊

There's a BBC TV series of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norwell? !?

How did I not hear about this before? Anyhow, anyone with BBC iPlayer access, consider this a recommendation. It’s got stuffy regency era wizards, the fair folk true to mythological form, servants including POC playing an important role in the plot and it is going to be awesome!

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Spell out your name and answer the questions: c a r o l i n e

I had Fall albums to listen to.

Ben Whishaw because Ben Whishaw.

I have 4 best friends and I’m needy and require them all.

Far too scared to.

I consider myself to be a ‘fuck up’ and that is not, necessarily, true, or fair.

Lovemusic. Music store in Glasgow.

Blue, dulled by disillusionment.

Thanks, Caroline! :)
Better to just answer these questions in alphabetical order – means I can just copy-paste directly.