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The princess was always one for adventure,
never wanting to stay in the boundaries of her
own castle and always testing the limits her parents
tried to put on her to keep her safe
; after all the dark curse
may have been conquered, but who’s to say there wouldn’t
be another threat against

Today was one of those days. 

THE DARK ONE was locked up, never to see the light of day
again, and it had definitely been years since he had received
any             kindness             from             
the    royal    family. 

Until today.

The curious girl had wandered a little too deep, finding herself
in a cave like area, she continued walking through the creepy
place until green eyes settled upon a prisoner. 

Her parents had never told her about him because they had
never suspected she would have to cross paths with him
; Emma
continued to stare at him, lips parted with curiosity and shock. The
princess had always thought her parents to be fair and true, she never
knew the dark secrets they had kept from her all of these years.

W–Who are you?

Her voice was gentle and her gaze was not unkind.
She tilted her head to the side as she walked closer,

revealing    herself              to               him.


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Boy oh boy… the price of freedom is steep.

In an interview with Esquire, Matt Damon relayed a story Bono told him about The Beatles:  “[Bono’s] like, a student of the Beatles. He’s read every book on the Beatles. He’s seen every bit of film. There’s nothing he doesn’t know. So when Paul stops and says ‘That’s where it happened,’ Bono’s like, ‘That’s where what happened?’ because he thinks he knows everything. And Paul says, ‘That’s where the Beatles started. That’s where John gave me half his chocolate bar.’ And now Bono’s like, ‘What chocolate bar? I’ve never heard of any chocolate bar.’ And Paul says, ‘John had a chocolate bar, and he shared it with me. And he didn’t give me some of his chocolate bar. He didn’t give me a square of his chocolate bar. He didn’t give me a quarter of his chocolate bar. He gave me half of his chocolate bar. And that’s why the Beatles started right there.’ Isn’t that fantastic? It’s the most important story about the Beatles, and it’s in none of the books! And Paul tells it to Bono. Because he knows how much Bono loves the Beatles.
—  Source