Look! I finished something!
I can’t believe how long it took me to make this set. It was sort of strange. Maybe I had more going on then I realized.
But here you have it, a fair isle tam inspired by a pattern out of an Alice Starmore book. The fingerless gloves are my own pattern, with the fair isle incorporated into them.
I wanted to keep the set young, girly and comfy, because I made them in mind for my young neice. I used a soft fingering weight cotton. It doesn’t hold the shape of the hat very well. But it will let her wear it multiple ways, not just as a tam.
I’m excited to work this up with wool though, possibly with a more intricate design.


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I have been working on these little fingerless gloves for a while. I have reknit them about four times already. I keep tweaking the color work pattern. I think I have finally figured them out. All I have is to straighten out the writing. Right now it goes in all the wrong directions. I am so close, but also very tired of working on these. I will probably put them away for a week before I finish them for good.

Also, cats really love to mess up your photos. At least they look cute while they do it ;)


Another pair of fair isle gloves to match one of my hats. Probably going to make a few more pairs and send them to my sister to use at one of her craft shows. Also, I found some mushroom growing under my fig tree. They looked so cute. I couldn’t dig them out. Life is good… Full of doctors visits, but that should be over soon. Maybe one of these days I will make it to the beach. How refreshing that will be.


Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)? 

I do.

I have become that shameless knitter who needs at least three to four projects at the same time.

I need a complicated one, currently a pair of fair isle fingerless gloves.

A “my own creation” one, currently a pair of mismatching gray socks that I am using as a canvas for testing out new stitch patterns.

The last being a “I could work on this in the dark it is so easy” project. Currently, the white cabled scarf. Projects like that usually consist of something that doesn’t require a lot of attention.