I hate ariana’s little ass she’s fucking gone for 3 months of not promoing then she comes out of no where drops a red carpet appearance on me, drops a fucking innovative performance, and she drops a fucking aesthetically pleasing video with new hair, new outfits and with nickiana moments YOU CAN’T DO THAT 

What is Steampunk….?

“Listen, my friend. If you take something that’s got something to do with the 19th century, or thereabouts, and do something with it, I’m going to be comfortable calling it Steampunk.

“Obviously, using a big, broad definition can give people an excuse to do cookie-cutter same-as-everybody-else stuff. I’ll totally admit that. You can buy a few plastic gears at a hardware store, throw ’em at a hat, and call it Steampunk.

“But it also means that we have a massive wealth of styles, ideas, locales, concepts, and geography to play with. We’re not limited to Europe. We’re not limited to H.G. Wells. We’re not limited to EARTH.[…]”

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