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shoutout to all the girls who have ever felt like the ugly one in their group of lighter skinned friends, shoutout to all the girls that have ever purchased skin bleach products to make their skin lighter, shoutout to all the girls who have watched diy videos on youtube just to find a way to be light, shoutout to all the girls who have been told they were ugly bc their skin was darker than others, shoutout to all the girls who don’t go out in the sun anymore in fear of getting darker, shoutout to all the girls that wear sunscreen, long sleeves, etc. to avoid the sun from touching their skin, shoutout to all the girls who are dark-skinned, bc they are beautiful & deserve better

The poster for “Phantom of the Opera” in Gothenburg, Sweden. They’re doing the Finnish non-replica production. (from the designer’s Instagram)

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hi! i was wondering if you had any suggestions for literary web series? i've already seen lbd, nmtd, lolilo, emma approved, march family letters, northbound, kate the cursed, and the new adventures of peter and wendy lol

Here’s a bucket load for you and many of these webseries are completed so you can binge watch:

All For One (The Three Musketeers) - @a4oseries

Green Gables Fables (AoGG) - @officialggf@dwellinginmarblehalls

Twelfth Grade (or whatever) - (Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night) - @quipmodestproductions

All’s Fair Play (various Shakespearean works) - @kalama-tea

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre - @kalama-tea

Call Me Katie (Taming of the Shrew) - @discordiaproductions

From Mansfield, With Love (Mansfield Park) - @from-mansfield-with-love

A Little Princess: The Vlog - @novelproductions

The Misselthwaite Archives (The Secret Garden) - @misselthwaitearchives

Project Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility) - @projectdashwood

Snow White - @wimseyfilms

Rapunzel - @wimseyfilms

Rex webseries (Arthurian legends) - @rexwebseries

Happy viewing!

Pamper Night

Harry glanced skeptically through the small containers his girlfriend had laid in front of him. His eyes flew from her hands back to her face that supported a small, excited smile to confirm that she was in fact serious about this. Spa day, she had exclaimed, clapping her hands together happily. She said it was both of what the two needed, a full day of pampering and loving their skins until they were glowing of healthiness.

Who was Harry to disrupt his girlfriend’s moment of glory? Besides, she had finally convinced the boy to accompany her after weeks of imploring at large puppy eyes, which he couldn’t seem to resist anymore. Anyways, the thought of relaxing with the girl he loved…along with her skin itching to be rubbed with oil by his large hands…yeah. That’s something he’d like. Although reluctant of what to expect, Harry agreed to a spa day.

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Li Hong Yi 李宏毅 as Han Qi Lu 韩七录  for a sanitary pad advertisement… :)

When your man is trying to sell pads to you


Cinema Industry worst habit is still going strong : Whitewashing

Guess to whom it benefits ?

Is it really surprising to see that even the most-influential indian stars have been associated with fairness products ?

Many of indian actresses skin color has changed over the years, no need to name them… So if even a successful and beautiful actress doesn’t have confidence about her skin color what do you expect? Of course we are in an industry where some talentless people are given the best work just because they “look white”…

We’re in the 21st century. Light skin is not the only way to look beautiful.

I had two white girls get in my face, demanding to know if I was wearing clothing from a sweatshop.

I was at a circus protest. A circus protest. It wasn’t even a slaughterhouse or anti-meat protest. Nothing to do with labor or products. It was a protest against putting animals in cages and chains, and they still attempted to use oppressed workers as a defense mechanism.

Not to mention the girls were probably wearing sweatshop-made clothing themselves, unless they were privileged enough to be able to afford fair trade labor clothing (not all of us can). I mean, they certainly had enough money to watch wild animals be paraded out like clowns for their entertainment, so I hope they used that money to support fair labor products at the very least since they seemed so passionate about it.

My point is, it doesn’t matter what you protest, or how you protest. People will use any excuse to continue to exploit animals, and they will happily use the plight of marginalized human beings to do so.

Ah, now there’s a good question. Y’see, cause it involves money!

Indirectly, f’course, like in a capitalist cause-and-effect kinda way, but still. Money!

Listen, I’ve been runnin’ th’ shack for years now, and lemme tell ya, y’get all kinds of customers when workin’ at a place like that.  Some folks’ll just come in lookin’ t’buy a bag of chips from the vendin’ machine, others will be comin’ in to purchase an entire fur…fish…hybrid thing…

But, er, y’know, whatever th’ case, there is one product that’s been irresistible t’even the most skeptical of buyers.  You folks ready t’know what it is?  Heh, I think you are…

‘Cause it’s me!

More specifically, the exclusive, rare, official Mystery Shack licensed Stan Pines Bobblehead™! (Patent pending.)

Would’ya just look at that craftsmanship?  Th’ way it captures my stunnin’ physique, my devilishly handsome smile, that…that dull, lifeless haze I get in my eyes ‘cause, like, I’m tired all the time…


Half the time, we’re barely able to keep these things on the shelves!  And it’s not just because Mabel’s been swipin’ em to test out her makeover skills.  Or because Ford got all grouchy his name was on somethin’ “degradin’“ and burned half our stock.

Though, uh, both have happened.

Though I will admit…and…and it’s kinda sad, if y’really think about it…There’s one product that’s just inches away from beatin’ it…from livin’ out its hopes and dreams of bein’ th’ most purchased item in th’ Mystery Shack…

And that’s our beautifully crafted, mint condition Mystery Shack Snowglobe™! (Patent also pending. I got a lot of patents pendin’.)

But hey, you can help, kiddo!  Just buy like, ten’f these babies and it’ll surpass th’ bobblehead for our most popular item.

‘Course, you wouldn’t want th’ bobblehead to feel left out, so you might wanna buy a couple’f those too after the fact.  And from there you might as well just go back and forth buyin’ stuff so you’re givin’ each product a fair chance at livin’ its dream, y’know?

C’mon, have a heart!  Think’f the children and…whales ‘n stuff.


I still wonder about Hugh being in Fifty Shades Darker. I feel uneasy when all the Fifty shades videos on Youtube pretty much still have his name in the video description. We already know his role was left out in the final product but the question is: was he really in it?

I saw a low quality video of his back coming to the main couple, now i looked closely in Fifty shades videos on Youtube and found this scene, cut from this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh_SPjYSEMs

I’m 100% convinced the man in the back is Hugh. Look, that smile, those ears and that hair cut that fitted the time of the announcement, a huge Hugh Dancy fan would know.

My conclusion: Hugh was in Fifty shades, for a fair amount of production time, but some problem came up and he was secretly left out. He got really upset about it and decided to not talk about it at all.

It is reported in RDC3 that while Scott & Aaron were having fun with the Fifty shades play, Hugh didn’t want to participate in those SM stuffs. However in the past, in 2012 Hugh gained great success in an SM Broadway play called Venus In Fur and enjoyed the SM concept, So maybe Hugh was actually excited about the Fifty shades project but it was unfortunate.

@bonearenaofmyskull What do you think.

Also cruelty free makeup didn’t pop up over night; it took decades. But the push began when people started protesting the products that tested on animals, then when companies began switching to cruelty free methods, a huge portion of consumers only bought from them till even from an economic standpoint the fact that u weren’t cruelty free was a negative to potential consumers. Once society agreed it was wrong by protesting, large media outlets began to reiterate the sentiment till it’s become the norm.

We can do and need to do the same with fair trade. Make noise. Email your favorite brands inquiring about whether they are a fair trade brand or not and ask why. Make noise on social media, till media outlets such as well read fashion magazines begin to do articles on it. Make so much noise that news outlets do segments about the horrors of how western brands exploit children and women. It’s our job as privileged citizens and as buyers of products to bring this issue up and demand it be discussed. No it won’t happen over night, but cruelty free makeup didn’t either. We play a role in this endless cycle of oppression, and it’s our job to make sure it ends.

170822 kbee2017jakarta IG Update with Super Junior D&E  

kbee2017jakarta: FINALLY !!!
Hello ELF Indonesia Donghae & Eunhyuk Super Junior will be present at KBEE 2017 JAKARTA. Not to forget, Donghae & Eunhyuk also gave a speech for the opening of Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo KBEE 2017. 

Super Junior’s D&E will attend “2017 Jakarta Korean Wave Products Fair” (KBEE 2017 JAKARTA) on 4th~5th Sept at Sheraton Grand Hotel & Gandaria City Mall Jakarta.They are appointed as honorary ambassador for the 2017 Korea Brand and Entertainment EXPO.


SECOND PART - Spring & Trend Fair

The Spring and Trend Fair sales food, furnitures, products for the house/gardens, stuff for cleaning and more. Cosmetics and so on. It has 2 buildings full of exhibitors who show/sale their products. Also horse trainers are there with their horses. And outside the buildings, a large market where we can buy food and so on. Also attractions for children, ferris wheel and so on. It was nice, yesterday I was pampered by a person  who works for a famous American Cosmetic Skin Company, great products, my skin felt very nice after that. 

My pictures posted before (First Part) you could see my little sweet called Birnbrot, here you can see it too, on the first picture. 

All what you can see above it’s edible, made/baked by Swiss apprentice bakers/chocolatiers, they received medals for it.


170822 kbee2017jakarta IG Update with Super Junior D&E

Super Junior’s D&E will attend “2017 Jakarta Korean Wave Products Fair” (2017 KBEE, Jakarta) on 4the~5th Sept at Sheraton Grand Hotel. They are appointed as honorary ambassador for the 2017 Korean Brand and Entertainment EXPO.

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psa: whitewashing allura

so i recently remembered a post i’ve been meaning to write for a long, long time. a huge problem in the vld fandom is whitewashing characters in art, edits, icons, etc. and i’ve noticed that a lot of the time it happens with allura in particular.

this is kinda a big issue, because it perpetuates racism, and i hope i can explain why in some depth.

let me tell you a little story. i am indian myself, and have fairly dark skin. as you may or may not know, beauty standards in india and asia in general are very strict, and having fair skin is the biggest beauty standard for asian women. we are constantly marketed fairness creams and products, told that we should try our hardest to get rid of our lovely dark skin. i cannot tell you how many aunts in my family and even STRANGERS on the street have told me to stay out of the sun and use a whole bunch of skin lightening products, because ‘chellam, you’ll never get married or look beautiful with such dark and dull skin!”. i’m fucking sick of it. i went to a hairdresser who i’d never met before with my mum (who has light skin) and the first thing she said to me was “dear, you look so much like your mum, but you should ask her what fairness cream she uses!’.

it hurts, a lot. it’s harmful and awful, and these beauty standards still prevail in SO many parts of the world today. western features are still held as the ultimate beauty goal in most of the world. 

allura is beautiful. her skin is beautiful, and most of all it is A PART OF ALLURA. SHE IS NOT WHITE. do not erase allura’s identity and beauty by whitewashing her to fit your “pastel princess uwu” aesthetic.

yes, pastel edits are fine. you can keep making them. but by god, try to keep her skin dark? there are lots of tools you can use to recolour skin after putting on all your favourite filters, or you can just not apply filters so heavily that her skin becomes practically white. 

lastly, just remember when you’re creating content that this fanbase is big and that what you make influences a lot of people! i love and appreciate all the wonderful content creators in this fandom, but this is an important point and i hope everyone keeps this in mind in the future!