fair play foul play

Summer Soldier.

Author’s Note: I blame Sebastian and his commitment on killing us all. I saw the picture he posted on IG and UGH. So, as I did with Bearded Bucky, I have this little story for you to enjoy.

Warnings: Bucky in a swimming pool, Bearded Bucky, Maybe language(?)

Words: 1,256.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

It was Tony’s idea. 

He decided the day was too damn hot to be in the compound, so he took the team to one of his mansion to enjoy the pool. The plan was accepted for all of you and you all took your bags to spend a weekend in Tony’s home.

And there you were, getting ready with Natasha and Wanda. They were puttin sun cream on their bodies as you got dressed. You could hear the boys’ screams and laughs.

“They’re probably playing”

“Or doing a competition against each other” You added, rolling your eyes. Your friends copied your expression before preparing their bags, full of books, more sun cream and towels.

“I bet Rogers and Barnes are trying to be the first ones”

“Men” Natasha and you said at the same time and you laughed. 

“Well, Y/N. If Barnes doesn’t fall on his knees with that swimsuit, nothing will do”

You rolled your eyes, listening to Natasha, who smirked as Wanda nodded. They had been bothering you for months with that story. They knew about your crush on the supersoldier but you were sure he didn’t feel the same. He could find whatever girl he wanted.

“You know what I think”

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