fair play foul play

probably a controversial opinion but honestly. rebecca white is a hufflepuff.

a hufflepuff who sometimes struggles with her most defining hufflepuff traits and has to battle outside forces that challenge her hufflepuff ideals, but a hufflepuff nonetheless. she’s a “””bad hufflepuff”””, a hufflepuff people say can’t BE a hufflepuff “because she isn’t always nice” and has betrayed someone once or twice when clouded by her emotions.

she’s the kind of hufflepuff who becomes loyal to all the wrong people, who works hard but sometimes for all the wrong things, who values fair play, but only after initially being tempted with the idea of foul play, who is kind but has a sharpness to her.

she’s the kind of hufflepuff that comes out of a family full of slytherins, a hufflepuff with a mix of hufflepuff and slytherin traits, but whose hufflepuff traits are more prominent and shape her personality more than her slytherin traits.