fair phone

apparently there was a telephone booth in the middle of the mojave desert originally meant to service miners and a guy claiming to be sent on a mission from god camped out in it for a month and answered over 500 phone calls, including one from the pentagon, and if that isn’t the most southwestern gothic shit i have ever heard then i will eat the entire mojave desert


so i made a post complaining that we had no lazytown collages, and so naturally i rectified the situation by making my own

i sized them to work as a wallpaper for my samsung s6

merry christmas lazytown fandom


one of my fave themes is arthur in a flower crown tbh


Phone Wallpaper - Beautiful Gong Shim

Exams are still going on so here are some simpler wallpapers until I can find time to do proper ones. (Requests are still open but on-hold atm sorry v.v)

Half-Sister, All Family

From this request: Can you do one where the reader is the winchesters half sibling (17 or so) and they hear about Mary coming back and they think meeting her would be super awkward because ya know she’s your brothers mother but not yours , but she loves the reader anyway and treats them like her own son/daughter?


You sprang at your phone the moment it rang. “Please tell me you’re alive.”

“How could I be calling you if I wasn’t?” your brother asked with a laugh.

“I don’t know. Surely you’ve come across some ghosts who are able to use the phone.”

“Fair point,” Sam said with another laugh. “Look, everything’s okay. Everyone’s safe. The sun is back, Amara is gone.”

“And Dean’s… alive?”

“Very much so. He’s devouring his third piece of pie as we speak.”

“Thank Chuck.”

“As soon as I can tear him away from this diner, we’ll be heading home. Should be back by tonight.” Sam paused. “But… there’s something I want to… warn you about.”

“What?” you asked, your fear immediately skyrocketing again.

“It’s nothing bad,” Sam reassured. “But… it’s a little unordinary.”

“Unordinary is basically the definition of our life.”

Sam paused again. “Our mom is back.”

It took you a moment to register this. “What?”

“Our mom… well, Dean and I’s mom… Amara brought her back.”


“She’s going to be staying at the bunker.”

“Of course.”

The two of you were quiet for a few moments.

“Dean’s attempting to order another slice,” Sam finally said. “I’m going to drag him away before he makes himself sick. We’ll be home soon.”


You sat in silence, feeling numb.

Your brothers’ mother was back.

Your brothers’ mother was back from the dead.

If your brothers’ mother hadn’t died, your father wouldn’t have met your mother. And you would have never been born.

‘What’s going to happen?’ you asked yourself. ‘Is she going to be mad that John moved on? Is she going to be mad I exist? Is she going to think I’m trying to take her sons away?’

Normally, you were on pins and needles, anxious for your brothers to return from whatever case they were on. But now… now you found yourself wanting time to stretch on and on.


A few hours later, Sam poked his head into your room. “There you are,” he said with a smile.

You looked up from your blanket cocoon. “Hi.”

“We were worried when you weren’t waiting by the door for us.” Sam walked into your room and sat on the corner of your bed. “Usually you’re like a little puppy dog, all tongue and tail-wags.”

You glared at him. “I’m not a dog.”

“I know, Bug.” Sam studied you for a moment. “Listen, Dean’s in the kitchen with Mom…”

Your mom.”

Sam was taken aback. “Y/N, she…. She’s your mom, too.”

“No, she’s not. She has no idea who I am. She…” You bit your lip and pulled your blanket tighter around you. “She had two children, not three.”

“But she has room in her heart for three, Y/N. I promise.” Sam held a hand out. “Come on. Will you come meet her?”

You stared at your brother’s hand.

“Just… come meet her, please. I promise it’s going to be all right.”

You didn’t make a move.

“I brought you a piece of pie,” Sam said, tempting you. “But if you don’t get out there, I can’t guarantee that Dean won’t eat it.”

You glared at your brother but slipped your hand into his.


“Mom,” Sam said, stepping into the kitchen. “This is Y/N.”

Even though you were well into your teens, you were hiding behind your brother like a scared child. You peered around his large frame, finding your other brother sitting at the table with a blonde woman. You could immediately see the familial connection she had to your brothers.

To your brothers. Not to you.

She gave you a smile, her face very soft and welcoming. “Hello, sweetheart,” she said. “Your brothers have told me so much about you.”

You felt yourself smiling in spite of yourself.

Dean reached over and picked up a small plastic box. “You want some pie, Y/N?”

You nodded.

“Come here.”

You slowly left the safety of Sam’s side and sat next to Dean. He popped the box open and slid it over to you, but not before swiping his finger through the mound of whipped cream on top.


Dean smeared some of the cream onto the tip of your nose as he stood, laughing. He and Sam disappeared from the kitchen, leaving you alone with a woman you’d heard so much about.

“So,” Mary finally said as you picked at the pie with the plastic fork. “You like pie?”


“Just like Dean.”

You glanced up at Mary. You felt you should try and make some conversation, but what to talk about? It’s not like you could ask ‘so, what was it like being dead?’.

After a few moments, Mary spoke again. “You know, I always wanted a daughter.”

“You did?”

Mary nodded. “I know you must be feeling… a little strange, meeting me. Stranger than I’m feeling after coming back, I bet.”

You chuckled slightly.

“But… you’re a part of John. Which means you’re a part of Dean and Sam. Which means… you’re a part of my family.”

You hadn’t realized your eyes were watering until you blinked and felt them almost overflow.

“Sweetheart? Are you okay?”

Without warning, you wrapped your arms around Mary. As soon as you’d done it, you felt ashamed and tried to pull back.

But before you could, her arms wrapped around you, holding you tight.

Submitted by leopold-xerovsky

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SBIB 21 Deleted Scene

Alya’s fingernails drummed against the side of her teacup, watching Sabrina and Marinette across the cafe for a moment before turning back to Nathanael and Chloe, glancing between them for a long moment. 

“So…” Alya started. “Which one of you is the-” 

“We’re not doing this,” Chloe said, without looking up from her phone. 

“Fair enough,” Alya shrugged. 

Grabe ang saya sa art fair kanina as in omyghaad sulit yung 50pesos ko dahil sobrang gandaaaa nakakalula mga artworks nila sobrang gagaling tapos ang cool lang. Habang andun kami kanina parang gusto ko na magshift sa fine arts ahahaha charot. Shotout pala kay @anaventurer hahaha love u po hinintay ako nyan ng 2hrs dahil ang tanga tanga ko umikot pako north makapunta lang sa ayala ahahaha anuna mariel ang tanga talaga. Uy ano pala happy birthday tumblr!!!!!!!! Ge ang daldal pagod na ko :(((( 

Janelle Monáe Is the Style Star This Awards Season Needs
The longtime performer and first-time actress’s stylist on the evolution behind Monáe’s clothes.
By Kenzie Bryant


Janelle Monáe is no stranger to red carpets. In her decade or so in the public eye, the singer’s red-carpet looks have been limited to black-and-white (with occasional red, yellow, or metallic accents), originally sticking to classic suiting. But with Monáe’s roles in both Moonlight and Hidden Figures making her an awards-season fixture, she and her longtime stylist Maeve Reilly have made some changes. As her career evolves, so too does her style, though the message she adhered to from the beginning remains as clear as her stark palette.

“I mean this in the most humble way possible: I think I have the hardest job of any stylist,” Reilly told Vanity Fair on a recent phone call, nodding to the season-by-season limitations of items that fit Monáe’s restrictions. Reilly has dressed the performer for every event she’s attended for the past four years, and when they started, Monáe was still only wearing suits.

“Now, it’s become easier with dresses and skirts and even just separates—like what she wore [to a recent Hidden Figures screening] in L.A.,” Reilly said, referring to the black-and-white, wide-legged pants she paired with a long-sleeve crop top. “She wouldn’t have worn that four years ago.”

Reilly explained that the palette she works so hard to stick to is an homage to Monáe’s family. “Her parents were blue-collar workers who wore uniforms, and so her tuxedo represented the uniforms that her family wore,” Reilly explained. “Janelle, too. She was a maid before she made music.”

The progression out of strictly menswear was never “a sit-down conversation,” according to Reilly. There was no “I’m going to wear a dress now” moment.

As awards season has progressed, though, from Moonlight’s film festival premieres to the Golden Globes, Monáe’s style has made a larger leap, partly because brands are now reaching out to her and Reilly directly. At the Golden Globes, Monáe will be wearing a custom dress that the pair began working on back in November (Reilly declined to say by whom). Monáe is also becoming more comfortable on the carpet alongside seasoned actors who’ve been doing this for 30 years.

“The music stuff goes edgier, and the acting stuff is still quirky. It’s still fun and interesting and young, but when this is all said and done and we look back at the photos, you’re going to be able to tell when she was at a music event as opposed to when she was at an acting event,” Reilly said.

Monáe’s hair, which has seen the addition of googly eyes, safety pins, and gold wires as of late, is an extension of that whimsy from her musical world, Reilly said, but it also means more by Monáe’s own admission. She captioned a photo of the beauty looks on Instagram, “From the eyes, to the gold wire, and then to the white safety pins … Can you guess what messages [Eye emoji] am sending and speaking through my hair?”

With safety pins finding new symbolism following the election of Donald Trump, one might guess a political intent. Her hair stylist, Nikki Nelms, however, recently said that they’re simply a reminder for everyone to “just try and keep it all together.”

Regardless of what specific signals are emanating from her head, Monáe has an entire career spent working within the same coded clothes. She’s found a way to expand and evolve while remaining firmly within her ideals she held from day one. It’s an acrobatic act of perspective that’s rare, and one that’s becoming more and more visible as awards season rolls along.