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Okay, but Otabek's family's first impressions of Yuri?

Yesterday I made a post in which I stated I think the Altins would be really chill people. (Because of reasons)

I imagine that after seeing and meeting Yuri they would be highly entertained

Here you have this boy that looks-wise is the polar opposite from their dear Beka. Blond hair, fair skinned, big light eyes, slender build. They have seen his skates, in which he has been beautiful, a fairy dancing on the ice. Then there was that exhibition skate in which Otabek featured and his family got it. Because what they saw, was totally the type of boy their Otabek would be inclined to hang out with. Like one of his street friends (who admittedly look a bit like punks, but are actually kind hearted boys who look up to Otabek) but prettier. They nod. They can see where this is going. 

They have heard stories about Yuri of course. They have seen interviews, in which the blond just answers questions with a morose expression (which is kind of what Otabek does too) and makes grandiose statements (”We only need one Yuri on the ice.” Damn, son!). What a wild little thing.

Then Yuri comes to visit in Almaty and they see how this feisty tiger is more of a sweet cat when it comes to being with Otabek. They see how happy it makes their Beka. How the pretty boy who seemed so angry is trying his best to make Otabek smile. Bless his heart. 

They approve.