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Fantasy Faire by Eddison Esteban
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Now I’m here, blinking in the starlight Now I’m here, suddenly I see Standing here, it’s, oh, so clear I’m where I’m meant to be One of my favorite areas, Fantasy Faire, where you can find one of my favorite Disney Princesses, Rapunzel.

Lydia Inspired Theme Park Outfit by veterization featuring silver jewellery

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Hi everyone, here is a brand new music video for my cover of the song “Scarborough Fair”.


My alternative/rock music will now be released as 1983, including my full-length album “Break The Box”. Feel free to stop by and like my page.

I want all of you who have enjoyed my video for “3 In The Morning” and downloaded “Chilly” to know that I will continue to release my hip/hop creations as NEW SCHOOL.

After watching my new video, you can download “Scarborough Fair” from my FREE 4-song cover EP (“Nowhere Land”) -https://1983music.bandcamp.com/album/nowhere-land

I chose 4 artists that have had a significant impact on my life musically, artistically and socially:

Simon and Garfunkel
The Beatles

I had a lot of fun creating these covers and I hope you have as much fun listening to them.

As always, plenty more to come.

peace and unity,

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((Yay!)) It was a beautiful day out- Birds singing, Flowers blooming... AND THE FAIR WAS IN TOWN! A troll from a very distant future session had appeared and wanted to go! Her name was a little difficult to say, but it was Phenia Airrai.

*Feferi’s planning on attending this fair!! She loves land dweller festivals, they’re always so fun!!*

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if cersei and jaime had twins of their own :)

send me a name and i’ll tell you about our muses’ kid // little do u know anon this is very helpful in a verse @aureatehand and i are setting up >:}

Name: Myrielle Lannister
Gender: cis female
General Appearance: curly golden-blonde hair, often worn pulled back; strong brows; wide icy-green eyes; father’s nose and square jaw; mother’s full lips; average height and more muscular and toned than her twin
Personality: outspoken, athletic, fervent; hot-tempered, overzealous, violent against enemies
Special Talents: fighting with small knives and daggers; penmanship and calligraphy; anything that allows her to work with her hands
Who they like better: jaime
Who they take after more: at first glance, jaime – but cersei, really
Personal Headcanon: jaime was hesitant to begin training myrielle on the field at first since it was just so different than everything he was raised with; cersei and myrielle eventually wore him down, and it allowed the two of them to bond.
Face Claim: bella heathcote

Name: Cerenei Lannister
Gender: cis female
General Appearance: curly golden-blonde hair, often worn pulled back; strong brows; wide icy-green eyes; father’s nose and square jaw; mother’s full lips; average height and more full-breasted, wide-hipped, and narrow-waisted than her twin
Personality: sensual, cunning, gentle of voice and touch; elitist, spoiled, easily bored
Special Talents: singing, sewing, baking sweets and pastries, aaand the art of manipulation
Who they like better: cersei
Who they take after more: cersei
Personal Headcanon: cerenei is quite a bit like cersei was at her age, though truly enjoys her more feminine activities ( partially because she actually has the choice to do them ). sometimes, it can leave her parents with headaches, but it also means she adores her family and would do anything for them. 
Face Claim: bella heathcote

A History Tour of Dumfries and Galloway
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A History Journey Through Dumfries and Galloway Scotland’s south west corner is arguably the most tragically overlooked slice of this fair land. But rest assured. As part of my latest campaign with the Scotlanders, we’re trying to do something about that. With history as my theme, I charge hell for leather around the best attractions and ruins and see how much I can fit into a weekend. Here…

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Battle of the Bastards Pt. 1: Prelude

The snow lightly fell as the tall man and the lady rode up the roads around Winterfell. It didn’t look like the land he remembered coming from three years earlier. It looked desolate, and war scarred, the tell tale signs of what had happened since Lord Eddard Stark rode south to be the hand to King Robert Baratheon. This had once been a fair and just land under the Stark Rule but the Lannisters had seen to destroying that tranquility when they murdered, first Ned Stark, then Robb and all of his Banner Men at the Red Wedding. No one had seen Arya Stark since the death of her father, and everyone thought that Brand and Rickon were dead. The only two surviving children of Eddard Stark were Sansa and his bastard Jon Snow.

It was Sansa and Jon Snow that caused these two people to travel from the warmth and comfort of the Reach. It had been whispered around Cider Hall that Jon Snow was raising an army to take back Winterfell from the Boltons and proclaim the north for the Starks once again. Jaemon Gaelaelor, son of Julius Gaelaelor, had been raised there. His family owned a horse farm just outside Winterfell that bread some of the best horses in the North. It was the quality of his horses that had brought Jaemon out of the north, at the request of Lord Eddard Stark and while Jaemon had no allegiance to House Stark, he knew they were good people, just and fair people who cared about those under their protection unlike the Lannisters and the Boltons.

Jaemon Gaelaelor, better known as “Jamie” rode on a brown steed up the snow covered dirt roads that lead through the mountains around Winterfell. He and his lady, Aurora of House Fossoway (Banner men to House Tyrell), were not completely sure where to find the army, but they knew that if they kept traveling, north they would find it, or they would find the Wall, and someone there would know where Jon Snow was. Either way they would find something.

Jamie wrapped his cloak around himself a bit more. A bit of his knees showed from under his plaid kilt, which wrapped around his waist and came up over his right shoulder and was held in place with a gold pin with an apple on it. That was a new addition from the woman riding to his left. The apple was the sigil of House Fossoway, the house from which Aurora belonged. She had given it to him just before they left. He wore a white shirt, a leather, fleece lined jacket which buttoned up the front and a blue tam. He carried a basket hilted sword on a black leather belt that hung over his shoulder. It was made of Valyrian Steel and up until recently, Jamie had never spilt blood with it. On his back Jamie carried a round wooden shield with a spike in the middle of it that extended about four inches. There were other metal studs scattered around it’s face and an iron rim around the outside of it.

It was nearly nightfall when Jamie saw the glow of campfires coming from a valley surrounded by sharp, tall hills and mountains that made it a natural fortification. Jon Snow had chosen a good site for his camp. It was small, much smaller than Jamie anticipated. He took a moment to reassure Aurora before they descended into the camp. It didn’t even look like much of an army, just a gathering of people who had hardly ever held a weapon before, mixed with some soldiers and a few unruly looking people.
“Good Evenin’ to you.” A guard bearing the bear sigil of House Mormont challenged them. He held a spear in his hand and a sword around his waist but he presented no hostility. He was a sentry doing his job, and no one could crime the poor boy for that.

“Good Evenin’. The Lady and I were hopin’ to join Lord Snow’s army and take back Winterfell.” Jamie explained, his accent was thick. All the men from the north had thick accents, but Jamie’s was a bit thicker than the others.

“You look like a northern man, but what about her? She looks like a wealthy woman from the south.” The Guard inquired, “How do I know she’s not a Lannister spy or something?”

“I assure you sir, I am no spy.” Aurora countered firmly but with kindness, “I am Aurora of House Fossoway, defenders of Cider Hall.”

“So your from the Reach? The wife of that bastard Lannister King is from the Reach too.” The Guard said.

“She has no allegiance to the fuckin’ Lannisters.” Jamie said, finally fed up with the guard’s suspicions, “Or that murderin’ Bolton bastard. Now let us pass.”

Before the guard could protest an older man, kindly looking with his grey beard and thinning hairline, walked up, “Let them alone lad.” His voice was kind but commanded respect. His accent was very similar to Jamie’s. He wore a black cloak over his armor and his hands were covered in black leather gloves, one of which had the fingers sewn short, “I’m sorry for all the trouble.” The man said, “Anyone who opposes the Lannisters, and the Boltons is welcome here.”

Jamie dismounted his horse before helping Aurora off hers. Both their feet now stood in the snow, “Aye, that we do. I’ve only had a short dealing with Bolton, but The Lannister’s have taken some flesh from me that I’d like to repay.” Jamie’s anger for the Lannisters, even a year and a half after his captivity, was still very fresh and very present.

“I’m Ser Davos.” The man said, “Welcome Sir….”

“I’m no lord, and no knight, Ser Davos.” Jamie said holding up his hand, “I’m Jaemon Gaelaelor, son of Julious Gaelaelor. I grew up just outside Winterfell. This is Lady Aurora of House Fossoway. She’s very talented at aiding the sick and wounded.” Jamie smile letting Aurora take his arm as the three of them stood in the snow amid the ever-darkening sky. A gust of wind came up and blew their cloaks and the material of Jamie’s kilt.

“Aye, well there’s sure to be plenty of those tomorrow.” Ser Davos said, “Come let’s get you bedded down and your horses stowed. I’ll introduce you to those we have helpin’ us with our wounded, and I’ll bring you to Lord Snow.” Davos said as the group walked.

The three walked through the snow, the semi-frozen ground crunching beneath their steps as they walked. Everywhere men huddled around fires or in tents hoping to get a brief respite from the cold. They all knew what was coming the next morning; a long, hard battle that would claim many of them but was their only chance of restoring justice and peace to the North.

Once Ser Davos had settled Aurora down with the women and boys that would be helping tend to the wounded, he brought Jamie to Jon Snow. It looked like it was going to be a long night for everyone, but those in command most of all. Jamie passed a group of men wearing grey and white pelts and leather. Ser Davos explained that those men were Wildlings from the north that Jon Snow had allowed to pass through the gate at Castle Black amidst many disapproving opinions of his fellow Nights Watch. Ser Davos explained that it was actually what got him killed, but the Lord of Light had brought him back because he had a purpose, this purpose.

Ser Davos and Jamie walked to the opening of Jon Snow’s tent to find him sitting in a chair talking to a tall red-haired girl who couldn’t be more than eighteen years old. Jon looked a lot like a young Eddard Stark. His armor, his hairstyle, all of it reminded Jamie of Lord Eddard Stark. Looking back on it Jamie remembered Jon Snow coming with them on their journey. He’d met both of the Stark children in the tent before, though he doubted they would remember him at all.

“If you would just listen to me. I know this man, I’ve lived with him. He’s going to play games, it’s what he does.” Sansa tried to explain but Jon wasn’t really listening. He was determined to fight his battle the next day because to him there was no time to get more men, there was no time to feel out Ramsay Bolton. They had to attack now, before the another winter storm came and blocked them in like it did the last army that had fought there.

Sansa stormed out of the tent, breezing right by Ser Davos and Jamie. There would be time for introductions later. For now the important thing was focusing on the battle that was coming the next day. That was all they all needed to be focusing on.

“Forgive me M'Lord but I wanted to bring in a new volunteer who’s just arrived.” Ser Davos said as the pair took a couple of steps into the tent, “Jamie Gaelaelor, this is Lord Jon Snow.”

Jamie bowed his head slightly, “M'Lord.”

“Thank you for comin’.” Jon said standing up and walking over to him, “I wish I could say we were sure to win, but I’d be lyin’ to you.”

“In war nothing is certain m'lord.” Jamie countered, “There is always a chance you could win, and there is always a chance you could loose.”

“Are you from the north originally?” Jon asked, “Forgive me if I ask why you didn’t come with the other houses?”

“I’m not a member of any house M'Lord.” Jamie explained, “I grew up in the north, I lived at a horse farm just outside of Winterfell. We’ve actually met before on several occasions.” Jamie paused.

Jon stood and then the realization hit him like a club, “Right, you and your father sold horses. Very good horses as I recall.”

“Some of the best in the North.” Jamie said with a smile, “It didn’t seem right not to be here when the fate of the north was decided. I’ve only had limited experiences with the Boltons. I’ve met Ramsay once… broke his nose that night too.”

“I plan on breaking more than his nose tomorrow.” Jon said bitterly.

“Aye, I think we all do. I’ve heard of the crimes he has committed up here. Death would be merciful for him.” Jamie said, “Much like the Lannisters.”

“Aye, but one enemy at a time.” Jon replied, “You have a horse, or are you on foot?”
“I have a horse, M'Lord.”

“He came with a lady from House Fossoway who has agreed to help with our wounded.” Ser Davos interjected, “She’s meeting with the ladies now.”

“Good.” Jon said, “Very good. I’m honored to have you with us. Thank you for coming back.”

Jamie nodded, “I’m honored to be here Lord Snow.”
“Ser Davos, get this man and his lady a place to sleep. They’ll both need their strength come tomorrow.” Jon instructed before walking over and picking up a cloak with a wolf’s pelt over the shoulders. It looked just like the one that Lord Eddard Stark once wore. It made him look even more like a younger version of his father.

“Thank you m'lord.” Jamie said as he and Ser Davos turned to leave.

“Will you be restin’ tonight?” Ser Davos asked as they walked along.

“Bloody Hell, no.” Jamie said almost scoffing at the thought, “Tomorrow’s my first battle.”

Ser Davos stopped and looked at Jamie, “Your first battle, truly?”

Jamie nodded, “Aye.”

“The whole of Westeros has been at war for over a year and this is your first battle.” Ser Davos said almost laughing at the irony.

“Aye, just never seemed to be at the right place for any of the others.” He chuckled, “Most memorable event I was anywhere near during this whole mess was the square where Lord Stark was executed.” Jamie explained with a sigh.

“You were there the day Ned Stark was executed?” Ser Davos asked and paused, “I never met the man, but even Stannis had nothing but praise for him.”

“Aye, he was a good man. And so is his son, and so is his daughter. He raised them right.” Jamie said, “And that’s why I came back. I want to see the Stark’s given their home back, I want to see those who brought injustice and cruelty upon them and innocent people pay for their crimes, and I want to see the rightful heir on the Iron Throne.”

The last part perked Ser Davos’ attention, “Oh? And who do you believe that is?”

Jamie smirked, “You wouldn’t like me if I told you.” With that Jamie bowed his head, “Good night, Ser Davos.”

Jamie checked in on Aurora who was bedding down but continued to walk around. His mind was buzzing and while most of the soldiers slept, some had a hard time. Everyone was afraid. By the look on Jon Snow’s face and the conversation that Jamie had overheard between Jon and Sansa, things did not look good. Worse than that they looked grim. Jamie didn’t know the numbers of men fighting, but he knew that the Boltons were probably better organized, better equipped and judging by the lack of banners from any of the larger houses in the North, they had their allegiance too. Things did not look good, but history would remember them and either the Starks would win, or they would die, and Jamie would die right along with them. He may never see his Queen sit upon the Iron Throne, but he would die fighting for what was right and just and there was no shame in that.