fair isle patterns

dropped a stitch on my cardigan and it ravelled all the way down about 10 rows but ya girl sorted it!! so pleased with myself for calmly averting a mistake!! in addition i have knitted a lil fair isle type pattern along the bottom of my cardi and it looks really cute except i went wrong in the last row of it so it’s all a bit off but i really didn’t fancy undoing 136 stitches so i just……. left it…….. lol


etsyfindoftheday | BLACK FRIDAY GIFTS | 11.25.16

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Wanna look like Bowie? Or just want to knit a snazzy pillow case with the outrageous pattern originally designed by Kansai Yamamoto? Well I’ve done the leg work for you. Simply make sure your work has a total stitch count that is a factor of 18 and repeat!

Things I have picked up that have made me a better crocheter

Buy one extra skien of that yarn. I find that my estimate of how much yarn I will need tends to be a little off. Plus it gives me extra to use later.

Have multiple of your favorite size hook. I tend to misplace mine.

Learn different ways to do colour change. I really like the Fair Isle way for some patterns. It makes it way easier to do some patterns.

Check out youtube! It is full of tutorials that really help.

Triple check fit as you go. You can save yourself a huge amount of trouble if you check sizing as you go. Especially if who you are making it for is nearby to snag for a fitting or two.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Buy cheap yarn on sale and go for it. It may not turn out exactly right but you are closer to getting it right now than before.