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Time for a little book haul!
All knitting related of course.
Let’s start with #1. Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting. I purchased this as an early birthday present for myself. My hope is that this book helps me through my first foray into fair isle clothing items.
#2. Alterknit by Andrea Rangel. This is a fantastic color work stitch dictionary. Filled with really fun and interested stitch patterns. If you like color work, or have a project up coming, I highly suggest you pick this up.
#3. A book that is all in Japanese so I have no idea what it is called or who wrote it. I will try to find out, because this book is incredible. I stumbled upon it sometime last year, and ever since then I was kicking my self for not buying it. Then finally after checking every single bookstore I came across, I found it again! Lucky for me I think it is popular enough most Japanese bookstores carry a copy. It is another stitch dictionary, but full of charted beauties. Lots of lace and cables, and complex stitches. Very excited to plan something around one of the stitches.

Update on #3. The book is the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible: 260 Exquisite Patterns by Hitomi Shida Thank you so much for letting me know! 💕

And that’s all!
Any other knit books I should check out?
Share them with me!

{ fluffmas prompts //#24 with poly!hamilsquad x reader }

{ requested by a sweet anon. hope you like it! <3 xx there was a separate request for a nsfw version that i’ll try to have up soon as well. }

24 - wearing stockings

slightly nsfw?? more suggestive. the boys get a little handsy,,,but you look so good in your little outfit! they really can’t help it…

You had a Christmas party starting any minute now. You’d been planning this for a while with your boys. Christmas parties always made you so excited for the upcoming season. You had all of your gifts ready to present, an outfit picked out, and were practically counting down the days. It was at your brand new place that you had gotten with your boyfriends. You and Laf decorated the house this morning while Herc got Alex and John to help him bake and prepare the food. 

You had about 45 minutes until your guests started coming in. While you were excited for what was in store, you still felt like you were going to throw up. 

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Wanna look like Bowie? Or just want to knit a snazzy pillow case with the outrageous pattern originally designed by Kansai Yamamoto? Well I’ve done the leg work for you. Simply make sure your work has a total stitch count that is a factor of 18 and repeat!

Currently having a knitting dilemma. 

I have wanted to knit Christmas stockings for my family since my first kid was born (she’s 14 now) and every year I end up forgetting about my grand master plan to knit four fair isle Christmas stockings until like–November. Until this year! This year I remembered in plenty of time. So I happily took out my fair isle stitch pattern book and dug out the mass amounts of green and red sparkly Christmas yarn I inherited from my grandma and finally got going on this project. I’m halfway done with the first one (and it’s moving pretty fast, really). But here’s the thing–I HATE knitting it. I hate it SO MUCH. I’m not really that happy with how it looks either. The problem is 100% the yarn. It’s acrylic from the 80s and it’s so stiff and plastic-y. It’s awful to work with and I don’t think I’ll be happy with the final results. 

So here’s my dilemma. Do I give up now before I’m in too deep and just find some yarn that I would enjoy knitting with? Or do I keep trucking along? (Even today’s Red Heart is nicer than the vintage stuff, not to mention the nicer acrylics or the more inexpensive wools that are available). There are two things stopping me, spending more money on yarn and feeling guilty about that when I have all this damn Christmas yarn hanging around my knitting room.



Inspiration can come from all sorts of places. As some of you would have realised, I like like wearing things differently - it’s fun and creates a bit of interest. No man is an island and I’m no exception to this rule. I draw inspiration from regular guys who have a interesting way of putting things together. There are many wells to draw inspiration from - art, photos old and new, nature, the complementary colours on buildings. In this case, it was from a picture of a guy I saw on Instagram who wore a fair isle v-neck jumper with a navy jacket and khaki trousers. I thought that it was a really cool way of doing that and I’ve drawn on that for today’s outfit.

This is actually a woolen waistcoat and being fair isle, it’s got a lot going on so I’ve kept most of the rest of the outfit neutral but have some textures going on there. To be fair, I could have worn a collared shirt with this but the band collar shirt just felt right. The fair isle pattern has a lot of warm colours and the brown edge underscores this so I’ve gone towards a warmer colour palette with the quilted navy blazer, white shirt, khaki trousers and snuff suede loafers. The pattern in the socks kind of echoes the pattern in the vest. There are textures in most of the outfit with some pattern coming through in the vest and the socks. I think it works as an outfit for the cooler weather and is a little playful without going over the top.

Quilted blazer - ts(s)

Vest - Jamieson’s

Shirt - River Island

Belt - Christian Kimber

Trousers - Boglioli

Socks - CHUP

Shoes - Crockett and Jones Eaton

The Theoi in England? UPG thingies

Thinking about potential English cultus/UPG things and writing little bits of prose for them… what do you guys reckon? (Heavily skewed towards Southern England because I don’t often get to go up North. I’ve tried to include bits but…eh… I dunno)

Wheat shifts from lush green to yellow gold as Demeter walks. The summer rain has passed, it glistens on the leaves and on her brow. Her lips are bright as strawberries, her breath sweet and heady as oilseed rape.

Poseidon crashes against the Whitby coast. His serpents draw the cliffs down into the sea and ancient creatures are exposed from their resting place in the rock. Our tiny island is held in his embrace as he carries our ships from shore to shore. In Portsmouth we salute him at the naval base and build monuments from the wreck of the Mary Rose. The gulls call his name as they soar inland.

Aphrodite comes ashore, her eyes bright as the Dover cliffs, skin golden as Cornish sands. The collared doves bring her flowers for she is the English Rose.

Hermes flits through the Underground, carried by the coursing breeze of the Tube. Each tap of an Oyster Card is the beating of his winged sandals. Every letter dropped into a red post box is an offering. Anywhere where money changes hands is his realm, from the marbled floors of Harrods to the dull neon of a Camden kebab shop, for he is the only one faster than the City.

Hestia crouches in the doorways of closed shops, bringing warmth to the homeless. She slips an extra pound coin into the hand of a Big Issue seller and never takes the magazine. Her hearth may only be in a pilot light or in the heating element of an electric kettle, but she is always there, warm, waiting, comforting.

Athena walks through the Bodleian stacks placing blessings on the books hidden underneath the Oxford streets so that students may succeed and those who apply for readers’ cards may be accepted. She stands in the corner of a Shetland home and smiles as a grandmother teaches her grandchildren to knit Fair Isle patterns. A barn owl cries in the cold night air and she moves in the ghostly flicker of its wings.

Apollo accompanies doctors through the wards of Great Ormond Street and sends hopeful smiles to the lips of the children there. He stands in the break room behind MRC researchers’ labs and keeps their coffee hot. He lurks backstage with the roadies at the Electric Ballroom, the O2 and the Roundhouse, singing along to songs of modern muses. He was there at the 100 Club and at the Cavern, at Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight. He is always there.

Artemis sprints through Dartmoor past long forgotten ruins and lonely homes. New Forest ponies gallop at her side, between the trees and heathers, forcing traffic to still. The mountains carry her through the lush green of the Peak District. Her stride is vast and covers cities too, in the wail of an urban fox and the hovering wings of a kestrel above the motorway or the rabbits that burrow beside Heathrow airport. There are corners of the wild everywhere.

Dionysus dances in a Manchester rave, liquor on his lips, eyes bright as glow-sticks. He follows the music through cellar clubs and secret happenings, to counter-culture bars and Soho drag shows. He lies in a punt in the haze of May Morning as drunken revelers leap, singing, from Magdalen Bridge into the gentle river below. He wanders through each theatre, watching West End musicals, Stratford Shakespearean revivals, and Edinburgh Fringe art-house pieces, as every stage is his altar no matter what is performed.

Ares joins Help for Heroes campaigns and stands aside veterans with poppies on their breasts. He carries coffins draped with Union Jacks through Wootton Bassett, head bowed, as mourners scatter flowers. He stands, fists and voice raised, with protesters and activists, carrying their banners as they cry for justice. He shelters refugees cramped into cargo containers and watches over them until they find safety. His spears pierce injustice, his shield blocks hatred.

Hera attends every wedding, every civil partnership, every hand fasting. A couple marry in their lunch break at a registers office and she is there. A lesbian wedding in a local hall receives her blessing. She watches from afar as an Anglo-Pakistani family celebrates for four days with bright clothes and painted hands, for though she is not among their gods, all marriages please her. She is the Queen above Queens, outlasting mortal monarchies and outshining all.

And Zeus? Zeus is in the English rain, that nourishes and punishes, floods and flourishes. He is called by the cries of Red Kites that circle, renewed, in clear skies. His strength is in the ancient oaks of Sherwood Forest and in the memory of lost wolves.


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