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Requested: Yes. @lol-its-shay said, “Could you do a one shot where Joker kidnaps the reader as a gift for Harley to do as she pleases… Smut but only if you’re comfortable with it”

Fandom: Suicide Squad

Paring: Joker/Harley, Harley/Reader

Warnings: Language, and Smut

A/N: I hope this is what you were asking for! Enjoy! :) 

It was dark as Y/N made her way home, she had just got off work. She pulled her coat tighter around her body to keep warm. She was grateful for the street lights around her, because she was beginning to feel watched. She continued walking until she heard a car pull up beside her. She froze, hearing his laugh.

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“Hello, Dear, what is a Doll like you doing out this late? Don’t you know there’s a criminal on the loose?” the Joker laughed again, his painted lips pulling into a wider grin as the girl turned around.

“Wh-What do you want?” Y/N asked, trying to keep her voice steady. She didn’t hear the footsteps behind her.

“You.” J chuckled and then Frost hit her over the head, knocking her out.

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When Y/N woke up she was in a solid white room. There was a huge bed and a dresser, and the window had bars on it. Her clothes had been changed, she was now wearing a night gown.

“Hiya!” came a voice beside her. Y/N flinched and moved off of the bed. Looking at Harley in fear.  

“Where am I? Why am I here? I haven’t done anything!” Y/N said getting straight to the point.

“Well, Puddin’ left for a trip and he’s gonna be gone for a while… He didn’t want me to get lonely.You’re mine now and Puddin’ said I can do whatever I want to you.” Harley giggled crawling to the end of the bed, towards Y/N.

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“Wh-What?” Y/N asked moving towards the wall. Harley got up from the bed, still stalking towards Y/N.

“You heard me! No come ‘ere so I can play with my new toy!” Harley said, jumping towards Y/N. She almost got her but Y/N was quicker and ran for the door. The door was locked.

“Let me out!” Y/N yanked on the door, only to be stopped by Harley. Y/N was now pressed against the door and she couldn’t move.

“That wouldn’t be any fun, would it, Kitten?” Harley’s hand snaked around Y/N’s front, grasping her breasts. Y/N started to struggle.


“You just don’t want to admit you like it. So shut-up or I’ll kill you.” Harley said, forcefully turning Y/N around. Y/N stopped struggling immediately.

“Bu-” Y/N started only to be cut off by Harley leaning down and gently taking Y/N’s lip between her teeth. Harley smirked as Y/N let out a small whimper. A light dusting of pink crept up her neck and her eyes fluttered closed. Y/N didn’t want to admit it but she had always dreamed of being with the bad guy, well bad girl.

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“Jump.” Harley moaned softly into her lips. Y/N did as told and wrapped her legs around Harley’s waist, her nightgown riding up to her hips as she did so. Her hands moved to Harley’s hair, tugging ever so gently. With their lips still connected Harley pinned her to the wall.Y/N let out a gasp and pulled away just enough to look her in the face. Harley glanced down at Y/N’s chest, watching it rise and fall as she panted.

“I want to go home.” Y/N begged as Harley raked her fingers through her hair, resting her forehead against Y/N’s. Harley let out a small huff of annoyance.

“You belong to me now.” Harley murmured, gently pulling the nightgown down her arms. Scrunching the dress at her waist. Harley shifted so her knee was pressed lightly against Y/N’s heat. Y/N bit her lip, trying to indiscreetly create friction.

“Ha-Harley.” She hissed, a whole new shade of pink adorning her face. Harley kissed her collarbone, digging her fingers into the hollows of her hips. Harley’s name leaving her lips in gasping breaths. She wanted this just as much as Harley did.

“Are you sure you want to return home?” Harley asked innocently, continuing the erotic assault on Y/N’s neck. Y/N grinded her hips against Harley’s knee, her head subconsciously tilting to the side.

“Y-You’re not playing f-fair.” She whimpered, grinding her hips against Harley’s knee again.Harley trailed sloppy kisses down her neck and over her breasts. Y/N’s hands fisted into Harley’s hair holding her to her own chest.

“I don’t like play fair.” Harley said before she sucked on Y/N’s smooth skin, running her tongue slowly over her nipple. Gently blowing cool air over the hardening bud. Y/N arched closer to Harley’s mouth, letting out a groan.

“Quiet.” Harley hissed, making a shiver run through her. Harley leaned forward and encased Y/N’s nipple with her teeth, kneading her other breast with her hand. Y/N inhaled sharply, squirming in the most sensual way. Harley’s free hand ghosted into her underwear, making her jerk in surprise.

“Wh-What’re yo-” her sentence cut off abruptly as Harley slipped two fingers inside of her. Harley’s lips connected with hers again for a brief moment.

“Just warming my fingers, Kitten.” Harley giggled. She rolled her eyes at the villian and smashed their lips together, Harley’s tongue dancing with hers. Her lips sucking in every gasp and moan that Y/N let out, as she rode her fingers closer to her climax.

“I-I’m cl-close.“Y/N whimpered into Harley’s mouth. True to her words, Harley could feel her walls clench around her fingers. Determined to make her come, Harley pressed her thumb against Y/N’s clit. Y/N tossed her head back against the wall, her hips bucking in sync with Harley’s strokes.

“Cum.” Harley demanded against Y/N’s neck, pulling away just to see her face as she obeyed. Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed, eyes clenched tightly, mouth slightly ajar, and the slight shade of red starting at her neck and traveling up to the tips of her ears. Harley slowed her fingers bringing Y/N down from her high. She waited for Y/N to open her eyes before withdrawing herself from the captivating girl. Y/N fixed her dress, her breath returning to normal. Her rosy cheeks back to their normal color , that is, until Harley sucked her fingers clean. Humming in satisfaction with the sweet taste.

“Ih-um…” Y/N tried to speak, looking away.

“You taste so good.” Harley whined playfully, burrowing her nose into Y/N hair.

‘Wh-What?” Y/N asked, blushing a shade darker from embarrassment.

“This is gonna be fun… Are you ready for round two?” Harley giggled.

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There’s a building a couple of doors down from a coffeeshop I frequent in Midcity (Fair Grinds, even though it’s now owned by the dude behind ACORN and they’re kinda notorious for being shady to their employees) whose ground floor is a gallery of sorts, always and only ever displaying these ten yellow cubes. Their arrangement changes every so often (I haven’t figured out exactly how or when) but I first noticed them a few years ago and haven’t seen an arrangement ever repeated.

This city is so weird, and I love it.