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Devonshire Villas dolls’ house. Made in 1900, it is a replica of a real house that stood in Kilburn, North London. It was a present from Samuel Loebl, who lived in the house at the time, as a present for his daughter, Cecy. Both his daughter and his grand-daughter played with the house. It is decorated and furnished in the very latest style for the time and many of the features, such as the fitted bathroom and the double sink in the kitchen, were very modern. The bathroom walls have “sanitary” wallpaper, specially coated to be washable and still a very new idea at the time. Cecy made the carpets, lampshades and upholstery in the bedroom and drawing room. The house was exhibited at a Toy Fair in Frankfurt in 1925.

Word of the Week: schmökern

With the Frankfurt Book Fair just passed, let’s take a look at a unique German word loved by avid readers: schmökern.

The German word schmökern has no English equivalent. It is a verb that describes the act of reading and becoming completely immersed in a book. Saying that schmökern means “to read” would be inaccurate, because it’s so much more than just that: schmökern is losing yourself in the pages to such an extent that you forget about the outside world. Most of the time, schmökern is used to describe someone going through a book, but it can sometimes be used to describe someone going through a magazine or other publication too.

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In German, you would use the word as follows:

Er schmökert in einem Buch. (“He is completely immersed and lost in a book.”)

So next time you or someone you know is stopping everything and losing himself in a story, you know how to describe it in German!

Frankfurt Book Fair

queenofairndarknesss said: Hi Cassie, me and my friend are intrested about Frankfurt Book Fair. We heard that you are going to attend it and our question is; are you allowed to tell us if you will attend the first three days (wed-fri) or the last two (sat-sun)?

I’ll be there over the weekend. I asked my German agent and she said:

I don’t yet have confirmation on exact event dates. But you will be there over the weekend (those are the days that are open to the public). Here is the rough itinerary:

Arrival: Thursday, October 12

Book Fair activities/events Fri-Sunday 

Possible event to be confirmed on Monday

So you can see it’s in the planning stages, but I will be in Germany, in Frankfurt, and I will be doing events during the Book Fair and possibly in another city on Monday. I always enjoy touring Germany and will be happy to be back!




AHHHHHH it was such a great feeling to wear this cosplay for the first time. Q_Q I love him sooo much though we don’t know so much about him. Hopefully we will get more character backround someday.

At the FBM (book fair in Frankfurt, Germany) I will wear him again. I am already thrilled bc @onifukuchou will be there as Regis Q____Q <3


Frankfurt Book Fair…
Last convention for this year…

This Convention year was a blast and I could not have spent my time better than meeting all those lovely people during the year.
You all make Cosplay such a beautiful experience for me. Its like charging my batteries with positive energy!

These pretty dorks here are @unique-gentleman (Uk) and @nightluxtra (Romano)