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Weekend Stay for Prospective Students

Weekend Stays for Prospective Students in Elsewhere University are something that had to be planned cautiously, from what places to show to what to put in the introduction pamphlets (not just information, other things too), and who were going to be Tour Guides and Hosts for the students.
Being chosen for one of these jobs was an honour and a curse. To be a Guide, it was given that you should be knowledgeable about the university’s layout and surroundings, about which places were safe and which not and knowing how to react when this suddenly changed. People with authority were preferred for this spot, but sometimes it was the quiet ones who knew the school better and had some especial kind of intuition as to which places were safer.
To be a Host you had to know the rules as the back of your hand, and not just know them, follow them too. Your history with the fair folk had to be as clean as possible of things like debts, favours, and people near you taken away.
Here is where the curse part comes: as a Guide or Host you are responsible for a bunch of usually high school aged teenagers who sometimes weren’t good at following rules. That, of course, wasn’t a problem for Mike, he was in his senior year, and in the three years he had served as guide and host, not one single student had gotten lost.
This stereotypical nerdy kid wasn’t going to be the first.
Sarah really didn’t wanted to come here. She felt wrong, as if she was being observed from all angles, and something was also following her. But Noah, who usually wasn’t energetic about anything, had been so hyped that she really couldn’t say no.
Still the weird felling prevailed, and when the guides distributed the introductory pamphlets it just intensified. First of all, if she wasn’t wrong, a little packed of what appeared to be salt or sugar wand glued to the front of the pamphlets, under it, Elsewhere University was written in a fancy font all surrounded by what appeared to be a lot of green vines, she ignored that, but she really couldn’t ignore the first thing she saw after opening the thing: a list of suggestions on how to speak, or better, how to think before speaking, immediately followed by a short set of rules.
“Noah, are you seeing this? ‘Don’t make deals’? ‘Be polite to plants and animals’? What sort of- What are you doing?!”
“Shh! Do you know if crows can eat jerky?” He asked, he had an open pack of jerky in his hands and was eyeing a nearby crow that appeared to returning his stare.
“How would I know and where even did you got jerky? I thought you didn’t liked it,” Sarah asked, side eying the crow that appeared to be very interested in the piece of jerky that Noah was timidly offering.
“A cousin from Virginia was making a visit, she brought a whole box of the stuff, I have a bunch of-” he was interrupted by one of the guides in front of everyone group.
“Attention please!” The Guide, a dark haired guy who looked like he could have been a basketball player, waited until everybody was mostly quiet to talk again, “Good. Welcome to Elsewhere University, we are glad that you have chosen this university as a possible place to study, but before we give more information, I want you to open you pamphlets and pay a detention to the suggestions and the set rules written there. I ask you that you follow those rules, for your own good- and I’m not joking” he added after hearing some snickers.
After a fast revision of the rules they were assigned of chose a partner from the other prospective students, just groups of two, no more. Sarah immediately took hold of Noah’s arm, he sometimes tended to be a bit distracted and had the custom of wandering off during field trips since he was in middle school.
“Now, stay with your partners, and wait for your hosts, they are here to protect you, they will accompany you through all your stay here, again, for your own safety, the university grounds are vast and have a big part of forests, it’s very easy to get lost. Your hosts will review the principal rules with you in more detail before we begin our trip to the dorms.” the Guide looked down to a folder in his hands, looked around and started walking toward them.
Noah looked about to ask her something (“hey have you seen my-“) but someone touched her shoulder before he could finish, “Um, excuse me, are you, um, is this your picture?” a shy looking girl was showing Sarah a picture of her in of one of those folders that all the hosts appeared to have. She wondered why her name wasn’t written there.
“Yes,” she said with a smile, ”you must be my host, my name is-“
“Wait!” the girl looked altered as if Sarah was breaking some kind of federal law, and then surprised of herself for her outburst “We… we don’t use our given names here, it’s, um, a tradition of sorts, for our own protection” she kinda whispered the last part, looking around a bit, Sarah noticed that Noah was talking to the guide who was speaking earlier. His host, she guessed, “you can call me Tina, and you should come up with a nick name too,”
“Um, ah, you can call me Lara, nice to meet you” she extended her hand for Tina to take, she wasn’t good coming up with things in short notice.
“Yeah, me too” Tina took her hand.
“So this is your friend. I’m Mike, nice to meet you miss…” Noah’s host inserted himself in the conversation, with Noah beside him.
“Lara, nice to meet you too” presentations done, they made a bit of chit-chat, revised some of the rules (Sarah looked pointedly at Noah Nathan from now on, every time rules like ‘Don’t eat food that someone gives you unless you’re sure they are human’ came up) and then started walking again with the tour. Suddenly, Mike was called from ahead, he threw an apologetic smile at them, and ran to where his name was being shouted.
They kept walking. Nathan looked near his feat, stopped, and started to crouch. Tina called her attention to something at the other side, just for a second, just one, and when she looked back Nathan was gone, she looked around a bit but couldn’t spot him, “Um, Tina? Did you saw Nathan walk away?”
“Huh, no, why?” after a some talking, Tina had opened up a bit she was still almost painfully shy, ”Wasn’t he following us?”
“Yeah, he was, but I can’t find him now”
“You mean he isn’t around?”
“Um, no, he just kinda disappeared, one second he was here and the next he wasn’t”
Tina looked around, standing in her tiptoes trying to look over the crowd and when does couldn’t find him, she turned pale. “Oh my God” she took a deep breath, her eyes open wide, “oh my God, please no,” now Sarah was a bit scared, and also somewhat confused, “please no, not the first one in three years, not in my first year” Tina was starting to hyperventilate, typing erratically in her phone. Sarah didn’t understood why she was so altered, Nathan had just wandered off, just as always, he would come back in a few minutes.
She saw Mike approach them running, evading people with a grace she wished she had. He had a worried expression on his face, but not as panicky as Tina. He immediately took hold of Sarah’s shoulders, just making her more confused about what they were freaking out, “You sure you didn’t saw him wander off?” he asked.
“Um, yes, I’m sure, but, guys? Why are you so worked up? He’ll turn up in a few minutes”
“No, no, you don’t understand, that’s not how it works here” Tina looked like she was having a panic attack, Sarah looked at Mike unsure of how to react. He had a sour expression on his face, but he let her go to approach Tina.
“Calm down Tina, calm down, we don’t need panicking hosts, remember training. It was near this spot, right? I’ll contact the AR they know what to do, don’t worry about it and attend to your own charge”
“Yes, yes,” she whispered, looking like the only thing grounding her was Mike’s hands, “I’ll do just that,” she looked closer to calm after that. Sarah was pulled away by Tina to keep going with the tour. The last thing she saw was Mike frowning while hurriedly speaking on the phone.
Mike couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t mad with Tina, she was pretty good at this, almost no dangerous encounter in her history, but it was her first year doing this and having a really close encounter (even if she didn’t saw it) during her firsts time probably wasn’t good, so it wasn’t her fault. No, he was mad at himself. He had years in this. Four years to be exact, the first freshman to participate in planning. He was the one people (especially freshies) came for help, he was supposed to be trust worthy.
And then his charge (his charge) was lost in to the Other realm. He couldn’t really know what was being bargained with the Fae, he wasn’t a AR (couldn’t be, really, his major and ‘always ready for danger’ personality caused both respect and fear, but sometimes bit too much fear and anyone would feel cornered and attack, so he couldn’t approach the fae), but he knew that they weren’t making a lot of advances; Fae were chaotic neutral, but sometimes, some of them fit the chaotic part more than the neutral, and it so happens that his charge was lured by one of those. They tried to control this with agreements and other things, but every few groups of prospective students, one or two got lost, and without knowing the rules or constant contact with the fair folk to learn the most basic unwritten rules, they were more difficult to be returned.
His charge, Nathan, was a nice kid, a bit too peppy for his taste, but he was overall nice: followed the rules without questions, and, curiously, seemed to have a connection with the place. If he decided to study here, he would have done well, but now they probably wouldn’t even know.
They tried to keep it as quiet as possible, no one outside the weekend event organisers and AR were allowed to know to not scare the prospective students away. One day, 6 hours and counting. Tomorrow evening was the end of the weekend event, guests were supposed to go back to their homes. The event had been a blast for them, but all the school residents in the know were worried underneath, they just knew how to hide it better.
It was the morning of the last day. Sarah had slept a total of 6 hours in her whole stay here, she hadn’t texted or called he parents in fear of revealing something in accident. They had explained her everything (or as much as they dared to say aloud). Fae. The fairy tales, those that her grandmother liked to tell her, had just turned into a more morbid- realistic view. Noah had been kidnapped by the Fae.
Well, not really, but something like it, and now he was lost on the “Other Real”, a difficult place to get to and even more difficult to get out of. She understood the names thing now, Names have power, more power than ever should be assigned to something so simple.
She was standing near the place with other Tina who was trying get to console her, other university students were passing near. Crows were unusually loud that day. She wasn’t sure why they were standing there, it was her decision, but that didn’t meant that she understood it. She supposed it was a way of coping, and that maybe, if she wished hard enough, he would just come out stumbling from the trees….
…Just like he was doing right now.
“No- Nathan!” he tripped on something and took a hold of a branch for support, “My God, Nathan, are you ok? Are you hurt? Do you remember me?”
She ran to him, being careful to not touch him in case he was hurt, he looked tired, but happy, well, not happy, satisfied was more like it, and a bit more confident than two days ago. He still had his backpack with him, if a bit lighter, his clothes looked ruffled and a bit dirty, but not much. “I’m glad to see you too, Lara, I’m ok, I’m not hurt, and yes, Lara, I remember you, but first things first. Let’s find food, I’m starving” she was happy to obey.
After he was fed and watered, and a comfy as he could without taking a shower Sarah asked him why he had wandered off “My keys. I had lost them near there, and I saw something shiny on the floor, so I confused it with them”. Someone, he thought it was his host, but he wasn’t sure, Some specific recent things were a bit fuzzy in his mind, asked how he had gotten out. “I followed the crows, of course, very trusty fellows if you treat them well”
If he took two extra salt packets from the cafeteria and stuffed them in his pockets, nobody said anything; if not two weeks later he decided on getting hire ears pierced and was looking for iron and silver earrings, Sarah preferred not to comment; and if that year he only applied for Elsewhere University and nothing else, his parents took a look at the place’s prestigious reputation and decided it was better to ignore it.
In campus, the tale of the prospective student who managed to get out of the Other realm by his own will, would continue to spread. Facts changing to make it more interesting (“He came out with the Sight”, “He was blessed by the Queen-“(“Don’t ever mention the Queen, you idiot!”), “He went back in a few hours after and hasn’t been spotted since then”), but if you went near the tree where crows liked to congregate, you may see (very probably) a student, a bit nerdy, but confident, with an aura that seem to fit with the place, feeding the crows, and smiling like he knew something they didn’t every time he herd the tale.
Note: It’s been a long while since I’ve written something that wasn’t a school paper, I think it is glaringly obvious in my inability to write actually short stories. Anyway, when I saw the Elsewhere University post I experienced love at first sight and after reading some asks about prospective students and some people that just seemed to fit in the university this was born. I apologise for the length, I really tried to make it short (yes, it was way longer before editing).


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“You’re so easy to manipulate.”

His smile, the one that just moments ago was so pleasant, so soft, now has an edge to it. It’s unsettling, making him look every bit the devious king you had expected from the beginning. Stumbling into the Unseelie Court had never been your intention, and you were sure you would meet your end. The bedtime stories your grandmother had told you of the Fair Folk seemed so far away, and the only thing you could remember as you were hauled before the King was to not eat anything offered.

The food, it turned out, was not the hardest thing to resist. It was the King himself. He coaxed and cajoled, teased you with offers, treated you like royalty, offered you every comfort at his disposal for you. Wary of his intentions, you politely decline, trying to ignore the way your heart skips a beat when he smiles.

“Your Highness, I’d very much like to leave. I will not speak of this place to anyone, I will not seek you out again, I just-”

“You want to go home, my sweet.” His voice is dark and melodious, eyes glinting in the low light. “I suppose I can be lenient,” he continues with a sigh, cocking his head. “Please, allow me to escort you out my realm.”

“You’ll lead me out?”

It sounds too good to be true, but the King insists he will stay true to his word. 

“Words are power,” he tells you, offering you his arm to escort you.

You decline again with a crooked smile, and he accept it, allowing you to fall into an easy step next to him. The King leads you out of the court, down winding roads through his kingdom, making smalltalk as you journey. You’ve never been in the presence of royalty before, but he seems awfully… nice.

“We’re here,” he suddenly states, coming to a halt.

You find yourself at the edge of a forest, light shining through the brush ahead. It’s not the same place you entered through, but you assume it’s close enough that you’ll find your way. Thanking him, you curtsy before running off to the brush.

The sight beyond it makes your heart drop. This is not your home. Before you, a vast town spreads out, the houses foreign-looking and rising towards the sky. Your breathing picks up, heart hammering in your chest.

“Welcome home.”

His smooth voice fans against your neck and you jump, whirling around to meet his gaze.

“Where have you taken me?” you demand, steeling yourself as best you can.

“Home,” he replies, sweeping an arm at the strange town before you.

“This is not my home.”

“Oh, pardon me, you’re right. It was your home. Many years ago.”


“Oh, my sweet. You’re so easy to manipulate. You think our food is the only thing that holds magic? I am the King, my realm is under my command. Our journey here took years, each step counting a month.”

Your head spins as it tries to make sense of his deceit. Each step a month? You’d walked for so long. Gone were your grandmother, your parents, the man you were betrothed to. Gone were your friends, your neighbours, your life.


“I couldn’t have you return. Human promises are so fickle. Fae stand by their words.”

“You said you’d take me home!” you protested, tears welling in your eyes.

“You are home!” the King countered, his already tall frame suddenly towering above you, the enchanting eyes dark and menacing. “You never specified when, so I took you here. This is what your village becomes, obliterated by time and innovation. These people don’t believe in us anymore, so you can go run your pretty little mouth all you want, they will never take you seriously.”

“I had a life! Please, Your Highness, I-”

“That’s none of my business, not anymore. You asked to be taken home, I obliged. By my account, a deal was made and fulfilled,” he dismisses you, turning around to push through the brush and into the forest behind it. “Welcome home.”


You launch yourself after him, tripping over a stray branch and falling. The forest is quiet, not a sign of the King anywhere. You’re alone, left in this strange time by your own foolishness.

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Uh, im unsure how to feel about the dragons disguising their children as autistic people,i kinda find that prompt a bit... mean? I don't really think thats your place to call autistic people "off", as it is a spectrum of different variants. Some need less help than others, some need a lot of help. And you might ask me why i care? Well, i HAVE autism. I'm high functioning, but i was diagnosed with it. You may not have known you'd offend someone with that, but just be more careful.

First of all, I’m autistic.  It would have been nice if you had asked me about that instead of making assumptions and trying to scold me.

There’s a not uncommon narrative on tumblr where people associate autism with the concept of changelings.  In the past, when people had children that seemed strange to them, they blamed it on the fair folk replacing their child with a changeling.  This has a lot of parallels with the way some parents talk about their autistic children (I’ll try to find the post about it if anyone’s curious.  I’m in too much pain right now to try to write it all out right here).

And a lot of autistic kids have the experience of feeling “off” too.  As a child, I felt like I wasn’t human, and fantasized about actually being a dragon or other creatures as a way to explain why I was different from other people.  I’ve met a lot of autistic people who have shared this experience.

I try to create prompts for writers who are neurodiverse, disabled, mentally ill, queer, trans, fat, and otherwise marginalized.  Because most people assume a cis, straight, white, etc character when they read story prompts.  Because I do’t want people to make assumptions, and I don’t want people writing characters that they are likely to fuck up, I will tag things with “for autistic writers” or “for disabled writers” and similar.  

That particular prompt came from my experiences as an autistic person, and is meant for autistic or other neurodiverse writers.  Because if other people write it, I expect they will be shitty and offensive.

And I see from the notes that there are autistic folks who have seen this post and found it encouraging.  I am sorry you found it upsetting.  You’re feelings on that are valid.  Not every autistic person embraces ideas of “otherness” and that’s fine.  But autistic people have many different lived experiences, and while I don’t expect you to like this prompt, I do expect you to respect other autistic people’s ways of telling stories about our autism.

PS: high and low functioning labels are pretty harmful.  When you are able, read up on why they are a shitty way to talk about ourselves as autistic people.

Towersong Lunar Blood-Curdling Skree! she was originally a villain and now she’s our pal. We teamed up to defeat a Fair Folk king who tried to force Skree to become his Queen; we tore his antlers off and Elmira made a fabulous headdress out of the horns and the scraps of Skree’s wedding dress. it’ll help her know if danger enters her realm and threatens her people, the Kreeha.

it’s been a long time since i drew her last, so it was great to get to fix up her design a bit.

Elsewhere University- Feathers (part 2)

part one   EDIT: part three

Hey there!! Once again, playing in @charminglyantiquated‘s sandbox. the original comic this was inspired by can be found here (go read it!!), and the blog for everything Elsewhere is @elsewhereuniversity


(For all that you belong here, have the dirt and salt and scent and feathers to prove it, for all that, Elsewhere has a hold of you now. Time to see which hold is stronger.)

Part 2:

You go through security, board the plane. None of the metals pull at your bones. Just to see if you can, you spin fanciful lies about yourself as you make conversation with your seat mate.

(The words want to stick in your throat, but you’re mostly sure that’s from years (and years and years) of choosing your words ever so carefully with strangers, and not for any less …mundane a reason.)

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Did you do a lot of research when you started all of this? If so, can you please tell me where? I've been wanting to do something with Fae, but the internet leads me to a bunch of weird places. Thank you!

I didn’t actually do much research specifically for this project; most of it was double-checking things I’d picked up somewhere along the way (like is silver really good for anything besides werewolves), plus a lot of extraneous google searches like ‘WHY hole rock magic see’ and ‘running water safe fairies because????’

So I haven’t got any specific sites for you, I’m afraid. But pretty much all of the lore from the original comic in particular is roughly modernized scraps of old celtic/irish mythology. So that’s probably your best place to start looking, rather than ‘fairies/fair folk/etc’ - try something like ‘irish mythology protection charms/names/wild hunt/the sight/etc.’, and with any luck it will take you to some better places.

On the topic of humans being everyone’s favorite Intergalactic versions  of Gonzo the Great:
Come on you guys, I’ve seen all the hilarious additions to my “humans are the friendly ones” post. We’re basically Steve Irwin meets Gonzo from the Muppets at this point. I love it. 

But what if certain species of aliens have Rules for dealing with humans?

  • Don’t eat their food. If human food passes your lips/beak/membrane/other way of ingesting nutrients, you will never be satisfied with your ration bars again.
  • Don’t tell them your name. Humans can find you again once they know your name and this can be either life-saving or the absolute worst thing that could happen to you, depending on whether or not they favor you. Better to be on the safe side.
  • Winning a human’s favor will ensure that a great deal of luck is on your side, but if you anger them, they are wholly capable of wiping out everything you ever cared about. Do not anger them.
  • If you must anger them, carry a cage of X’arvizian bloodflies with you, for they resemble Earth mo-skee-toes and the human will avoid them.
    • This does not always work. Have a last will and testament ready.
  • Do not let them take you anywhere on your planet that you cannot fly a ship from. Beings who are spirited away to the human kingdom of Aria Fiv-Ti Won rarely return, and those that do are never quite the same.

Basically, humans are like the Fair Folk to some aliens and half of them are scared to death and the others are like alien teenagers who are like “I dare you to ask a human to take you to Earth”.


  • Tapu Koko has a pretty curious personality, but is also really fickle when it comes to helping those in need, despite its status as a guardian.
  • Tapu Lele’s scales have healing and stimulating properties, but are dangerous to come into contact with in excess; Tapu Lele scatters these scales willy-nilly for its own amusement.
  • Tapu Bulu prefers not to fight–whether out of docility or laziness is a subject of debate–though if you draw its ire it will absolutely lay the smackdown on you with its plant powers. That said, itdoesn’t like to needlessly frighten others, either.
  • Tapu Fini doesn’t like humans, but is perfectly willing to provide them with its purifying water when they need it…provided, that is, that they can first withstand its fog, which is said to lull opponents in battle into a trance and lead them to destroy themselves.
  • It calls itself Jimothy, in a voice that bypasses the ears entirely. It seems very proud of this Human Name.
  • On all fours, it’s roughly the size of a horse.
  • Its skin (?) is a black that reflects so little light that it looks more like a nightmare-shaped hole in the world than an actual creature.
  • Despite looking like, let me state this again for emphasis, a goddamn nightmare, Jimothy is probably the most benign of the Fair Folk who show up regularly around campus over the last decade or so (they come and go).
  • It has virtually no interest in the favortrade, it very very rarely takes offense to anything, and it doesn’t seem to mind being seen. It’s attitude towards the students is best described as vague disinterest.
  • It’s not entirely clear that it understands human hand gestures (thumbs up, finger guns, peace signs), but it does its level best to mimic them back at you, and seems delighted about it.
  • It fuckin loves plastic jewel beads. It exclusively buys them with its own teeth.
  • Anyone who has been close enough to make this trade will tell you that the teeth go all the way down. There are more teeth lining this thing’s mouth and throat than from the outside it appears to have mouth and throat.
  • Jimothy is a particular favorite among science-minded students of the Forbidden Major, as its teeth are both the easiest biological material from Elsewhere to acquire and the safest to own, being fairly purchased.
  • It follows that in a heavily, heavily salted room on the third floor of the chemistry building, students of the forbidden major carry out experiments on the teeth. They have discovered nothing useful yet.
  • A few of the cannier students wonder why Jimothy is so content to bargain away pieces of itself, when such a thing is so taboo among the rest of the Gentry that even asking for a lock of hair can bring fierce, sudden punishment upon you. Most write it off as an oddity. They are not entirely wrong.
  • Due to its laid back attitude and apparently harmless quirks, it’s regarded with a kind of cautious affection by Involved students.

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I feel like there's probably a popular saying at Elsewhere University along the lines of "it's not drinking alone if you leave some shots out for the Fair Folk"

HAHAHA ‘so i’m on one side of the door with my beer, and then there’s the salt line, and something is on the other side gong to town on the whipped cream vodka I left out, and that’s almost like having friends who don’t have “essays to do, come on Jerry, it’s Tuesday” ‘

  • For reasons unknown, it is referred to by other Fair Folk as Anna Monday. 
  • The Fair Folk seem frightened of it, which is a warning sign in and of itself.
  • It appears to be an armless mannequin made of thousands of fragments of sea glass.
  • When the sun shines through the frosted glass, you can see a kind of oily smoke moving lazily inside the sea glass shell.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever get close enough to see any further details.
  • There are no stories, anywhere, of anyone interacting with Anna Monday. Nothing in the contraband guides between covers slicked with iron-dusted paint; nothing online; nothing in Elsewhere University’s extensive oral history. In some ways this is more worrying than an outright horror story.
  • It is most common to find it a good twenty meters or so from the automotive and metalworking building, standing stock still. It has no eyes, but it is always watching the second floor.
  • Give it a wide berth.

Recently, scientists experimenting discovered that the Fair Folk have actually existed, in hiding, for a long time, throughout the world, and have a king. You are the first diplomat sent to their ruler.

I like to imagine the fae being reluctantly impressed with humans because of fire. Humans are made of earth and water, which makes fire their number one weakness, and yet they keep it in their homes. The fair folk are made of air, which is why iron wounds them so, but you don’t see them keeping iron in their homes. When asked why, humans just shrug and reply, “its warm.”

Offerings to the Fair Folk

Some offerings that faeries appreciate (some commonly accepted, a tiny bit of UPG).

1. Honey

2. Milk (you can mix it with the honey)

3. Thyme (both burnt as incense and grown in window sills or gardens)

4. Shiny objects (coins, jewelry, polished stones)

5. Sweet things (such as candies or small baked goods)

6. Many people set out bread for the fae

~The following is all UPG~

7. Firecrackers, sparklers, etc.

8. They seem to enjoy jokes and pranks. You can offer up a prank in their name–just make sure that the person you’re pranking won’t be upset and there’s no risk of anyone being injured

9. Rose buds, burnt as incense or just set on an altar or outside

REMEMBER: Be careful with incense; some people are allergic to certain herbs and plants. Also, if you set off any fireworks or use anything with TNT, make sure it’s legal where you live, and use proper precautions.

Also, be cautious and respectful when working with faeries–just like you should with humans!

  • The Rose Prince is certainly not Royalty, because you can look at it without losing your mind; the jury is out on whether or not it’s some kind of minor nobility.
  • It stands six to eight feet tall, depending on how scrunched its neck is today.
  • Its roses stink of raw meat.
  • It imprinted very, very heavily upon the Elizabethan age, which is most apparent in its attire and its manner of speaking, particularly the formalities it insists on. 
  • No one ever says anything rude about it out loud, and in general it’s difficult to assign human characteristics to the Fair Folk anyway as they run on such an alien level of thought…but nevertheless, those who have had dealings with the Rose Prince share the sentiment that if it were a student, it would be the boy in your creative writing class who takes all the advice of the Worst Muse to heart and subsequently stormed out of the critique weeping with rage. It is, in the most mundane of terms, a pretentious douchebag.
  • It heavily favors cellists and people with brown eyes.
  • If you’re trying to curry its favor, bring sonnets about how wonderful it is (make sure the iambic pentameter is flawless), anything hazelnut-flavored, and your most impeccable antiquated manners.
  • It grows infatuated with people overnight and bored of them just as fast, at which point it releases them into the Elsewhere with all the care and responsibility of someone setting their illegal pet lion free into the local park because it’s gotten too big. Most of them make their way back.

See, at my college~ there are all kinds of old traditions, and superstitions. Cassie and I never really took them too seriously, that was until Cassie disappeared for a week and came back completely different. On this campus, it’s not abnormal for people to suddenly change. But we don’t talk about it, even if they know. So we don’t talk about Cassie anymore~

[[okay, so the cause of this was not my own idea or any of that and is the fastest of doodles because I’m obsessed. The idea belongs to @charminglyantiquated who started this whole elsewhere university thing. I just couldn’t get the idea of two people who went to this university together and one of them gets replaced leaving the other to deal with a changeling best friend/roommate. I might do more with this but I had to get it out of my head or I was going to explode]]