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Fare Not Fair

People play with your mind when it is amusing to them,
Moving onto the next entertainment when they’re done.
But if you’re not the answer to the questions they have,
Then it’s inaccurate to say that the decision was wrong.

The majority take rejection personally when it happens,
Because they can’t view those results in any other way.
Their choice to leave may not be in your ideal interests,
However that ambition should never force them to stay.

I’ve said it hundreds of times before in the same words,
Though this perception is seen as agreeable less often.
One day everyone will come to accept these two truths,
Pain will hurt and unrequited love simply isn’t an option.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice- Part 3

Part 2.5 (contains links to rest of the parts).

Pairings: Loki Odinson x Reader

Plot: Loki takes an apprentice he finds himself getting unusually attached to.

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“Clearly Confused” A Fair, A Fare, Affair for Architecture: Curating Architecture and Other Oxymora Ph @matthewglennrosen via @leonadaniela

Fare is Fair

Pairing: Piotr Veselov x reader

Word Count: 5706

Summary: “Nyet, I do not believe that. A beautiful girl like you, and she is not on a date on a Friday night?” 

A/N: This is cheesier than a fucking pay to watch porno in a cheap motel, and I am going to hell.

It’s nearly midnight when you finally leave the library.

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Ruran Vas seemed quite distracted by an old book on his lap. The pebble soared and plinked right off his greaves, making the masked man give a small start. The stone around his neck fluttered, and he glanced down. “Ah–oh, E-emerald?” A pause lingered as he remembered his surroundings. “H-how do you fair?”

“I fare–well, I am ever at the behest of my brother, despite my objections. Are you–are you keeping watch over this ruin?” Emerald squints at him. She’s speaking quietly as usual, hard to hear at such a distance. “I thought you were a brigand scout, you startled me,” said the rock-thrower. However, she grins at him, resting one elbow on the hilt of her blade. “What are you reading up there?”

Ruran’s masked face tilted, and he gave a sheepish shrug. “K-keeping watch? Ah, possibly, I suppose… It’s a bit of home to me. I apologize for startling you.” His own words were quiet and genuine, muffled behind the wooden face. He looked down at his book. “It…ah…well…” He seemed reluctant to say, fidgeting as he relented, “It is a novel recommended to me. A fiction.”

Emerald Sunrise reaches up, “Oh? I want to see. Fiction is my favorite kind.” Pause. “Well, mostly specific sorts of fiction, but still.” Her hand is in the air, expectant. “Also, Ruran, I took you to be a wanderer, but I never expected you to be an actual vagrant. That’s very surprising, you’re so collected I never expected you to be homeless,” she says blithely.

Ruran Vas motioned as if he was going to speak. To object to her claim of him being a ‘vagrant’. But then he considered. He had no argument. “I…I have an apartment…” he mumbled quietly. An apartment he rarely used, more for storage than anything. He looked down, observing the distance, then gingerly hopped down. His usual armor had been abandoned, exchanged for something much more suited to the Thanalan heat. He held out the book for her to take.

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My Day At the Fair

Queue the fair ground music.