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Wish (Part 2)

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Pairing: Kagehina 
Show: Haikyuu!! 
Summary: Howl’s Moving Castle AU, in which Kageyama makes a wish upon a falling star, and gets Hinata instead.

Travelling with a fire demon proved harder than Tobio had ever anticipated.

It’s not altogether strange, to see odd beings about the towns—wizards and witches selling potions and spells, spirits and sprites and tiny little fair folk, sprinkling dust in the sun-stripped air, a whole myriad of magical, mystical creatures strewn across the countryside—it’s just, the people throughout the land don’t take too kindly to demons.

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Fairy dust- pt. 2


Request: hello! if requests are still open, I’d like another fairy!reader where she’s also an Avenger with another power (you can choose) and one of her wings gets hurt during a mission and she’s really sad and depressed bc she can’t fly until it’s healed and her fairy dust isn’t bright and beautiful, it’s nearly disappeared bc of how sad she is and Bucky freaks out when it happens and helps her through it? 😭😭😭❤️ i loved your last fairy!reader fic! sorry this is long, haha

Warnings: swearing

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor

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   The team knew what a hostile mission this was before even stepping out of the Avenjet, they knew how many agents had surrounded their ship and still they were so I’ll prepared for the battle. Hundreds of agents attempted to battle the mighty avengers and it looked as though they were doing a damn good job, kicking everyone’s ass as they tried to fight back. There was one person who seemed to be knocking agents down easier than the others, (Y/N).

    Bucky learned that with being a fairy there were other perks such as the use of most magic, which just so happened to be (Y/N)’s choice if weapon at the moment. Wisps of bright, power fell from their fingertips as agent after agent swarmed around the creature, nearly engulfing them in a stampede but Bucky knew they could hold their own- they may have been small and dainty looking but they were far from it. Even with their gentle nature and soft language Bucky knew what that little fairy was capable of. 

   With a proud smirk Bucky watches as all the agents within the near vicinity of (Y/N) are thrown backwards, (Y/N)’s powers pushing the men back so harshly Bucky doubted they’d be able to recover. Even panting, their body quivering from the effort of fighting (Y/N) turns their head to give Bucky a smile, letting their guard down for a split second. Bucky smiles back until his eyes train in on the human being a few yards away from (Y/N), a gun aimed directly at their head.

    “(Y/N)!” Bucky yelled as he charged for them, not even giving them time to react before he was pulling them to his chest as the two hit the ground, just barely managing to miss the bullet…or so he thought. 

   Small whimpers of pain left (Y/N)’s lips as they shifted uncomfortably in Bucky’s hold, their eyes screwed up in obvious discomfort. 

    “Bucky-” (Y/N) pants, groaning softly at the pain coursing their back. “My wing-" 

    "Shit,” Bucky whispers as he quickly relinquishes his hold on (Y/N), allowing them to attempt to sit up. With a yell of pain they slump back down against Bucky’s chest, their entire body shaking in pain now. 

   "Oh my god, what’s wrong? What happened?“ Bucky asks frantically, his mind already going a million different directions. 

    "My- My wing,” (Y/N) whispers, biting their lip as tears cloud their eyes. “I- I broke one-” Bucky stares at (Y/N) for a moment before shifting himself just enough do that he could get a good look at (Y/N)’s wings. Bucky winced as he took in the sight, the leathery interior of the wing had been shot, leaving a hold in the top of the sparkly skin but the bones attaching the wings to (Y/N)’s back looked severely broken, the small bones poking out at odd angels.

    “Shit doll,” Bucky mutters, making sure not to touch (Y/N)’s back. (Y/N) continued their whimpers of pain, slumped against Bucky as though they could barely hold their own weight up. “We gotta get you out of here,” Bucky mutters, glancing around at all the agents still swarming the Avengers. 

   “But- But the agents,” (Y/N) groans in pain as Bucky shifts only a little causing (Y/N)’s body to move just slightly. 

    “The agents aren’t important right now,” Bucky whispered, biting his lip as he thought of someway to get (Y/N) out of here with as little pain as possible. “Bruce is still in the Jet, he can patch you up,” 

   “Bucky, I can’t- I can’t do it,” 

   “(Y/N), you just can’t sit here, vulnerable and in pain, got it?” (Y/N) looked at Bucky meekly, their eyes swimming with tears. “I’m gonna carry you to the jet real nice and easy, okay?” (Y/N) stares at Bucky for only a moment longer before nodding their head, wrapping their arms around Bucky’s neck tightly. “This is gonna hurt a bit,” Bucky whispered in their ear as he pushed up from the ground using one arm, the other wrapped around (Y/N)’s lower back. 

   “ow, ow, ow, ow, oh god,” (Y/N) mutters, their nails digging into the skin of Bucky’s neck as he finally stands, wrapping his other hand around (Y/N)’s waist. 

   “It’s okay doll,” Bucky whispered, hoping his soft tone would soothe them a bit. “It’s okay, the jet’s not too far away from here,” (Y/N) merely whimpers, burying their face against Bucky’s neck to silence their cries. Bucky bit his lip once more as he took a tentative step towards the jet, or at least the direction the jet had landed in. Small whimpers and groans fell from (Y/N)’s lips with each step he took, nearly breaking his heart as they did. 

   The walk had been short but it’d been excruciating, for both (Y/N) and Bucky. Having to listen to (Y/N)’s cries with each step was one of the hardest things Bucky ever had to do and goddamn it he couldn’t stand to see them in pain. Thank god he reached the jet quicker than he expected, he didn’t know how much longer he could take of (Y/N)’s sobbing. 

   “Bruce!” Bucky called as he gingerly set (Y/N) on one of the prep tables, his heart aching as (Y/N) sobbed softly. “Bruce we need help!” Bruce rushed into the room, his eyes wide as he searched Bucky’s face. “It’s (Y/N)’s wing, it’s- it’s pretty broken,” Bruce relaxes slightly, rolling his shoulders back and releasing a small breath. 

   “I’ll take a look,” Bruce replied coolly, already walking across to the table to inspect (Y/N)’s back. Bruce makes no noise, just simply studies (Y/N)’s wings as they whimper and sniffle softly, rubbing at their eyes like a child. Finally Bruce stepped away from (Y/N), making his way towards a small cabinet they kept on board for injuries and such. “The skin will heal itself in time but the bones will not, I can make them a cast right now,” 

   “Yes- yes please,’ (Y/N) whispers, a small sheen of sweat breaking out across their forehead. Bruce nods, grabbing the needed materials before pulling a chair up beside the table. 

   “Now, this will hurt, your wings are very fragile and the damage to them is extensive but I’ll be done in no time,” Bruce smiled at (Y/N) sweetly, only soothing their nerves slightly. With a scared look in their puffy eyes (Y/N) looked up to Bucky, their lip quivering as they did. 

   “It’s okay (Y/N),” Bucky gives them a little smile as he reaches up to run his hand along their forehead, wiping away their sweat. (Y/N) whimpers softly, biting their lip as Bruce gently probed at the bones, his fingers gingerly running along the misshapen lumps. 

   “Are you ready?” Bruce asks, grabbing a roll of medical tape to begin with. (Y/N) eyed the tape warily but nonetheless sighed, nodding their head. Before Bruce could even lay a finger on (Y/N) Bucky knew that this was going to end in tears and screaming and there was going to be nothing he could do about it. 

   (Y/N) curled against Bucky’s side in exhaustion, thoroughly wiped out from the days activities. Bucky had been right about the tears and screaming, he was pretty sure everyone in a ten mile radius heard (Y/N)’s screams of pain as Bruce aligned the bones once again but now it was over and (Y/N) was safe, curled against Bucky as they slept soundly. With a small smile Bucky tilts his head just enough to press a kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead, ignoring the lingering saltiness from their previous sweat. 

   “Sleep well (Y/N),” Bucky whispered and it may have just been the lighting but Bucky could’ve sworn that (Y/N) smiled, even if it was just a quick quirk of their lip. 

    “I’m not hungry,” (Y/N) stated for the third morning in a row, their words flat and emotionless. Bucky bit his lip as he looked at (Y/N)’s form, racked with exhaustion, gaunt, almost sickly looking. Bucky hadn’t seen them eat in days and all they were doing was sleeping, laying in bed for hours on end, only getting up to take a freezing shower and go to the bathroom. 

   “(Y/N), when have you ever turned down waffles?” Bucky asks, his concern piquing when (Y/N) merely shrugged their shoulders. 

   “Today I guess,” Bucky rose from his seat, gingerly grasping (Y/N)’s upper arms in his hands. 

   “(Y/N), what’s wrong? You haven’t been eating, you’ve been sleeping for hours on end- I’m getting really scared doll,” (Y/N) sighs, biting their lip as they avert their gaze to the floor, hanging their head in shame; they never did like having people worrying about them. 

   “My fairy dust has stopped,” (Y/N) whispers so quietly that Bucky can only make out the last word. 

   “What?” Bucky asks, tilting his head in confusion. 

   “My fairy dust has stopped,” (Y/N) repeats slightly louder, but still not loud enough. 

   “I can’t understand you doll-” 

  “My fair dust has stopped!” (Y/N) snaps, a look of immediate guilt overtaking their features afterwards. “I’m so sorry Bucky, I-I don’t know what’s wrong with me-’ But Bucky wasn’t paying an attention to their apology, too focused on their previous words. 

   “What do you mean you fairy dust has stopped?” (Y/N) closes their mouth as they no doubt go to state another apology, their lips pursing a bit as well. 

   “Um- well- sometimes when a fairy gets depressed their fairy dust can stop working, lose it’s shine, or just stop all together,” (Y/N) demonstrates by showing the small trickle of fairy dust that falls from their fingertips, the far less shiny particles drifting to the ground limply. “See?” Bucky hums, biting down on his thumb as he watched the dust collect on the ground. 

   “Are you depressed because of your wing?” Bucky asks, a sudden idea coming to his mind. 

   “Yeah-” (Y/N) sighs, nodding their head. “I miss flying is all,” Bucky smirks a bit as his idea begins to take form, quickly coming together in his head. 

   “Step up on the counter,” Bucky states rather quickly, a smile overtaking his features. (Y/N) gives him a small confused look, their brow scrunching up just a bit. 


   “C’mon,’ Buck offers his hand to help (Y/N) up onto the granite table top. “Just trust me,” (Y/N) eyes him warily before gingerly taking his hand, allowing him to lift them onto the counter with ease. “Okay, now I want you to put your legs on my shoulders,” 

   “Wait, what-” 

   “Just do it,” Bucky smiles at them, turning his back as he waited for them to do as he instructed. (Y/N) sighs softly, hesitantly resting their legs on Bucky’s shoulders, their hands grabbing at his forehead to stay on properly. 

   “What’s the point to this?” (Y/N) asks and although their tone was still sad it was a bit brighter than it had been a few minutes ago. 

   “I’m walking you around the tower, that’s the point,” Bucky smirks as he takes a few steps towards the living room, his heart fluttering in his chest when (Y/N) nearly squealed in shock and surprise. 

  “No, I’m gonna fall off,” (Y/N) smiles as they grip onto Bucky, praying they didn’t fall off. Bucky smiled as he reached up to rest his hands on (Y/N)’s legs, keeping them against his shoulders. 

   “I’ve got you, don’t worry,” Bucky smiles, increasing his steps just a bit. 

   “Bucky we’re gonna fall together, that’s how my wing was injured in the first place,” Bucky smiled, completely ignoring (Y/N)’s statement as he continued on down the hall, nearly revealing in the laughter that bubbled from (Y/N)’s lips. 

   “Bucky!” (Y/N) yelled, squealing as Bucky bounded down the stairs, knowing he could very easily support (Y/N)’s body on top of him. “You’re gonna kill us!” But Bucky merely smiles, taking off down the next hall, and the next, and the next, too absorbed in (Y/N)’s laughter to care about much else. 

   The two ran up and down the halls like that for god knows how long, laughing and joking with each other and neither one of them noticed when little sparkling particles fell to the floor, (Y/N)’s fairy dust having returned to it’s brightest shine. 

~Extended Ending~

   Tony looked up from his work to see Bucky run by his lab, nearly cackling as (Y/N) perched atop his shoulders, gripping onto him for support as he carried them up and down the halls. 

   “What the hell-” Tony asks, his sentence cutting off short when the two ran by again, little sparkles of fairy dust trailing behind the two. Tony stares at them for only a moment longer before scoffing, a smile rising to his lips as he turned back to his work. 

   Well, who knew what a little bit of fairy dust could do to the both of them. 

Jaebum X Reader; Pop Singer AU!

Originally posted by jehbum

@sweetlittlequeer​ thank you so much for requesting! Here’s your scenario!

A/N: mentions of alcohol??? idk if i need to mention this tbh?? but yeah??

“Make sure you talk to people.”

“Manager Lee, I will. Don’t worry. I’m a sociable person.”

“You sure? Last time you choked under pressure when talking to those boys before.”

“O-Oh…you mean Namjoon and his group? I don’t think they’ll be there tonight…”

“Well, there is one group going, so you best make a good impression.”

“For what?”

“You’ll have to make a good idea of who you’ll be competing against in the charts.”

A wink that made you shake in your boots. On stage you’re a confident tiger, using your training to the best of your ability to capture the audience’s happiness in a single show. But off stage you were like a small kitten, not that sociable and quite reserved. The last time you were at a party, you nearly made a fool of yourself when you were talking to Namjoon and his group, but you quickly gained your composure back to talk to them again. Never. Again. Your favourite dress was on you, along with a matching pair of shoes, along with a cute clutch bag that was slung on your shoulder. You wished the elevator ride lasted longer, but no. A ding to indicate that they were on the correct floor, and another part of you died inside. And of course, nobody will know who you are. You were prepared for the normal questions like “oh, who are you?” “whats your name?” and stuff like that. Walking along the corridor, the sound of the music drew closer, and with each step, the butterflies multiplied and multiplied. Just as you were about to enter the room, your manager, Lee, pulled you to the side.

“Lee? Whats up?”

“I can tell you’re nervous. Just, try and have a good time. It doesn’t matter who knows you at first, just make sure you talk to a music group at least once. If you need me to start talking, that’s fine. I’ll be walking in with you anyways.”

“Thank you…I think I might need a drink.”

“Save the fainting for after the party.”

“Lee I won’t faint.”

“Those wobbly knees tell me otherwise.”

“Leeeeeeeee I won’t, I promise.”

Walking into the room felt like you were walking into the modern version of the Gatsby party….well…without the jazz band. Or the noticeably large pool in the middle of it, No, it just looked like a really fancy hotel suite, just large enough to hold around 300 guests for a party. Even though it only looked like 100 were there so far. As soon as you step in, you had a man walk in and greet you. He looked to be about 40 and so, and was wearing the brightest pants that you had ever seen. He was also wearing sunglasses. Indoors. 

“Ah, Y/n, L/n! It’s so nice to finally meet you, and your manager too!”

He seemed so pleasant and kind, for someone who was wearing sunglasses indoors. Maybe it’s because of the amount of reflective surfaces in this place, that he didn’t want to blind himself with his trousers. 

“Ah, Y/n, I don’ think you have met Jyp yet, have you?”

“N-No, I haven’t, but it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.”

You say, shaking his hand. Man, his hands were huge.

“Shes a good kid, a really good singer. If she wasn’t signed, I would have her signed to me straight away.”

“Ha ha, don’t push your luck, Park.”

You could cut the tension in the air with a knife. That’s how tense it was between your manager and the mr. JYP. You needed to get out of that area straight away, and fast.

“Uh…Lee? Is it alright if I leave you two…friends…to have a friendly discussion….?”

“Yeah, go get yourself a drink, you earned it.”

A quick thank you and you were out of that situation faster than your record company releasing other music for musicians. A sigh was let out as you walked over to the bar, inspecting all the liquor, spirits and cocktails that were displayed on the shelves and taps.

“What will it be for you?”

“Just a Jack and Coke, please.”

“Coming up.”

You take a look around at the people attending the event, and wonder how the hell these people got famous in the first place? You shake it off, waiting for your drink. You really took into mind what Lee said, you’re there to have fun, so have fun! At the corner of your eye, you see a small group of boys, too glamorous to be here. Damn, You could feel your cheeks have a light dusting of blush on them, and it wasn’t the blusher you put on either. Not looking back, you felt someone trying to burn a hole in the back of your head. dammit.

“That’s Y/n, I know it!”

“BamBam calm down for god sake.”

You could see the guy practically jumping up and down in the mirror behind the bar. Maybe you’ll have a little bit of hope with this guy?

“But she’s so cool! See! She’s not taking notice of anyone at this place. She’s got this cold demeanour about her, she’s so cool! Should I go up and say hi?”

A firm hand from a leader to the rapper, Jaebum. He sighed, looking to the girl at the bar.

“You can, I’m not.”

“What? Why not?”

“I don’t know her, you know her. Why don’t you get Mark to go—”

“Mark is having fun with Jackson and Yugyeom while they Nae-Nae at the back, just this once, please?”


One tug of his shirt, and the leader was already being dragged along the room to the bar, where they stayed a couple feet away from you, separated by one person. 

“You stay here, I’ll go say hi.”

“Yeah, sure.”

A tap. A tap scared you. For gods sake. You turn around, trying not to let out a yelp of cowardness, but yet again, you regain composure- again. A sigh, and a smile before you faced the person you were talking to.

“Oh, sorry, am I in your space…or are these your drinks?”

“No, no, it’s just…I’m a big fan of your dancing, and your singing. I’m BamBam.”

“Oh, I– wait, did you say…fan?”

A wave of happiness just overcame you, making your slightly embarrassed smirk into a genuine smile. 

“Nice to meet you BamBam. I think I’ve heard of you before as well…you’re in that group…I’m sorry I forgot the name.”


“That’s it! My friend is actually a pretty big fan of yours.”

“Really? That’s great! Can we take a picture together?”

“That would be nice.”

You leaned closer to him to be in the picture, and smiled with him. You took quite a few, with different faces in there too. You were actually enjoying yourself, what a good relief. As soon as you stop, you see another guy at the bar. he seemed displeased with everything going on at the event, cringing at what JYP was doing with Jackson in the background. Seems like crazy hour. You kind of…get stuck in a trance. He’s pretty handsome, whoever he is. You happen to notice that he was staring too, the blush was coming back. And…his cheeks had a fair dusting of blush too. That may of been the alcohol though. A smile spread on his face, giving you a wave too. You wave back, with BamBam noticing who you were waving to.


BamBam called over, with you gazing at the guy again, He lifted his head up and started to walk over. Oh god, Y/n don’t make a fool of yourself. 

“This is JB, hes our leader.”

“Ah, nice to meet you, JB.”

“You can just call me Jaebum. BamBam and Mark have mentioned you before,  but they didn’t tell me you were pretty.”

“Oh, thank you.”

A smile spread across your face, hiding it in your hand. Oh my god, you were actually having fun. A tap on your shoulder, and your drink was ready. 

“Thank you.”

“Hey, why don’t we sit down somewhere? I heard the balcony is beautiful at night.”

“Oh, sure. It was really nice to meet you BamBam. I’ll find you again to talk to you!”

You said, as you were whisked away from the area. BamBam was left in the dust by Jaebum, as he turned back to wink to him. A sour look spread across his face, but he laughed it off anyways. Walking over back to his group, he kept on looking outside to the balcony, looking to the two. 

“Huh? BamBam? What are you looking at? Is….is that Jaebum?”

“Hey Jinyoung eah, he’s talking to Y/n.”

“Really? I thought he didn’t know her.”

“That’s what I thought!”

“Maybe it’s good for him.”


You and Jaebum seemed to talk about everything and anything while you enjoyed the scenery of the city. It was so peaceful and serene, like a movie. 

“I guess you were right.”

“Yeah…wait about what?”

“The view is amazing.”

“Mine is better.”

You turn to him, a light dusting on your cheeks suddenly appeared, as you smile to him again. Jaebum was sweet with his words, even though he didn’t know who you were an hour before. It was like a movie you had watched the day before; two people are singers, and they meet each other at a party while talking outside. Fiction was replaying in reality, magical.

“Oh, it looks like I have to go…my manager is calling me. It was really nice talking to you, Jaebum.”

The way you said his name made him have shivers roll up and down his spine, a smile appearing on his face again. Before you could go back inside to find your manager, he stood up, holding your hand quickly. It seemed like those dustings of blush were heavier each time.

“How long will you be staying here?”

“Maybe another month…?”

“We should meet up.”

“Yeah, that would be nice. I really want to meet the other members of your–”

“On a date…?”

Yet another flurry of blush attacked your cheeks as you blinked, giving back one more smile. 

“That would be lovely.”

“Have you got a piece of paper?”

“Oh, no I don’t.”

“Then could I have your hand?”

“Huh? My–”

You could feel the ballpoint of the pen scribble across your hand, tickling each centimetre of your skin. Another smile creeped up on your face, with your eyes connecting with Jaebum’s. Bidding farewell on the way to the elevator, you also said goodbye to BamBam, which made him go ecstatic again with happiness. 

“Oh! Y/n! Come on, you have a radio interview in the morning, lets get you to your hotel.”


“Whats that on your hand?”

“Oh, its…nothing.”

A suspicious look came upon Lee’s face, with a sneaky smile coming out from yours. 

“So…did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

“I…guess you could say that I did.”

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prompt: free day gone wrong (for any ship you'd like)

SORRY this took so long, im back to finishing these prompts!

i used a random number generator for this and got Hunk/Keith which uhhh,,,i love me some heith, let’s give this a whirl (it started as a joke and turned kinda cute/romantic kill me)

“For the record, at least this isn’t as bad as the space mall.”

How is this any better than the space mall?” Keith retorted, kicking a rock away from their landing site…crash landing site.

“Dude, I was almost chained to a sink for life for taking a free sample. It wasn’t even a good free sample. It wasn’t even free!” Hunk exclaimed, appalled, tearing away pieces of metal to expose the pod’s engine systems.

“Hunk, we are literally marooned on a desert planet with a wrecked pod and no outgoing comm units.” Keith deadpanned.

“Yeah, but at least I’m here with you.” Hunk nodded and Keith was totally not prepared for the bright smile shot up at him.

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Tonight You Belong to Me [Napoleon Solo x Reader]

Author’s Note: Finally wrote something for Man from UNCLE! Been wanting to for ages but just never had any ideas. This specific cover of “Tonight You Belong to Me” is what inspired this, and I listened to it on repeat while writing this (I made sure this song would fit in the timeline lol don’t worry, which it did… original was released in 1926). I’m not entirely sure if this makes sense, especially toward the end, as I’m getting really tired now, but hopefully it does and hopefully you like it! Illya is next muahaha. 

Word Count: 1,699

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Well, to be fair,I think DUST is based on a terminal entry in Lonesome Road where you find out that the tunnelers have been breeding like rabbits and slowly moving into the Mojave. So I think by the time Fallout 4 takes place is will be overrun, or at the very least be fighting off quite the infestation, unless the courier manages to stop them?

Me, standing in front of Vegas wearing nothing but the sexy sleepwear and combat boots, drinking a mixture of sunset sarsaparilla,various alcohols and other unknown substances, with an army of over thousand mk II securitrons and everyone from the strip armed to the teeth: hey have you met the boys? 


hynposmythevent: Day 14: favorite Mesopotamian/Sumerian deity pairing

S h a l a   and   H a d a d

“Do the stars answer? in the night /   Have ye found comfort? or by day / Have ye seen gods? What hope, what light, / Falls from the farthest starriest way / On you that pray?

Are the skies wet because we weep, / Or fair because of any mirth? / Cry out; they are gods; perchance they sleep; / Cry; though shalt know what prayers are worth, / Through dust and earth. 

O earth, thou art fair; O dust, thou art great” -Félise, Swinburne’s Poems

I just ordered a bunch of crap and now I feel horrible

The Dusters

~~Who sweeps across your book case, trailing sunlight, trailing dust? When all the lights are turned low, and children in their beds, the Dusters come a dancing and see what you have read.


Thank you, dear anon! Hope you think that this writing I did for your request is amazing as well.

Kuroo noticed the plush on his s/o’s bed before they could mention it. “Is that me?” He took a seat on his s/o’s bed, cross-legged, and picked it up curiously while they clutched a pillow to their chest. “Yeah.. I made it myself.”

The Nekoma captain observed the careful eye of detail that went into making the doll from the button eyes to the miniature jersey. He sat in his lap and smiled at his s/o. “It’s like this is my twin or something, haha. Why’d you make this little dude anyways?”

His s/o squeezed their pillow a little tighter, a blush blooming on their face. “I.. hold it before I fall asleep. Then I think of you and I can sleep easier.” Kuroo stared at his s/o before settling into a smile.

“You’re so cute, _____. Could you make me a plush of yourself?” His s/o did a double take upon hearing his request but Kuroo pushed on, his smile broadening. “I’d love to have a plush of you to hold myself when I sleep.”

Bokuto gawked at the little plush, turning it over and observing it from every angle with oh’s and ah’s. “This is so cool, _____! How you managed to make this is over my head.” His s/o smiled sheepishly, fiddling with their finger.

“Making it was a bit difficult but the work was worth it. Now I have it to hug and to hold before I sleep.” At these words, Bokuto’s attention immediately snapped from the plush in his hands to his s/o.

Within a second, Bokuto had launched himself onto his s/o and was nearly bawling into their ears. “B-Bokuto!” He nuzzled his face into their neck, his warm tears soaking into their shirt.

“You’re s-s-so adorable, _____!” His s/o wasn’t sure if they should comfort him or pry him off of them. “Y-You’ll always have me to hold, okay? The plush can’t replace the real t-thing!”

Akaashi inspected the plush, a soft humming in the back of his throat. The detail was exquisite. The green buttons chosen for the eyes were shiny and each stitch in the Fukurodani jersey was spot on.

“This is well made, _____. Your attention to detail is great.” His s/o waved away his praise, scratching the back of their neck sheepishly. “Aw, thanks. I did my best while making it.

Akaashi set it back down on their bed and stepped back. He could imagine his s/o fast asleep, cradling the plush to their chest. With that image in his head, he chuckled.

“You know,” He mentioned with a grin as he turned to face his s/o. His face was dusted a fair pink as his eyes crinkled at the corners. “I wish I could hold you in my arms while I sleep, too.”


It’s snowing outside and a decent sized show at the Queens Museum just came down last week involving the World’s Fair and the legacy of Eastman Kodak. Collections material is awaiting to be put back but here are some scans of vintage photography books before they go back into their boxes. 


a/n: just a quick drabble that i wanted to release

word count: 1036

|| She never thought she’d fall in love with someone from just their voice. It’s just a shame that the man she fell for was dead.


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Strolling around in the quiet realms of the library, Y/N’s wide curious eyes spotted the staff area – the mountains of books, tapes, and comics inviting her to explore the forbidden area. Clutching her hardcover to her chest, her silent footsteps walked through the door, the dark area sending chills down her spine. Her footsteps came to a halt as her line of sight landed on a box full of old cassette tapes.

Cassettes still exist? Y/N thought as a grin spread across her face, curiosity taking over her system as she knelt beside the box, estimating the amount of tapes in the cardboard container. There had to be at least thirty of them, each one collecting a fair amount of dust. Whirling her head around, her eyes squinted to read the permanent marker ink scratched onto the label:


Digging through, Y/N failed to find the first two logs, eventually shrugging and placing Tape Three back in with the rest of the tapes. Her nimble hands gripped the edges of the box as her eyes frantically searched for anyone who could be watching nearby – mentally snickering to herself as she stood straight, the box tucked carefully under her arm.

Running straight to her attic, Y/N pulled out her cassette player, blowing the dust off – sneezing a couple times. Her hands pushed the ocean of tapes as she searched for Tape Three, removing it from the little clear case and popping it into the player, smashing her finger onto the play button.

A minute of silence passed by before Y/N could hear loud shuffling in the background and a man clearing his throat before speaking.

Hello? Is this thing working now?

Y/N giggled, her head in her hand while she listened to the man whose name was Taehyung.

Ah, I broke the cassette recorder so I hope this is working,” Taehyung let out a soft chuckle, “It’s been a week since the explosion; no sign of life yet. I still have quite a bit of food stored, so I should be good for the next few months if I ration everything out correctly. This is my third log after the nuclear explosion and hopefully I’ll get out of his shelter soon.

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A Whole Other League

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Rose and Shireen and confessions and chips; a li’l ace!fem!Ten/ace!Rose for DW Femslash Week! Mostly all ages (maybe light teen for language/discussion topics). Tooth-rotting fluff. Sorry for your dental bills.

Inspired by a prompt from @mariechambers​ (thank you dahling!!!! <3), and written for my fellow tumblrer who said they wished they’d seen more of girl-talk Rose during the series (I’m so sorry I can’t remember who posted that!); also fills the @timepetalsprompts​ femslash prompt! THIS FIC DOES ALL THE THINGS




“So what’s it like, then?” Shireen asks. “If there’s no sex?”

Laughing (and blushing only the tiniest bit), Rose glances all around the chippie like something in there will jump to her aid. “Not everything’s about sex, mate,” she says in lieu of a proper response, but Shireen imagines it’s the best that she can come up with on such short notice.

Still. Shireen quirks an eyebrow at her in disbelief.

Rose ducks her head, apparently fascinated by the basket of ships in front of her, by the vinegar pooling at the bottom of the wax-paper. “It isn’t like that, anyway. With her and me. She’s made it pretty clear that she isn’t into that sort of thing. Honestly, though, it’s sort of…nice,” she admits (to the chips, not to Shireen). “I dunno. It takes the pressure off.”

“Think I’d rather put the pressure on,” Shireen says, clicking her tongue suggestively.

“I know you would,” Rose teases. “But…”

She worries her lip between her teeth. “I sort of…wouldn’t,” she confesses.

“What do you mean?”

Sighing, Rose directs her attention back to the chips, eying them warily like they might start judging her at any moment. “I don’t know. It’s like…I guess it feels good? I didn’t hate it. And Mickey was loads better than Jimmy—”

“Prince Charles’ withered left testicle would be a better shag than Jimmy. And if you’re wondering if I’m saying I’d rather shag Prince Charles, the answer is honestly, maybe.”

“—but do you ever get the feeling that you’re only doing that stuff cos other people want you to?”

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And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


   With so many familiars, and Chlomaki herself rarely staying put for more than a few days, it’s hard to gather all of them under the same roof. Though Chlomaki’s home (well, homes– she has a few places scattered about; it only makes sense) is outfitted with rooms for each of them, they gather a fair amount of dust.

   Lobco in particular has been uncharacteristically absent for some time now. Until relatively recently, she was one of the familiars most often found at “home”, aside from Silone. Though Chlomaki hasn’t questioned it outwardly, she has wondered a little, what could be drawing Lobco away.

  She’s considered following her, to see what she’s been up to… but Lobco’s absences haven’t interfered with her work.  Though Chlomaki isn’t what you would call kind, she does believe Lobco has a right to pursue her own interests. All her familiars do. So long as she still serves her to the best of her ability, she’s free to go where she pleases.

   It isn’t as if Chlomaki doesn’t have secrets of her own, either. Prying would be giving Lobco an invitation to pry in return– unacceptable.

   Chlomaki had been waiting, and waiting for Lobco to make her usual getaway before nightfall. She’d noticed the clouds, too, and had been curious to see if she would linger, or leave at the usual time. Interestingly, Lobco had showed no signs of wanting to hurry, despite the thunder and darkening sky. Instead, she’d positively dawdled, dragging her feet through every task.

   Now, with the storm broken and most of her familiars retired to their rooms, Chlomaki is sure that Lobco never had any intention of leaving, tonight.

   She pushes the door to Lobco’s room open without a thought for her privacy… and pauses when she does so, taking in Lobco’s state of undress, the quiet atmosphere of the room. It’s strange to see her without her uniform. Something about the scene seems so… domestic.

   Somehow, Chlomaki has a feeling Fungas would smirk at her if he saw this, though she can’t imagine why. She leans against the doorframe, arms folded. Her half-smile gives away nothing.

   ❝ Been a while since you spent the night here, huh.  ❞

From the Mouth of Babes

A/N: Between the Papa Jones/Liam spoilers this week, and last night’s ep, I just had a lot of Jones Family Feels, okay? 

Just a quick Future Fic that I’m tagging as CS, but it’s really mostly Daddy!Killian, with a lot of Jones Bros feels, and a little sprinkle of Captain Crossbow.

Unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine. Word Count ~1500.  I don’t even like baby fic, why did I write this???

Killian watched in fascination as his two-week-old son smiled and chortled and waved his tiny, pudgy fists seemingly at something over Killian’s left shoulder. It was the infant prince’s first official public appearance, and a crowd of well-wishers had gathered at Granny’s for the happy event. There was no shortage of people or activity to draw the child’s attention, yet it seemed to the pirate that baby Liam was playing with thin air.

“I wonder why he does that,” he mused, an adoring smile tilting up the corners of his lips.

He hadn’t quite realized he’d spoken the words aloud when the Widow Lucas shuffled over. She tenderly stroked the little princeling’s downy dusting of fair hair, then turned her keen old eyes to Killian.  “You know, there’s an old belief that babies and very young children are so pure of heart that they can see things the rest of us can’t. When a baby smiles and plays with something no one else can see, we used to say he was ‘playing with the angels’.” Granny tilted her head and shrugged. “But then, that’s just an old wive’s tale.” She gave Killian a warm half-smile and patted him firmly on the shoulder.

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