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I think if the clone shiro theory was real we would have been show a happy reunion!!!™ And then shiro explaining what happened in some kind of flashback.

The episode the long Journey follows Shiro through hardships and shows how he re-finds the team and we are there with him the whole time. I don’t believe the episode was just there to trick the audience I think it’s legitimately Shiro.

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 24

• Atonement 

Negan x Addison

A/N: SMUTTY SMUT SMUT! This is so smutty. Also, Negan is an ass because orgasm denial is not fun. Consider this my Christmas gift for y’all. 😉🎄😉

|| Chapter 23 || Masterlist ||

(gif by @mypapawinchester)


Once Negan had removed all articles of clothing from my person, he lay me down flat against the sofa leaving my naked self vulnerable to his touch. He glided his hands along my outer thighs before roaming their way back up across my stomach only to reach under my breasts before moving back down onto my hips. He savoured every inch of bare skin, as he pensively began to think about exactly what he wanted to do with me.

“You don’t know this, Addison, but one of the perks to being my wife is that all punishments are given and received in the bedroom. ”

My heart raced hearing those words escape his lips, and from how gruff his voice became as they were seeped with maddening desire.

“…Catherine rarely crosses the line with me, but when she does her apologies are always given on her knees, but I can’t compare her to you. Oh no, you are in far more fucking trouble then she is…”, his right hand moved up my torso until it reached my chin, and he began to trace the outline of my bottom lip. “Even though I know that mouth of yours can give an even better apology…”

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I was having a conversation about the whole “the old Taylor is dead” and how for some fans, it becomes worrisome that they’ve lost the spark that made Taylor, Taylor. So, here are some thoughts I have.

Music wise, yes, this is so different. However, I don’t think we lost all of Taylor when this song came out. Once I processed everything happening, I sat down and really tried to wrap my head around the situation, which included pulling up the lyrics and calmly reading them over, and I feel like this is what made me realize we hadn’t actually lost Taylor. How? Well, if you look at the lyrics and forget the music, she’s still a great song writer. She still uses metaphors. She still uses her words instead of her fists, and that’s something that I’ve always thought of as unique to Taylor Swift.

To address fears that this album will be one giant diss track: I must admit that this was my fear before the song came out yesterday. I was afraid after I saw the album cover that this was going to be a “badass era” but that it would become cringey or that her writing would be compromised as a result of it. I didn’t want a song comprised of insults and digs at someone. After last night, I know that that is NOT what we are getting.

If you read the lyrics, sure, you could point fingers and say “this is a diss track for ______”. However, the song also reads as a revenge song against an ex who may have wronged you in a relationship, or a friend who may have hurt you, or literally just anyone in your life who was a piece of shit to you. She wrote it in a way vague enough for her listeners to find truth in it for themselves and apply it to their lives, but personal enough for her to heal through the writing process, once again, a very classic Taylor Swift thing to do.

The pre chorus and the bridge specifically are what strike me, because you get to see vulnerable Taylor, and Taylor also taking control of her own life and not letting anyone drag her through the mud.

But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time
Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time
I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red underlined
I check it once, then I check it twice

This isn’t a dig at anyone specifically if you read this with no context as to who wrote the song, or what’s been happening in recent years. It’s simply someone stating that because of the pain they’ve felt, they’re now able to pick themselves back up and not be walked all over.

Then the bridge: “I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me”. This? This right here is sad as hell. She’s acknowledging that because of everything she’s gone through, it’s hard for her to trust anyone in the public, and she knows that people don’t trust her because they’re always making this narrative that she has some “ulterior motive” rather than believing that “hey, maybe this pop star is just a nice girl wanting to make music and make people happy”.

So, do I think we’ve lost the old Taylor? Not at all. Melodically, things are changing and it’s a bit darker. Some people will like it and some people won’t. That’s completely fair. If you dig deeper though, she’s definitely still there.

((So… remember this artwork I super shyly posted? Relating to this rp? I mentioned I had some other drawings and few said they’d be interested in seeing! …Well, this is me finally getting up the nerve to post them. XD Months later. Derp.))

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hi, how can I tell if my leopard gecko is bored? what can I do to make him a happy boy?

Stereotypic behaviors are the biggest tip-offs to boredom or stress in most animals.  In mammals, this presents as things like repetitive grooming, pacing, gnawing on bars, destructive behaviors towards furniture and clothing, etc… things like that.

It’s a lot harder to spot in reptiles since we’re really only just now noticing, “hey, these animals are probably a lot smarter than we think…” which is forcing us to reconsider what’s ‘normal’ behavior for a reptile and what isn’t.   I bring this up to admit that these are my own observations and opinions that aren’t fully backed by scientific papers since there really… aren’t very many.

anyway, here’s my opinion on what counts as a stereotypic behavior in a leopard gecko:

  • Excessive glass-surfing (that’s when a reptile acts like they’re trying to climb glass but keeps sliding around)
  • Excessive rubbing on cage furniture (when not shedding).  In some animals this can become an almost OCD-like issue.  I typically saw this in neurologically damaged animals, so it’s hard to say how much of it is stereotypic vs neurological issues.
  • Excessive pacing

It’s… pretty generalized and may not be accurate to every reptile.  I know of at least one very well-kept leo who still glass surfs a lot.

Novel experiences can reduce boredom, so I re-arrange my enclosures every few weeks.  Introducing new hides and new cage decor keeps my lizards interested and active.  This should be done cautiously, since some lizards are very sensitive and may go off feed.   New types of food typically interests geckos too.  If you usually feed crickets, try some superworms.

Consider what leopard geckos do in the wild: they likely spend a lot of time hunting, so you can help recreate that by making little ‘hunting grounds’ for them.  You can get creative with it too!  Put some fake plants in a small bin and make a tiny jungle.  I like making tiny paper cities.  Add bugs and you’ve got a tiny kaiju film in the making.

Leopard geckos also spend a fair amount of time digging in the wild, so I encourage the use of digboxes.  They don’t have to be complex;  mine are simply little plastic containers of moss and dirt.  They double as humid hides and layboxes, tbh.  They just need to be deep enough for the gecko to dig down and get comfy.

Don’t be afraid to get really creative with enclosure designs too!  Leopard geckos enjoy climbing vines and sticks and really benefit from decor cluttering up their space.  Good luck!


So lately I’ve been making Gems AU kagehina headcanons. They’re based on Steven Universe’s story and I imagine that it’s set during the gem wars period. Everyone are nonbinary in this AU, and I use the pronoun they/them because he or she don’t feel right. I’m really in love with this AU and I will probably make a lot more artworks for it.

Anyway here’s a few of my headcanons for my AU:

  • Kageyama was made in the Homeworld, as opposed to Hinata, who was made on Earth.
  • Hinata is equal to a newborn gem, while Kageyama is a lot older although they’re also still considerably young.
  • Hinata’s gem is amber, while Kageyama’s is onyx.

I have a lot more but that would take a fair amount of digging through my twitter ahahh ;;

On Sasha Velour’s Win

Okay so I know a lot of drag race fans probably won’t read this, but imma say it anyway. I believe Sasha deserved the win. I think what people are misconstruing is the fact that typically the last episode before the finale, all the challenges are done and everything is judged from that point back. This season, that was NOT the case.

The final two lip syncs were challenges in themselves. The stakes were high and some queens just did not deliver. Ru even said herself it was because queens would go through the whole season and make it to the top without having to lip sync (Nina Flowers, Bianca, Courtney, Kim, etc.) or they would deliver great performances on the runway and suck in the lip syncs (Charlie, Valentina, miss Fame, etc.). Also let’s be real, Shea’s lip sync against Nina was pretty lackluster and Shea could’ve and should’ve turned it out so much more like Trinity did against Charlie. SO that brings us to the finale.

Peppermint stayed Trinity in the lip sync with her Ru-veal, upbeat performance, and great pacing. THEN Sasha snatched every-fucking-one’s weaves with her powerful lip sync and Ru-veal, and what did Shea do? Barely anything. She gave such a lackluster performance for such an emotional song that Trinity would’ve killed her in the lip sync as well. So in my eyes the lip syncs were challenges in themselves and that puts Sasha right on par with Shea. Then Sasha won the final lip-sync which was tighter than Violet’s corset.

To me, it could’ve gone either way, but I’m glad Sasha won because she was consistent, inventive, unique, game-changing, smart, and she evolved right in front of our eyes over the course of the show with her makeup and style, which is something that doesn’t often happen. I love Shea and Sasha, but Sasha won fair and square. Ya dig?

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I don't mind the skirt (though admittedly a full suit like her Injustice one would've been cool too) but I do wish her show had given Kara her own unique sigil that she currently wears in the comics

Yeah, that’s fair. I dig the more alien, geometric take on the shield, I think it helps sell the ‘it’s not an S’ bit better. Like. It looks like it’s really from another planet.

But I can understand why they might want to stick to the more recognizable/iconic ‘S,’ if only for the branding.

(And I know it’s sort of a divisive design choice for some, but at least they put something of a unique spin on it by dropping the yellow background, so that it’s not a complete copy.) 


Crate digging, NC state fair & creating a new beat with Al Green!


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Flirty Waiter

Jack decided that this waiter was definitely not getting a tip.

Unless that tip involved a punch to the face. Yeah, Jack was willing to give him that instead. Except he couldn’t.

Partially because he and the boys were all out eating dinner together, and it was a somewhat classy establishment. But mostly because no one actually knew that Jack was jealous, because he couldn’t tell anyone. Because no one knew about them.

Which probably made it worse for Jack, watching his secret boyfriend get hit on, get all the attention, and seriously, how much does a waiter need to touch someone?!

“You alright?” Conor asked, leaning close to his younger brother, brows drawn together in concern.

“Fine. Why?” Jack asked, stabbing at a potato on his plate angrily.

“Because you look ready to kill someone.”


“What is with you?” Conor shook his head.

“I’m fine.” Jack told his brother again, eyes darting over to Joe as the smaller man smiled kindly at the waiter. I just want to punch the waiter, he thought to himself bitterly.

Joe must have felt Jack’s stare, because he looked across the table at Jack, blinking in surprise at the angry look flashing in the younger man’s eyes. Joe offered him a small smile, one more intimate than what he sent towards the waiter, and Jack felt his anger dissipate just for a moment, smiling back at Joe.

Until the waiter bumped into his chair.

“Oh, I am so sorry.” The waiter said, sounding anything but sorry as he looked down at Jack.

“Not a problem.” Jack grit out, his fists clenching against his thigh under the table. Conor shot him a look as the waiter walked away, but Jack just shook his head, looking down at his plate once again, letting his frustration out on the unsuspecting potatoes.

His phone buzzed beside him on the table, and Jack glanced at the message that popped up, You alright? x.

Instead of replying, Jack lifted his gaze over to Joe once again, who was frowning over at him. He nodded, offering another smile, which seemed to only put Joe slightly at ease.

There were times where Joe knew Jack too well, and so he wasn’t surprised when another message came through on his phone.

You’re a horrible liar.

Laughing softly to himself, Jack typed out a quick message back: Stop staring at me. I’m fine xx.

He watched as Joe read the message, rolling his eyes before his fingers typed out a quick reply, his phone placed back on the table, face down. But Jack’s phone still buzzed, one last message from the other man: Stop being so stare-able. And yes, that is a word :).

The message helped calm Jack down again, because despite the attempts from the waiter, Joe was still his, and that was all that mattered.

At least, that’s what Jack tried to tell himself.

But it didn’t really work.

Because the waiter only got more flirty and more touchy towards Joe, to the point where he was practically ignoring the rest of the table.

He also apparently had it out for Jack, because he kept hitting him and messing up things when it came to him. The last straw was when the waiter ‘accidentally’ spilled some water on Jack’s lap.

“What the hell?!” Jack yelled, jumping from his seat.

“I am so sorry, sir.” The waiter said, resting back on his heels, a bored look on his face. “I didn’t realize how far I had leaned over.”

“Have you also not realized how unprofessional you’ve been all night?” Jack snapped, stepping forward.

“Jack….” Conor mumbled, suddenly beside his brother, but Jack just shrugged him off, his attention on the waiter.

“I’m not sure what you mean, sir.” But the smug look on the waiter’s face said otherwise.

“Oh come off it, you’ve been clearly flirting with him all night!” Jack spat, pointing over at Joe, who blushed at the sudden attention as all the boys looked over at him.

“I think you’ve been imagining stuff.” The waiter shrugged, “I’ve only been serving him.”

“You don’t need to bloody touch him to serve him!”

“Again, I do believe you’ve been imagining stuff.”

“Please, I know when someone is flirting with my boyfriend. And you were clearly flirting with him!” Jack tried to step forward again, but Conor had already gripped his arm, pulling him back.

“Jack!” Joe’s voice broke Jack’s attention on the waiter, and his eyes darted over to the smaller man, who was standing now, hands braced on the table. His blue eyes were wide and surprised, his cheeks red.

It took Jack a moment, as well as a sweep of the table to realize what he had just said.

“I think it’s time to go.” Conor muttered. “We’ll meet you guys outside.” He nodded to the others, leading Jack out of the restaurant, who kept his gaze on the floor, his own cheeks red.

“Well, that’s one way to make that announcement!” Conor said as soon as they were outside.

“He’s going to be so mad.” Jack sighed, leaning heavily against the wall.

“How long you two been together?”

“A few months.” Jack admitted, meeting his older brother’s stare. “You mad?”

“No,” Conor shook his head, “I did suspect something was up though. You seemed happier.”

“I am.” Jack smiled, “Sorry I kept it hidden from you.”

“It’s fine. Everyone needs their time.” Conor told him, and he went to say more, but was interrupted by the door to the restaurant opening, revealing a very angry man.

“You bloody idiot!” Joe stalked over to Jack, eyes narrowed. “You couldn’t contain your jealousy for just a while longer, could you?!”

“But he was flirting with you!” Jack tried to protest, but Joe shook his head.

“I don’t care! It was harmless, it meant nothing, hell I barely even noticed! But you had to go and ruin a perfectly good night.” Joe poked Jack in the chest, “And you went and outed us to everyone!”

“I’m sorry, babe.” Jack mumbled, his hand coming up to grab Joe’s, their fingers lacing together, “That part was completely by accident.”

Joe’s face softened as Jack spoke, and he sighed, his shoulders sagging. “I know it was. You didn’t even notice what you said.”

“Didn’t have a clue. I was just angry.”

“Really, didn’t notice.” Joe drawled, eyes lifting to the sky.

“Oh piss off. You know I get jealous easily.”

“I know,” Joe smiled, meeting Jack’s stare once again. “And it was kind of nice hearing you call me your boyfriend in public.”

“Yeah, are you guys going to acknowledge that?” Josh questioned, dragging the couple out of their little world. They looked at the rest of the boys, standing there, waiting for an explanation.

“Uhm, surprise?” Joe offered, holding up his and Jack’s hands. “We’re dating!”

“Alright, who had six months?” Josh said, looking between the boys.

“I believe that would be me.” Mikey replied smugly, holding out his hand. “Pay up boys.”

“Not fair.” Caspar grumbled, digging into his pocket.

“I was so close!” Oli sighed, handing over a few bills.

“Wait,” Jack shook his head, “You betted on us?”

“You guys were so obvious!” Mikey laughed, counting his money.

“Really?” Joe asked, leaning against Jack.

“Yeah, really.” Caspar told him, glaring slightly over at Mikey. “But you couldn’t have come out a month ago?”

“Well, technically,” Conor smirks, reaching over to grab the money from Mikey, “They started dating a few months ago. So I win.”

“You bet on us too?!” Jack gaped over at his brother.

“Come on, Jack. I’m your big bro, of course I did.”

“You guys are insane.” Joe laughed, “But this means Conor’s buying dessert!”

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thalia/luke (or annabeth/luke if you don't ship it) + ghosts

He’s not real.

It’s what Annabeth tells herself when she sees him, when he speaks, when he fights with the ferocity and abandon of a man who’s already dead. Sure, he bleeds when he’s cut, but so do gods. So do her dreams, whether it’s a monster’s teeth or hers.

(She keeps looking behind her, like maybe that will make him disappear).

They’re saving the world again, although she’s not sure if the first time counts for him, so there’s no ignoring the situation. Luke Castellan, back from the dead, back from hell, lurking at her back like he’s not sure if he wants to watch it or stab it.

Did you ever love me he’d asked, and at sixteen she’d just been relieved at some flicker of the boy she’d known. Did you ever love me he’d asked, and at twenty two she’s just angry at the man who had failed so thoroughly in deserving it.

(How dare he ask that and die. How dare he come back and not ask again).

“It was easy to love you when you were dead,” she tells him one night, because he’s an open wound and he’s rubbing her raw and it’s only fair if she can dig her nails into him in turn

They’re on a quest and it’s already ill-fated with just the two of them, but that’s who’s left. Annabeth leans back on her hands and watches the flames of their campfire lick over the scar on his face as he stares into it, refuses to look at her.

“You shouldn’t love me,” he tells the fire eventually. “Dead or alive.”

“I can’t stand you.”

“You haven’t killed me yet.”

“You’re already dead.”

He has her knife. The one lost to Tartarus, the one that had killed him. The first thing he’d done when he’d seen her was offer it back; Percy had nearly murdered him all over again, thinking he wanted to attack.

They don’t talk about Percy. She’d told Luke to keep the knife, and his promises with it. Whatever part of her that had forgiven the man really needed him to stay in the ground for it to hold.

Luke snorts. They’re close, or at least her feet are close to his thigh, although he’s careful not to touch her.

“You’d think that meant I’ve got nothing to lose.”

He doesn’t look away when he says it and the fire throws his face into some kind of angelic relief and he’s not real anyway.

He’s not real and Annabeth is alone and lonely and falling apart quest by quest, so when she crawls across the gulf between them, it doesn’t count.

It doesn’t count when she winds her fist into his shirt. Doesn’t count when she drags his mouth down to hers.

“You shouldn’t,” he breathes. She inhales the words, the way his lips barely trace over hers when he says them.

“Shut up,” she says.

He does.

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What can you tell me about worshipping Medea?

Honestly, I haven’t seen any historical evidence for worshiping Medea. That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t build a practice that includes Her though.

I’d suggest looking into Hero Worship to get some ideas about how to build a cultic practice for Her.

She’s regarded most frequently as a daughter of the mortal King Aeetes and the Naiad Idyia. Theoi.com has this interesting section of Idyia, which can give some insight into Medea:

Eidyia was an Okeanid-nymph of the town Kolkhis (Colchis) in Aia at the eastern end of the Black Sea. She was the wife of King Aeetes and the mother of the witch Medea.

Eidyia’s name was derived from the Greek word eido meaning “to see” or “to know.” She probably personified the power of the eye which in Greek superstition was the source of a witch’s supernatural powers. As an Okeanid-nymphs she was presumable also the Naiad of the main well or fountain of Kolkhis–the marriage of founding-king and local Naiad is a common motif in Greek myth.

So we can see Her name foreshadowing Medea and Her power, which is pretty interesting.

You’ve got plenty of mention of Medea in myth as well. Hesiod calls Her “Medea of the slim ankles” in his Theogony.

Ovid writes about Her too.

Ovid, Metamorphoses 7. 207 ff (trans. Melville) (Roman epic C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) :
“[Medea the witch cries out to the sky gods :] ‘Thee too, bright Luna (the Moon) [Selene], I banish, though thy throes the clanging bronze assuage; under my spells even my grandsire’s [Helios the Sun’s] chariot grows pale and Aurora (the Dawn) [Eos] pales before my poison’s power.’”

Ovid, Metamorphoses 7. 179 ff :
“Three nights remained before Luna’s (the Moon’s) [Selene’s] bright horns would meet and form her orb; then when she shone in fullest radiance and with form complete gazed down upon the sleeping lands below, [the witch] Medea, barefoot, her long robe unfastened, her hair upon her shoulders falling loose, went forth alone upon her roaming way, in the deep stillness of the midnight hour [to make her magics].”

Cicero in his De Natura Deorum asks, “If you therefore deem her (Kirke/Circe) divine, what answer will you give to Medea, who, as her father was Aeetes and her mother Idyia, and as her two grandfathers Sol (Helios) and Oceanus?”

Hyginus also has two section about Medea in the Fabulae, which may provide more insight into Her characterization and ideas for sacred symbols, including Her dragons. Chapters  25. Medea and 26. Medea in Exile.

It would take a fair amount of digging, and a willingness to build your own practices, but you could certainly look into worshiping Medea.

Statistics, Shipping, and Smut (Overwatch Edition)

This post showed up on my dash earlier today, and it made me feel like revisiting an old pet project of mine. After all, Overwatch is (contrary to what I was inclined to think–thanks for correcting me, Ivory) a fairly balanced work in terms of character gender. It’s also wildly popular, which means that I can get a good sample size from its AO3 tag.

So, on to my findings.

As of 1/11/2017, there were 9271 total works on AO3 under the Overwatch fandom tag. Of these 9271 total works:

  • 3544 (38.2% of all works) were rated M or E
  • 1564 (16.9% of all works) were categorized as F/M, 690 of which were rated M or E (44.1% of the category)
  • 4894 (52.8% of all works) were categorized as M/M, 2246 of which were rated M or E (45.9% of the category)
  • 1733 (18.7% of all works) were categorized as F/F, 623 of which were rated M or E (36.0% of the category)

In the remainder of this post, I break down the percentages of M+ rated works (or “theoretical smut”) in each category, as well as in the three most popular pairings for each category.

More detailed statistics, graphs, and rating analysis below the cut.

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