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For real though Sam needs to be dating this guy (12x11)


Crate digging, NC state fair & creating a new beat with Al Green!


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everyone does sormik hs or college au where they’re both getting anthropology undergrad, but have you considered an au where sorey is an anthropology professor and mikleo is a lawyer specializing in the international antiquities trade (aka he’s in the business of returning stolen cultural artifacts to their home countries)

sorey has like eight grad students and a fantastically funded lab bc mikleo edits his grant proposals, and a good chunk of the undergrads he teaches have a hopeless crush on him, which he fails to notice. meanwhile mikleo is super satisfied every time he gets to return a stolen vase to the culture it belongs to, and also just plain likes crushing his opponents in court.

Flirty Waiter

Jack decided that this waiter was definitely not getting a tip.

Unless that tip involved a punch to the face. Yeah, Jack was willing to give him that instead. Except he couldn’t.

Partially because he and the boys were all out eating dinner together, and it was a somewhat classy establishment. But mostly because no one actually knew that Jack was jealous, because he couldn’t tell anyone. Because no one knew about them.

Which probably made it worse for Jack, watching his secret boyfriend get hit on, get all the attention, and seriously, how much does a waiter need to touch someone?!

“You alright?” Conor asked, leaning close to his younger brother, brows drawn together in concern.

“Fine. Why?” Jack asked, stabbing at a potato on his plate angrily.

“Because you look ready to kill someone.”


“What is with you?” Conor shook his head.

“I’m fine.” Jack told his brother again, eyes darting over to Joe as the smaller man smiled kindly at the waiter. I just want to punch the waiter, he thought to himself bitterly.

Joe must have felt Jack’s stare, because he looked across the table at Jack, blinking in surprise at the angry look flashing in the younger man’s eyes. Joe offered him a small smile, one more intimate than what he sent towards the waiter, and Jack felt his anger dissipate just for a moment, smiling back at Joe.

Until the waiter bumped into his chair.

“Oh, I am so sorry.” The waiter said, sounding anything but sorry as he looked down at Jack.

“Not a problem.” Jack grit out, his fists clenching against his thigh under the table. Conor shot him a look as the waiter walked away, but Jack just shook his head, looking down at his plate once again, letting his frustration out on the unsuspecting potatoes.

His phone buzzed beside him on the table, and Jack glanced at the message that popped up, You alright? x.

Instead of replying, Jack lifted his gaze over to Joe once again, who was frowning over at him. He nodded, offering another smile, which seemed to only put Joe slightly at ease.

There were times where Joe knew Jack too well, and so he wasn’t surprised when another message came through on his phone.

You’re a horrible liar.

Laughing softly to himself, Jack typed out a quick message back: Stop staring at me. I’m fine xx.

He watched as Joe read the message, rolling his eyes before his fingers typed out a quick reply, his phone placed back on the table, face down. But Jack’s phone still buzzed, one last message from the other man: Stop being so stare-able. And yes, that is a word :).

The message helped calm Jack down again, because despite the attempts from the waiter, Joe was still his, and that was all that mattered.

At least, that’s what Jack tried to tell himself.

But it didn’t really work.

Because the waiter only got more flirty and more touchy towards Joe, to the point where he was practically ignoring the rest of the table.

He also apparently had it out for Jack, because he kept hitting him and messing up things when it came to him. The last straw was when the waiter ‘accidentally’ spilled some water on Jack’s lap.

“What the hell?!” Jack yelled, jumping from his seat.

“I am so sorry, sir.” The waiter said, resting back on his heels, a bored look on his face. “I didn’t realize how far I had leaned over.”

“Have you also not realized how unprofessional you’ve been all night?” Jack snapped, stepping forward.

“Jack….” Conor mumbled, suddenly beside his brother, but Jack just shrugged him off, his attention on the waiter.

“I’m not sure what you mean, sir.” But the smug look on the waiter’s face said otherwise.

“Oh come off it, you’ve been clearly flirting with him all night!” Jack spat, pointing over at Joe, who blushed at the sudden attention as all the boys looked over at him.

“I think you’ve been imagining stuff.” The waiter shrugged, “I’ve only been serving him.”

“You don’t need to bloody touch him to serve him!”

“Again, I do believe you’ve been imagining stuff.”

“Please, I know when someone is flirting with my boyfriend. And you were clearly flirting with him!” Jack tried to step forward again, but Conor had already gripped his arm, pulling him back.

“Jack!” Joe’s voice broke Jack’s attention on the waiter, and his eyes darted over to the smaller man, who was standing now, hands braced on the table. His blue eyes were wide and surprised, his cheeks red.

It took Jack a moment, as well as a sweep of the table to realize what he had just said.

“I think it’s time to go.” Conor muttered. “We’ll meet you guys outside.” He nodded to the others, leading Jack out of the restaurant, who kept his gaze on the floor, his own cheeks red.

“Well, that’s one way to make that announcement!” Conor said as soon as they were outside.

“He’s going to be so mad.” Jack sighed, leaning heavily against the wall.

“How long you two been together?”

“A few months.” Jack admitted, meeting his older brother’s stare. “You mad?”

“No,” Conor shook his head, “I did suspect something was up though. You seemed happier.”

“I am.” Jack smiled, “Sorry I kept it hidden from you.”

“It’s fine. Everyone needs their time.” Conor told him, and he went to say more, but was interrupted by the door to the restaurant opening, revealing a very angry man.

“You bloody idiot!” Joe stalked over to Jack, eyes narrowed. “You couldn’t contain your jealousy for just a while longer, could you?!”

“But he was flirting with you!” Jack tried to protest, but Joe shook his head.

“I don’t care! It was harmless, it meant nothing, hell I barely even noticed! But you had to go and ruin a perfectly good night.” Joe poked Jack in the chest, “And you went and outed us to everyone!”

“I’m sorry, babe.” Jack mumbled, his hand coming up to grab Joe’s, their fingers lacing together, “That part was completely by accident.”

Joe’s face softened as Jack spoke, and he sighed, his shoulders sagging. “I know it was. You didn’t even notice what you said.”

“Didn’t have a clue. I was just angry.”

“Really, didn’t notice.” Joe drawled, eyes lifting to the sky.

“Oh piss off. You know I get jealous easily.”

“I know,” Joe smiled, meeting Jack’s stare once again. “And it was kind of nice hearing you call me your boyfriend in public.”

“Yeah, are you guys going to acknowledge that?” Josh questioned, dragging the couple out of their little world. They looked at the rest of the boys, standing there, waiting for an explanation.

“Uhm, surprise?” Joe offered, holding up his and Jack’s hands. “We’re dating!”

“Alright, who had six months?” Josh said, looking between the boys.

“I believe that would be me.” Mikey replied smugly, holding out his hand. “Pay up boys.”

“Not fair.” Caspar grumbled, digging into his pocket.

“I was so close!” Oli sighed, handing over a few bills.

“Wait,” Jack shook his head, “You betted on us?”

“You guys were so obvious!” Mikey laughed, counting his money.

“Really?” Joe asked, leaning against Jack.

“Yeah, really.” Caspar told him, glaring slightly over at Mikey. “But you couldn’t have come out a month ago?”

“Well, technically,” Conor smirks, reaching over to grab the money from Mikey, “They started dating a few months ago. So I win.”

“You bet on us too?!” Jack gaped over at his brother.

“Come on, Jack. I’m your big bro, of course I did.”

“You guys are insane.” Joe laughed, “But this means Conor’s buying dessert!”

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What's the most memeorable filthy letter my liege has received?

But none of them were exactly memorable. They were all filth. Even eloquently stated, filth is filth and not something that should be said over anon. It just makes you look like a creep unless said filth was requested.


So lately I’ve been making Gems AU kagehina headcanons. They’re based on Steven Universe’s story and I imagine that it’s set during the gem wars period. Everyone are nonbinary in this AU, and I use the pronoun they/them because he or she don’t feel right. I’m really in love with this AU and I will probably make a lot more artworks for it.

Anyway here’s a few of my headcanons for my AU:

  • Kageyama was made in the Homeworld, as opposed to Hinata, who was made on Earth.
  • Hinata is equal to a newborn gem, while Kageyama is a lot older although they’re also still considerably young.
  • Hinata’s gem is amber, while Kageyama’s is onyx.

I have a lot more but that would take a fair amount of digging through my twitter ahahh ;;

Statistics, Shipping, and Smut (Overwatch Edition)

This post showed up on my dash earlier today, and it made me feel like revisiting an old pet project of mine. After all, Overwatch is (contrary to what I was inclined to think–thanks for correcting me, Ivory) a fairly balanced work in terms of character gender. It’s also wildly popular, which means that I can get a good sample size from its AO3 tag.

So, on to my findings.

As of 1/11/2017, there were 9271 total works on AO3 under the Overwatch fandom tag. Of these 9271 total works:

  • 3544 (38.2% of all works) were rated M or E
  • 1564 (16.9% of all works) were categorized as F/M, 690 of which were rated M or E (44.1% of the category)
  • 4894 (52.8% of all works) were categorized as M/M, 2246 of which were rated M or E (45.9% of the category)
  • 1733 (18.7% of all works) were categorized as F/F, 623 of which were rated M or E (36.0% of the category)

In the remainder of this post, I break down the percentages of M+ rated works (or “theoretical smut”) in each category, as well as in the three most popular pairings for each category.

More detailed statistics, graphs, and rating analysis below the cut.

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It’s back! The Newberry Library Book Fair, Chicago’s most popular used book binge, begins this Thursday, July 23rd, and ends this Sunday, July 26th. We at the Newberry know that there is no such thing as “too many books,” so we’ll have approximately 120,000 used books for sale, most of which will be priced at $2 or under! Can you find a better deal elsewhere? We thought not.

So come on down to the Newberry Library Book Fair and dig through our treasure trove of used books. They’re all waiting for a wonderful new home!

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You forgot to mention Rey's strongest emotion towards Kylo: TERROR. Which seems to get mistaken for ~sexual tension~. I don't think he was pulling punches as much as you suggest. As you said he likes to toy w/ his prey, & he DEFINITELY does that to Rey in every one of their encounters. Stalking after her in the woods, taking his mask off in the interrogation. He DOES try to hurt her. Agony when he enters her mind, slamming her against a tree, & his lightsaber strikes are INCREDIBLY aggressive.

Yo dude. I know you (and a certain swath of Tumblr) is really not gonna like this, but as someone who’s (extensively) familiar with Star Wars and has been on the receiving end of violence before, I’m telling you he literally is (pulling his punches). You have to look at his actions in context, not as individual elements of a whole. You can’t ignore the whole because you find it ideologically satisfying to fit those individual elements into your personal narrative. I’ve mentioned this before, and tbh this sort of selective blindness and cherry-picking of the facts is something I have very little patience for. So I don’t know if you intended to come off that way, but like, fair warning. Ya dig?

Kylo is a Sith/Sith Apprentice. Sith are insanely aggressive, ideologically and canonically, and this has very little to do with actual abuse and everything to do with the balance of power. Sith like being dominant, outside of the individualized abuse you’re inferring to, and this is their political mindset: rule the world around you through a rigid hierarchy, because people are more effective when they’re divided into eusocial compartments. This is how the Sith end up taking over the galaxy, time and time again: through this ruthless sort of efficiency. The Jedi have a very “live-and-let-live” sort of mindset, and are on the opposite end of the spectrum. The two groups are diametrically opposed warrior guilds, and have been at each others throats for literally thousands and thousands of years. Both of them get real violent with their laser swords. Rey is a stand-in for the Jedi, so she and Kylo are going to come to blows, outside the context of their personal relationship with one another. But even if you took away the greater context of Star Wars, and just looked at the dynamic, between them, Kylo still pulls his punches. Repeatedly.

So I’ve watched TFA multiple times now, and while I don’t think Rey feels sexually attracted towards Kylo, this fact – that Kylo pulls his punches with Rey and actually doesn’t go out of his way to hurt her – is very much A Thing. This assertion has survived repeated viewings. Kylo’s vicious. Honestly, his is. He drags out his fights, and he’s got an insane amount of Force power, and he’s practically seething with rage and frustration. He can barely keep it contained, and half the time he doesn’t. He flips out. Kylo goes out of his way to hurt others, but he never, ever does this with Rey – he basically treats her like glass in comparison to how he treats others – and we have visual evidence for this, in the film itself. When Kylo enters the minds of others in the film – and he does this, several times – he basically rips up their psyches, and he just rifles through their brains with absolutely no regard for how much pain he’s causing them. Sometimes he Force Chokes them as well. When Kylo enters Rey’s mind, he’s actually really cautious about it (and by that, I mean by the amount of damage he inflicts in the process). Although he’s still being a creep and he’s still being aggressive (because Kylo is kind of a mad dog, set loose for war), he goes out of his way to assure her off his intentions (i.e. just tell me, verbally, and I won’t even try it). He doesn’t Force Choke her either, or immediately pillage her mind. He actually goes into the mind-reading really slowly.

When Kylo slams Rey against the tree, he’s incapacitating her; he’s taking her out first because Rey is Force Sensitive and a stand-in for the Jedi. She’s stronger than Finn. This is a tactical decision, not an abusive one, and it makes a lot of sense. If you’re injured (which he is), and you have a limited amount of time to fight (which they did, see: Starkiller exploding), and you are outnumbered (which he was), it is a good idea to take out the heavy players on the board so you can pick off the weak, instead of taking everyone on at once. Think of it like moving into a combat zone, and picking off the AA guns/snipers/whatever you’re dealing with in that particular moment because they’re the strongest pieces there. If you don’t pick them off, if you let them linger, they can and will fuck the rest of your guys up. I don’t know how much clearer I can make this.

Lastly: when Kylo uses his lightsaber, he uses it with an insane amount of aggression, and this is true. This has become clearer and clearer with repeated viewings. Throughout TFA, you see visual examples of this, again and again. The best example of this (by far) is with Finn. So Finn is a low-ranked (ex) Storm Trooper, and Kylo’s a Sith. Kylo could have finished him off immediately (even though he was injured), but instead he drew things out: he literally cuts at Finn, like he’s filleting a fish, and he burns him, slowly. With Rey – unlike everyone else – Kylo never, ever does this. Not once. Rey is carrying a lightsaber too, so he has to strike back, because if he doesn’t he’s gonna get killed and Rey is definitely aiming to kill him. But all of Kylo’s hits go against her lightsaber itself, and they’re heavy hits, designed to throw her off balance. This is important, because it means he’s trying to knock the lightsaber out of her hands: he’s trying to disarm her without hurting her.

When Rey picks up the lightsaber (after Finn’s been injured), she’s losing badly. Her flank is wide open, and if Kylo were treating her like everyone else, he’d go for this wide-open flank in a heartbeat. He’d cut at her. He’s make her bleed, like he did with Finn. Like he did with all the others, but he doesn’t. Instead, he follows behind her at what is almost a shockingly slow pace, and he only strikes at her lightsaber. He’s trying to disarm her, not hurt her, and this becomes clear when Rey’s backed up against the ledge and still doesn’t give in. That’s when he starts trying to coax her down with the teacher comments, because she’s still waving a fire-stick in his face and if she doesn’t stop one or both of them is going to get hurt.

So there you go. A really, really brief breakdown on why this sort of selective cherry-picking of Star Wars context needs to stop. Now I’m gonna go get breakfast.

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But the demand, Cris? He's deffo getting a lot of offers from magazines, they all want the same thing, him, and he wants promo, yeah. But he can choose. So what criteria he must be following here?

He’s going to go with the outlet that most closely aligns with the image he wants to project.

People magazine probably would have paid for this article, but they pay for way more than most. OK and US would have paid as well because they benefit from Harry more than Harry would benefit from being in their low rent rags.

Harry has chosen a media outlet that focuses on culture and style and will be presenting Harry as someone stylish and cultured - People couldn’t do that. GQ would make him a lad, Vanity Fair would dig too deeply into his psyche, the New Yorker would ask him about politics.

Different outlets offer different benefits, but they all offer promo. Promo that is worth money. So choosing the right outlet is an art and a science, but it is not about money.

Unless you go with one of the low end rags. And you only do that when you want the money and believe that all press is good press (it’s not). Harry needs positive rebranding promo, not money.


I had a sour gummy fest the other night while I colored my paper doll guy from “All About The Boys…” zine. I made “Sweater Guy..” If you live in L.A. you can pick up a copy of “All About The Boys”  at Seite Bookstore.

Before I went to bed I read a cool zine titled “dig my dress” it was the sweetest story about how two people admiring each other’s work online and how their friendship bloom. I liked how it was written in both of their perspectives in how they viewed each other.

I have always been so enamored with the idea that people are able to connect and built friendships online by mutual admiration of each others work and this zine is a true testament of that.

I truly liked Neely’s opening introduction about  being worried if they were both giving us too much of themselves to us the reader. The fear of deciding to make the zine with her friend Brodie Hubbard Foster and what if their friendship went sour after they made it. All they would have left are the photo copies of a love that passed. Neely’s writing was so honest and personal that I felt like I was reading her personal journal entry. 

On the other hand Brodie’s point of view was very sweet in how he found out of Neely’s work and how he will read her anthology book “Mend My Dress” while he rode the train to work. They had mutual friends in common and he finally had the courage to send her a message and to thank her for her work and he expressed his interest in wanting to meet up with her the next time she was in L.A. Aww! so gentleman like of Brodie to write such a nice thing to her. I really enjoyed reading their point of views of what they thought of each other the first time they met and their wonderful adventure.  

This is the coolest thing that could happen to anyone who writes a blog, makes a zine, creates art or is in a band. When a person is able to connect with you and they are willing to send you a message to say “thank you” and you realize that you made a tiny dent in their lives. 

I highly encourage everyone to  write a message to anyone you follow their blog or their fb page and tell them how much you like their work. You never know you might end up being friends and hanging out with them when they go to your town.

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hi! I fell hard for your ghost!au about clack and ASG! i would like to know more about the mystery behind clack's deaths - and also, if they've protected Aeris and Tifa from harm, like a home invasion about to go wrong (like ...6 feet under wrong) :0c

Serious fic-age is happening. I’ve really been thinking about this. Let’s make a cut and see how the story goes. 

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Zine Review Party #5

Gee, I’m kinda shocked that I’m actually keeping up with these..

Fair Dig #1&#2- Brodie Foster Hubbard

I’m an images person, they’re really the only sensible way I know how to communicate, and while I love the written word, my favorite zine are usually always anchored in image. Fair Dig is one of the exceptions to this. The words are so earnest and the tone so filled with invitation that the story immediately becomes part of your life, you read on not to see how it ends, but how things are, in each page, a new chunk of prospective highs and lows. For those looking for a more straightforward summary, it’s the author’s venture into mma, how that dissolves, and how it leads back into zines,with a bunch of good lifey bits thrown in. Keeping that in mind, the fact that this is getting high praise from someone who couldn’t handle a yoga class in terms of workout,it’s safe to say it will appeal to even the least athletic because the writing is just that good, that I can just gush instead of a proper review.


My family and I go to a church in this very nice neighborhood full of rich white people. While we ourselves are far from even well off it is the closest church to us, the next one being nearly 40 minutes away. Almost every time we’ve gone in for mass we get dirty looks from people who know we don’t belong here. The other day after church we were walking out and on the sidewalk there was this very young Spanish lady with two young kids and a sign that read; “I recently got laid off from my job. I am an only mother with two kids and an unstable home, anything would help.” Numerous churchgoers walked by, giving the lady looks of disgust, some commenting for her to “find another place to complain,” and that she was “disrespecting a place of worship.” While we were walking past I asked my dad if we could give her anything. He looked at me sadly and explained to me that we “didn’t have any money to spare because of our own financial problems.” We walked back to our car and got in before my dad stopped and said “wait, I might have something.” He then spent a fair amount of time digging in the car for some cash, and which he found a $20 bill and I found $5. He handed me and my brother the money and told us to give it to the lady. When we came by to give it to her, her eyes lit up and she hugged us both saying, “God bless, God bless.” I asked her if she had gotten much today and she said no and that the people here just stared harshly and walked by. It was then that she said she had gotten more money at the neighborhood right over, a poorer neighborhood that most likely didn’t have the money to spare but somehow found a way to give to her like we did. It was then that I realized something; these rich, ignorant white people were too celf-centered to do something as simple as giving some cash to someone in need. I was only 12 years old when I realized this and it changed my view on a whole lot of things. I wish I could have given that lady more than just $25.

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Somebody talks shit about Hiroshi after his death, but Korra decks the guy before Asami has a chance to react

Korra fidgeted, glancing at Asami out of the corner of her eyes.  Her girlfriend was the very picture of a dignified professional, staring forward with a politely interested expression on her face.  Korra didn’t know how she did it.  After forty-five minutes of this dignitary droning on about a petty Earth Kingdom shipping dispute, she was more then ready to keel over and take a nap right there.  

She sighed and tried to resist the urge to play with her dress.  To her right, Mako was also showing signs of boredom, his eye twitching ever-so-slightly.  She almost elbowed him in the side to get his attention, but thought better of it.  Even if this man was shockingly uninteresting, she couldn’t afford to offend him if she wanted to help revive the Earth Kingdom.

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i want the K!!!!!!

  • 17: Goofy Kiss

They don’t know Orana’s name day. It’s not exactly shocking; Fenris doesn’t know his either. And Hawke doesn’t think anything of it until Orana helps Varric and Isabela coordinate a small celebration for Hawke’s, and Hawke realizes in the three years Orana has lived with them, she hasn’t had so much as a cake.

(Well, she’s had name day cake, because Hawke makes sure that she brings home a few sweets from every party she goes to, because Orana has as much of a sweet tooth as Sandal. Better, she loves sam

It starts as a relatively simple plan: Merrill and Isabela take Orana out for a day of shopping. Orana, of course, is resistant, but it’s important to get her out of the house. Then Hawke can bake a cake and have Fenris bring over a good dessert wine, and Aveline and Donnic will come over to help prepare dinner.

In theory, the plan is easy.

In actualization, Hawke has a dusting of flour all over the kitchen, in her hair, and she still isn’t sure if the cake batter is right. Her mother’s recipe is easy enough to follow, but she’s rather sure that the batter is not supposed to be grey-green. She wishes again that her mother were here, that Bethany were home.

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