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Crate digging, NC state fair & creating a new beat with Al Green!


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So lately I’ve been making Gems AU kagehina headcanons. They’re based on Steven Universe’s story and I imagine that it’s set during the gem wars period. Everyone are nonbinary in this AU, and I use the pronoun they/them because he or she don’t feel right. I’m really in love with this AU and I will probably make a lot more artworks for it.

Anyway here’s a few of my headcanons for my AU:

  • Kageyama was made in the Homeworld, as opposed to Hinata, who was made on Earth.
  • Hinata is equal to a newborn gem, while Kageyama is a lot older although they’re also still considerably young.
  • Hinata’s gem is amber, while Kageyama’s is onyx.

I have a lot more but that would take a fair amount of digging through my twitter ahahh ;;

“A wee bitta hash when yer feeling blue allways does a trick.

If yer ever down hash is the best way to bring you back up.
Did yer goldfish die? Hash.
Lost a fair dig? Hash.
Stroke your self out? Hash.

Hash is er t fix all yer problems on a rainy day, Ats why I love my hash.”


I had a sour gummy fest the other night while I colored my paper doll guy from “All About The Boys…” zine. I made “Sweater Guy..” If you live in L.A. you can pick up a copy of “All About The Boys”  at Seite Bookstore.

Before I went to bed I read a cool zine titled “dig my dress” it was the sweetest story about how two people admiring each other’s work online and how their friendship bloom. I liked how it was written in both of their perspectives in how they viewed each other.

I have always been so enamored with the idea that people are able to connect and built friendships online by mutual admiration of each others work and this zine is a true testament of that.

I truly liked Neely’s opening introduction about  being worried if they were both giving us too much of themselves to us the reader. The fear of deciding to make the zine with her friend Brodie Hubbard Foster and what if their friendship went sour after they made it. All they would have left are the photo copies of a love that passed. Neely’s writing was so honest and personal that I felt like I was reading her personal journal entry. 

On the other hand Brodie’s point of view was very sweet in how he found out of Neely’s work and how he will read her anthology book “Mend My Dress” while he rode the train to work. They had mutual friends in common and he finally had the courage to send her a message and to thank her for her work and he expressed his interest in wanting to meet up with her the next time she was in L.A. Aww! so gentleman like of Brodie to write such a nice thing to her. I really enjoyed reading their point of views of what they thought of each other the first time they met and their wonderful adventure.  

This is the coolest thing that could happen to anyone who writes a blog, makes a zine, creates art or is in a band. When a person is able to connect with you and they are willing to send you a message to say “thank you” and you realize that you made a tiny dent in their lives. 

I highly encourage everyone to  write a message to anyone you follow their blog or their fb page and tell them how much you like their work. You never know you might end up being friends and hanging out with them when they go to your town.

Zine Review Party #5

Gee, I’m kinda shocked that I’m actually keeping up with these..

Fair Dig #1&#2- Brodie Foster Hubbard

I’m an images person, they’re really the only sensible way I know how to communicate, and while I love the written word, my favorite zine are usually always anchored in image. Fair Dig is one of the exceptions to this. The words are so earnest and the tone so filled with invitation that the story immediately becomes part of your life, you read on not to see how it ends, but how things are, in each page, a new chunk of prospective highs and lows. For those looking for a more straightforward summary, it’s the author’s venture into mma, how that dissolves, and how it leads back into zines,with a bunch of good lifey bits thrown in. Keeping that in mind, the fact that this is getting high praise from someone who couldn’t handle a yoga class in terms of workout,it’s safe to say it will appeal to even the least athletic because the writing is just that good, that I can just gush instead of a proper review.


It’s back! The Newberry Library Book Fair, Chicago’s most popular used book binge, begins this Thursday, July 23rd, and ends this Sunday, July 26th. We at the Newberry know that there is no such thing as “too many books,” so we’ll have approximately 120,000 used books for sale, most of which will be priced at $2 or under! Can you find a better deal elsewhere? We thought not.

So come on down to the Newberry Library Book Fair and dig through our treasure trove of used books. They’re all waiting for a wonderful new home!

There are ACTUAL bad people out in the world doing ACTUAL bad things and you IDIOTS online decide to go after and bully young people who are learning and who make mistakes? Did it actually change Amethyst as a character when she was drawn thinner in ONE piece of fan art, among the THOUSANDS of pieces of fan art that exist? Is it fair to dig up Zamii’s mistakes from THE PAST and bully her for that too? Is no one allowed to make mistakes and grow? Are you all perfect with perfect pasts?