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short interpretations of asteroids

click {here} to find your asteroid signs and the meanings of the asteroids. *please note that these can be a little inaccurate since they are not big parts of your natal chart. Also, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel like another chiron sign.


Aries //  Tries to overcome feeling worthless.

Taurus // Sometimes they felt like they didn’t receive enough of something. 

Gemini // May feel like no one listens to them.

Cancer // Feels like an outsider. 

Leo // Feels like their talents have been overlooked. 

Virgo // Needs to learn to deal with imperfection.

Libra // May feel like all their relationships have gone wrong. 

Scorpio // May be scared of own power or feel powerless.

Sagittarius // Life may feel like a continuous spiritual crisis.

Capricorn // May be a work-a-holic to prove their own worth.

Aquarius // Feels uncomfortable in a large group.

Pisces // Always at crisis. May be prone to depression or drug abuse.


Aries // Nurtures independence. 

Taurus // Feels nurtured when fed and pampered

Gemini // Feels nurtured when someone talks or writes to them.

Cancer // Enjoys being mothered and mothering others.

Leo // Takes pride in nurturing others.

Virgo // Critical when nurturing others.

Libra // Nurtured by beauty.

Scorpio // Nurtured through touch.

Sagittarius // Hides their nurturing qualities.

Capricorn // Nurtured when organized and in control.

Aquarius // Loves the strange and off-beat

Pisces // Reflects emotions of those around them.


Aries // Finds the fastest solution.

Taurus // Receives information physically.

Gemini // Sees world through words.

Cancer // Sees world through emotions. 

Leo // Sees world as a canvas they can paint on.

Virgo // Perceives analytically.

Libra // Seeks balance.

Scorpio // Sees world through issues beneath the surface.

Sagittarius // Can see the big picture. 

Capricorn // Sees underlying form.

Aquarius // Sees all future possibilities.

Pisces // Interprets mystical reality.


Aries // Attracted to aggressive or dominant partners.

Taurus // Attracted to someone financially stable.

Gemini // Attracted to someone expressive.

Cancer // Attracted to someone emotionally intimate.

Leo // Attracted to someone romantic and exciting.

Virgo // Attracted to someone who sets high standards for themselves.

Libra // Attracted to fair and balanced partners.

Scorpio // Attracted to someone with sexual intimacy.

Sagittarius // Attracted to someone that’s intellectual.

Capricorn // Attracted to someone committed and determined.

Aquarius // Attracted to someone unconventional and will give them freedom.

Pisces // Attracted to someone they can have a spiritual bond with.


Aries // Self-motivated.

Taurus // Fixed routines

Gemini // Strong communicator.

Cancer // Serves others.

Leo // Works creatively.

Virgo // Driven to meet their goals.

Libra // Needs to work with others.

Scorpio // Extremely passionate.

Sagittarius // Devoted to a higher power or universal truth.

Capricorn // Devoted to history and duty.

Aquarius // Serves humanity.

Pisces // Dedicated to serving those in need. 


From 0 to Albert Rosenfield in Twin Peaks, how done are you with everybody?

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was hoping you could help/give a little advice. I kind of attract the Fair Ones. I have a slight idea as to why, but it's still a little baffling their incessant need to pester me. They go away when I ask them too, but it seems they like to test my boundaries a lot. It's a little irritating at times. I would like to be more involved with at some point, but I'm not very good at commitments/regularity. I'm just not sure what to make of them following me whenever I go somewhere they live...

Fairies are strange fickle entities. Have you tried communicating with them to see what is up? 

If its a big problem, you can wear a bit of iron on your person to push them back when you don’t want them.

I tie an iron troll cross on my door knob, so they don’t pester my poor girlfriend when she sleeps :’)

Otherwise, I would suggest reading more into the fairy faith and practices to get a good idea of things. 

Just know that there are a lot of people in the phandom that are lovely and deserve appreciation. A huge thanks to anyone that makes any kind of content. Whether that be drawings, fan fics, gifs, edits, screenshots, moodboards, or text posts that talk about their thoughts, feelings, and theories. We appreciate the content you bring to us. As well as people who just reblog, because of you reblogging a post, that is helping spread the post, and that means a lot. I enjoy seeing people’s faces in meet ups because everyone is so attractive (not fair) and it’s nice seeing people complimenting each other. You’re all great!


It was requested, so here is a lil’ prequel to this oneshot I posted a few days back showing how Harry and Y/N met! It’s pure fluff and drunk Y/N laying on Nick Grimshaw’s kitchen floor with a few mentions of The Notebook because I love DEATH AND DYING. 


Harry must notice your presence and you realize your balance must be as off as you feel like it is, because the first thing Harry ever says to you is: “y’good there, love?” And you do your best to nod, giving him a dopey smile as you find your grip on the counter, steadying yourself in your drunken state as you look at him. 

The next thing you’re doing is practically diving for the sink.

You don’t even realize that there’s been someone taking care of you the entire time until you’ve finished and you feel a hand holding your hair back like it’s in a ponytail and another rubbing your back in slow circles. After a minute, you turn to see Harry standing right behind you, and you shouldn’t be surprised that he did it, considering he’s left the party to clean, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are. “Guess y’not so good, after all,” he says, finally, and you’d slap him for teasing you if you weren’t appreciative of the fact that he’s taking a glass from a cabinet and filling it with ice water for you.


Nick Grimshaw is Y/N’s bestie and she finally talks to Harry at one of his parties when she least expects it

2k+, fluff

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***Fun fact (and tip): I’m hella critical and picky with my olive oils. The Sicilian in me rebukes shitty olive oils. The quality will make or break you dish so pick them wisely. Look for dark greens and cold pressed. ***

You turned the bottles of olive oil over in your hands, reading the packaging and looking over the nutrition table. You looked over the various other bottles and tossed the ones in your hands into the shopping cart, those seeming to be the best options. Going down the rest of the isle, you looked at the various other condiments they had there when you heard someone speaking from behind you, their voice sounding close ad familiar.

“Well look who’s back in Charming.”

You turned around to see the one and only Jax Teller, prince of Charming, looking at you with the unforgettable smirk. You smiled broadly as you looked at him and pulled away from your cart, walking the small distance over towards him. He grinned wider and opened his arms out to you, you placing your body into them. He wrapped them around you and you noticed that while it still was the same embrace, full of warmth and security, his arms were much thicker and stronger than you remembered. That president patch on the front of his kutte was new too.

He held you to him for a couple of seconds before finally pulling away, holding you at am arm’s length to get a good look at you. His eyes raked over you, that famous smirk returning as his eyes made their way back up to your eyes. Not before lingering on your breasts though. When those baby blues connected with yours, you couldn’t help but feel all those old memories come flooding back.

You’d been gone from Charming for years, 7 to be exact, and a lot had changed. The city, downtown, there were more people and thus more businesses. It was a little busier, many old familiar faces and some new ones. The chemistry between the two of you seemed to have stayed the same though, frozen in time from the way it was when you had left.

“Good to see you darlin’. It’s been a while.”

You nodded, the smile still etched onto your face.

“It has. Too long. I went out, traveled and saw new places but home is where the heart is they say.”

Jax nodded too, his hand coming to rest on your shopping cart, looking over the various items you had picked up already.

“You always were a great cook.”

With a laugh, you rolled your eyes and Jax’s eyes lit up at the sound.

“It’s true. At least I always liked your cooking.”

“Well thank you Jax. One of these days you can come over for dinner.”

“Sounds good to me.”

He agreed to the offer and you could tell he was itching to say something else and after a couple seconds, he finally came out with it as he picked at the plastic on the cart.

“So are you here for good or…”

You smirked as you took in his body language, slightly rigid as he awaited your answer.

“I am. Why? You miss me?”

He looked up and away from the cart, your eyes locking as you saw that old spark of cockiness.

“Maybe. I’d ask if you missed me, but clearly you did, that’s why you came back; to see me.“

A light chuckle pushed passed your lips and you nonchalantly grabbed onto the handle bar of the shopping cart and began pushing it along further down the aisle. You knew he would be following you.

“And just what makes you think I came back here for you? How do you know there wasn’t someone else had had my attention? There were a fair amount of attractive boys in our high school you know.”

Playing into you, Jax shrugged with a smirk.

“Maybe. They weren’t the ones that you spent your days on the back of their bikes though were they?”

The air was playful and light as you walked down the aisle together, Jax reaching out to grab a box of your favorite cereal before tossing it in the cart with a wink thrown your way.

“Didn’t think I’d forget your favorite breakfast did you darlin’?”

He walked a little way before you, forcing you to catch up with him, your teasing continuing.

“Don’t flatter yourself Teller; the only reason I always let you take me out for rides is because I loved the feel of the wind blowing through my hair.”

“And the feel of my body under your hands, but I’m sure the wind was nice too.”

You couldn’t help but laugh then, everything he was saying true.

“You were always a beautiful man. That much I have to admit. But it really was the wind that I was after. Holding onto you was just a plus.”

“I could say the same. Having you behind me, your arms around my waist. We were probably the hottest people in this town.”

The both of you shared a laugh at that, some truth in that statement you were sure. You’d always gotten along, constant flirting and teasing between the two of you. Jax was fun and playful, you the same, with just enough of an attitude and mouth on you, a trait that Gemma oddly always liked about you. Said that she liked a girl that held her own, so long as Gemma wasn’t the one you got an attitude with. She’d been after Jax for years about being with you, your personalities always matching so well together. She’d always felt that you were as close to a great Old Lady as she was going to get in that town and to a certain extent, she still felt that way. You couldn’t help but wonder how she’d react when she found out that you were back in town, that was if she didn’t know already.

“How’s your mom?”

“She’s good. Crazy as ever.”

With a smile and a shrug, you looked to Jax.

“Wouldn’t be Gemma if she wasn’t. I’ll probably drop by TM one of these days, pay her a quick visit. See some of the guys too.”

“And what about me?”

Feigning confusion, you tilted your head.

"What about you?”


You and Jax continued to make small talk as you walked down the rest of the aisle, crossing things off your list. As you looked down once more, you realized that you had crossed off everything, your cart full of all the things you’d need to stock up your new kitchen for the time being. Walking towards the register, you began to load your things onto the belt, Jax helping you get everything out of the cart. It wasn’t long before everything was rang up and bagged, Jax helping your put everything back in the cart and walking it out for you, following you to your car before starting to put everything in your trunk. You smiled as you watched him, putting your things away and going on about this party they were having this Friday and how he was expecting you to be there. As he finished, he turned back around to face you and you jokingly handed him a five-dollar bill.

“For your troubles.”

He pushed your hand away gently, rolling his eyes.

“Friday, 8 pm. I’ll have a drink ready for you.”

Not waiting for you to initiate the first move this time, he reach forward and grabbed your forearm softly, pulling you towards him before wrapping his arms around you once again, his hand fisted into your hair as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. He let the hug linger before he finally pulled away, that arrogant smile on his lips again as he started walking away from you, slipping his sunglasses on and climbing onto his bike. Pulling out his burner, he checked to see if he had any missed calls and sure enough, there was Gemma’s number. Calling her back, he waited for her to answer, watching your car as you backed out of your parking and pulled out of the parking lot, blowing him a kiss as you drove out into the street towards your new house.


“Yeah mom. Sorry I missed the call. I’m heading back to the clubhouse now.”
“Where are you?”

“Downtown. Just seeing an old friend.”


The blonde chuckled and shook his head.

“I see you’ve already done your detective work ma.”

“Damn right I have. I knew she was here on her third day back. I’ve been waiting for you to go see her.”

“Well you got your wish. She’ll be at the party Friday.”

“She told you she would come?”

Jax smirked and began to put his helmet on.

“No. But I know she’ll be there.”