Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!

This Month’s new prompt is The Fair.

Elsie was robbed of the fun she could’ve had at the Fair with a certain butler. Give her the chance. Or show how lovely the lights of the fair enhanced her beauty. Maybe you want to go AU and show Carson escorting her to the fair or set your story after they’re married. Whatever you do, we can’t wait for all the lovely Summer fair fun!

Old stories! New stories! Fan art! Fanvids! Drabbles! One-shots! The choice is YOURS! Just make sure to tag @chelsie-prompts so we can reblog and share your creativity with others.

Nie lubię, kiedy ktoś lekceważy moje uczucia. Ja się otwieram, rozbieram, flaki wypruwam, a ktoś mówi: “przesadzasz” - to nie fair.
—  Nie fair

field of god. por Amanda Venner
Por Flickr:
They wandered along at dusk, along the bank of the rushing river, speaking just over the sound of the water, fingers twined together, walking in single file, feet slipping in the mud. They came upon a clearing eventually, and gazed out over the grass, the eerily beautiful fog softly blending into the gauzy dandelions across the field. Taken on my Pentax ME.