September or everything?

You know what, don’t remember or let it cross your mind because it makes you a bitter person. What’s important is what you have and where you are right now because i make you a better person. Not remembering those things, they’re just mistakes that you’ve learned from, mistakes that made you stronger although you’re still a cry baby(HAHAHA!), i don’t care because you’re a better you, you’ve changed… A LOT and it’s really an achievement to me because you’re the one who said that i’m a life changer but i never once was. Maybe you’re the life changer, i changed because of you and after that, when we’re really togeher… you changed because of me. I always think of one thing and it’s: I’M LUCKY THAT I FELL IN LOVE WITH A GIRL LIKE YOU! :))). Well, all i can say is… don’t remember them, they’re just something that makes you feel stupid. Remeber what makes you feel happy, that makes you feel that you’re being taken care of and what makes you feel you’re being loved. I love you, Faindy Roshiel Avance Vargas! :*

Day 8: Favorite internet friend

Dear Faindy,

              Just so you know, I learned to love Tumblr because of you. I don’t know how I found your blog but I know it was something I will never regret. I remember, you were blogging about your HS prom.

                It’s been more than a year! Thank you for your thoughts, rants, typographies..everything. I just like you as a blogger! You’re truly kyuuuut! :“>

Oh wait. HAHA. I also remember my ex got jealous of you. Lol. Don’t worry I’m no LESBO. :)))

                I consider you as a friend. Remember when we texted the night a freaked out for some random shit?! You’re humble not like any other tumblr famous who do not follow back and ignore followers. I admire your boldness and youthful thoughts. Keep it up! God bless!

♥ Zy