failure to pay full time and attention

I think what really sucks about being a high school artist is the distinct lack of time and inspiration you can get. Wanna work on a project that you’ve planned out in your head? Well, first you gotta go to all your classes in the morning and pay full attention during those classes. Then once you get home, you gotta start on the hours worth of homework you’re assigned. Now you need to consider studying for that chapter test in 2 days. Oh, and Independent Reading, ‘cause that’s a thing. And by the time you finish, it’s maybe 9 PM and you need to sleep because you wake up at 6 AM every day to get ready.

What with how flooded your day is, you can’t draw upon inspiration with the constant threat of failure if you don’t pay exact attention to the lessons at hand. It sucks.

Bungou Stray Dogs: Another Story

<< Chapter 1.

Here we go, the first part of chapter 2! It’s now being narrated by our lovely Tsujimura – who, by the way, is an absolute angel.

[ Chapter 2 (part 1): Before the Special Abilities Division’s Secret Base ]

My bangs looked nice, I thought.

Reflected within the car window was myself, pinching and lifting up pieces of hair from my bangs. Because of my hair and eyes, I put a lot of effort into my appearance.

I’m alright. I’m perfectly fine. There’s no way in hell a special ability criminal can oppose a frightening agent. I’m perfectly fine.

I was in the back-door parking lot of the library. It was deadly quiet. Aside from a few older people here and there, there was no one to be seen. This is natural. This is a top secret government facility. An information collection base under direct control of the Ministry of Home Affairs, my superior summoned me here to this facility.

Though publicly seen as just a library in the mountains, if you were to look carefully enough, the security was tight and every guard held a sub-machine gun hidden under their pouch.

I, Tsujimura, am a person formerly affiliated with this facility – a non-public organization of the Ministry of Home Affairs… and now, an agent of the Secret Military’s Special Abilities Division.

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[STARCAST-Real GOT7] 8th episode Master Chef GOT7

It is already March, and is everyone greeting the beginning with new minds? GOT7 members already finished official album promotion activities but it is said that they are still spending every day with busy schedules. Today’s Real GOT7 is the cooking time that real men GOT7 members, who are loud and full of energy, prepare in a graceful way! Today’s menu is ‘Ramen’, which is a very simple food but can still be cooked in many ways. The ramen cooking competition among seven men, who also often eats ramen. It is scary to taste it but we really look forward to them cooking! 
What kind of charm will GOT7 members show this time, Real GOT7 8th episode, should we take a look at it together?

Hello~ This is GOT7 leader JB. I get to greet everyone once more through Real GOT7!^^ Everyone is all enjoying watching Real GOT7, right? It is of course the same with our GOT7! We are not missing even one episode. This episode is GOT7’s ramen cooking competition! Our GOT7 members prepared special ramen cooking for everyone~. 
Is everyone curious? Then, should we go to take a look at it together! Let’s go~

Before starting the cooking competition, we are playing a game to choose the ingredients to put in ramen~. Jr. is carefully choosing the ingredients. I see myself, who is nervous as all the good ingredients might go away. Haha   

GOT7’s ramen cooking competition took place among 3 different teams. First, the foreigner team that is made up of BamBam, Mark and Jackson as everyone can see in the picture! They were loud the whole time while cooking due to their incredible passion! They were really distracting team~

Second is native team made up of me, JB, and the youngest member Yugyeom! I was placed on the same team with Yugyeom, who usually matches well with me.^^ Everyone is so curious about what kind of ramen we made in this cooking competition, right? If everyone is curious.. You guys all know by now, right? Check it out through Real GOT7~!

Last but not least, Jr. and Youngjae’s Jinpo team. The special meeting of Jr., who is from Jinhae, and Youngjae, who is from Mokpo! Just like their goal of showing the flavor of their hometown, will the ramen be delicious?

The foreigner members are diligently making hearts. I did not know that these people liked to often act cute and so full of love. I never thought that they are going to show this kind of sides in front of ramen test!!!

Wow, so handsome! No wonder our team! I and Yugyeom are the best~ We are so cool~ even when we don’t do anything! 
Isn’t it true? We were so excited and proud of ourselves as we just finished cooking ramen that is full~~~~~~~~~ of efforts!

We are listening to how each team feels for the last time before the final judgment. Those two people got so excited due to the comment that the ramen is delicious. 
I cannot admit it! Their magyetteok ramen is a failure!

While the foreigner team and Jinpo team are each claiming that they are 1st place…Arrogant Jackson is triggering me. The truth is, he is in a team that I did not pay much attention to but I think things turned out like this because we completely lost the ingredients selection game in the first place. It is unfair, seriously!

The final result is… Our team is 3rd place. 
Ah, we really made it with all our efforts today but things did not go as I planned. The producing staff members are also not on my side.. I think there must be some kind of corruption. I cannot believe it. This is us who are so disappointed.

But since it is a punishment, we still have to do the dishes! I, JB, might not look like it but I am actually a homely man~ 
I usually help my mom and cook and do the dishes often also! 
We easily finished doing the dishes and this is it for today~!

With the authority of the leader Lim (JB), I am going to give away a special gift to everyone on today’s STARCAST REAL GOT7 8th episode! Ta da~ The gift is the 3 polaroid pictures right below! If leaving the thought of watching REALGOT7 8th episode after watching it through STARCAST as comments, we are going to send GOT7 real Polaroid pictures to 3 people through a lottery!  Oh yeah, no wonder it is JB, right?
Then, I will see you guys on 9th episode~