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d&d disability mechanics

so im disabled, and i have a disabled d&d character. i didnt like not having an in-game mechanic to express my character’s disability in more than words, so i decided to make some and then ended up making others.

a lot of these were made while consulting someone who has the disability or from my own firsthand experience, but some aren’t. if you want to critique some of my choices, message me! i’ll be able to either edit the ruleset or explain my reasoning, and i want it to be the best it can be.

note: a lot of the save DCs are left vague in this so you and your DM can determine how difficult they are to meet.

this is under a cut because it’s really long and so i can update it. if you want to see something added, message me!

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Tasty Tryst (M)

Summary: Selling preserves at the local farmers’ market has its distractions when your vendor booth is placed next to the one belonging to the young strawberry farmer who’s been sweet on you for years.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 9,643

Warning: StrawberryFarmer!Taehyung, foodplay, sexual themes, profanity

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: Just in time for strawberry season.

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Saturn can be difficult to generate satisfaction or ‘good feelings’ out of. Often the tasks we set with Saturn are admirable goals. But Saturn turns these dreams into concrete and resulting expectation. This is an area of life where failure is not an option. It can make the resonance very harsh and create obstruction through our own fears and self destruction. Saturn accepts nothing less than accomplishment. And when we accomplish his outstanding feats, we are not immediately gratified or rewarded or celebrated. Life seems to go on as normal, all the work we have done seems invalid, so much energy, effort, and pain expressed to feel nothing? I guess that’s the ‘expectation’ quality of Saturn. It’s the internal vision of greatness. Saturn knows our true potential beyond the self consciousness, complexes, and worry. The area of life where Saturn touches can feel like a non negotiable contract.

Saturn in the 1st house: Forced to constantly challenge ferocious critique from the ego, trapping the spirit in caged form, the individual can be forced through isolation and rejection and heartbreak to wake the inner alchemist. Saturn in the 1st is the late bloomer. It takes many years for the ancient spirit to come to grips with its human attributes 

Saturn in the 2nd house: Life, stability, and security can remains in constant fluctuation or threat. It can seem like no matter how hard the individual works, saves, or commits themselves they never catch a break. It can feel as if they are forever sacrificing their own self pleasure 

Saturn in the 3rd house: The individual must pass their exams. And they must do exemplary well - even if it’s not their subject of choice. Saturn in the 3rd has to fight a difficult battle with their own minds and generating focus, self belief, and confidence, academic failure is spirit destroying. And no matter what the score, the forbidding voice in the back of the mind, ‘you should have studied more’ 

Saturn in the 4th house: There can be a constant fight for security, stability, and safety. The individual charters through haunting inner territory to find the lost inner child. And it can seem like no matter how hard they try to nurture the inner child she is unwilling and traumatised, intense inner work is done with Saturn in the 4th and there is typically no one there to see it 

Saturn in the 5th house: The individual wages a battle on the ego, but the swords are raised by the ego. The expression of personality is pressured and bound by insecurity but forced into blinding light to perform a script that seems alien 

Saturn in the 6th house: Honourably committed to larger-than personal causes, the individual works tirelessly in the background, offering heart, mind, and talent to everybody in need of assistance. But they rarely receive commendation or recognition, the work is laborious and thankless 

Saturn in the 7th house: Relationships are commonly demanding, challenging and seemingly unforgiving. The individual may be forced into partnership with intensely difficult or critical people, those who echo their critical inner thoughts out loud as insult and become more isolated as a result, forced to wade through shadowy projections 

Saturn in the 8th house: The physical form and ego grips the spirit in stranglehold, the reticence to enter non physical states such as through meditation, union, enlightenment can be inhibited by the unrelenting fear of ‘letting go’. Often the individual will be expected to manage other people’s resources

Saturn in the 9th house: Achieving academic, theological, philosophical accreditation is vital. The individual faces exceeding pressures undertaking higher education and getting their works out into the world. When they finally graduate, publish the book, or learn the reading there is little or no credit from Saturn 

Saturn in the 10th house: The individual is forced to stare down intimidating and discouraging authority to achieve the remarkable vision set by Saturn. There is pressure to leave an imprint in the world, but the world is unwelcoming 

Saturn in the 11th house: An outsider pretending to be one with everyone, or so they think. The individual is forced to acquire, withhold, and release sacred and higher wisdom that can be mocked or branded by an unready society, the individual must continue to share their truth regardless of its loneliness 

Saturn in the 12th house: There is a powerful contract written in the theme of sacrifice and salvation. The individual’s duty to the collective are severe, the development of spiritual awareness and gnosis can sweep the individual into madness like a riptide. There are intense, invisible obligations undertaken for the spiritual nature of humanity


I think what I like best about Lotor and his generals relationship is the respect and trust between them.

Lotor never disrespects his generals and they never disrespect him in return.

His generals are allowed to do something that most subordinates of the main antagonist aren’t allowed to do. Question him. 

When Lotor’s Generals have issues or confusion about his plans, he doesn’t get mad. He doesn’t make them feel inferior, raise his voice or put them in their place. He explains his intentions clearly. 

You don’t see that a lot with villains and their subordinates. Zarkon is a prime example.

Even if Lotor’s generals do not agree with his ideas, they listen to him. But honestly, I think that’s more akin to their history than anything else. 

I know there was that one episode where Lotor did scold Axca for failing but you have to remember that he is the boss now. Failure should not be an option.
His scolding was more like how a parent scolds their child. You know the line “I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed” That’s how Lotor acted with Axca. Same way

I can see why the voltron crew is saying that Lotor is different from stereotypical villains. Yes, he may be the bad guy but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy

Cosplay 101: Failure is always an option and that’s okay

My niece asked for a rainbow sword for her birthday and how could I say no to that request? She’s still pretty young, so EVA foam is a good choice.

Got the two halves cut out, that didn’t take long. Normally I’d glue it together, but there’s a separate polycarbonate piece that needs to be cut out, so for now, I’ll tape it together so I can bevel it.

That’s a pretty good bevel job! Just needs a bit of heat to clean up the edges, maybe a bit of spot filling, but hey! Battle damage!

The other side isn’t bad either! Needs a bit more sanding and heat to smooth things out, but looks good!

Between the three pictures, it only looks like a few minutes of work. The reality? This was an hour of work. Why an hour?

Because I kept messing up the second side. 

Messing up sucks. On the other three, I probably had the bevel perfect before I pushed a bit too hard, or caught the foam in the sander, or kept sanding when I should have stopped. But I didn’t, and I messed up, and I had to cut a new piece and start over.

And that’s frustrating, especially if you’re on a budget, or have limited time or resources.

But every screw up taught me what worked and what didn’t work. I learned how much pressure I needed to keep the bevel even. I learned the curved edge catches easier on the disc sander. I learned which direction is easier to bevel in. These are things I wouldn’t have learned if I didn’t make mistakes. And now I know what to do the next time I bevel EVA foam and now I know my next attempts will be better.

So fail, and fail repeatedly,  accept you’re going to fail, especially if you’re trying a new skill. But learn from your mistakes and keep on going. That’s the only way you’ll become good.

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If You Like (TV Edition)

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

“Whatever you heard about Caraval, it doesn’t compare to reality. It’s more than just a game or a performance. It’s the closest you’ll ever find to magic in this world…” Fans of HBO’s Westowold will enjoy the action packed storytelling of ‘Caraval”, as they join the protagonist Scarlett through a world of magic where unlocking each secret comes with a price and while it’s easy to fall into the whimsical atmosphere one must always be careful not to forget, this is only a game. 

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A Study in Charlotte by Brittney Cavallaro

“Jamie Watson has always been intrigued by Charlotte Holmes; after all, their great-great-great-grandfathers are one of the most infamous pairs in history…” This modern take on the classic Sherlock tales follows Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson as they tackle prep school, a murder, their families complicated and well published partnership, and perhaps even a Moriarty.

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Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys

“You are cordially invited to participate in a game of thrills and dares. Tell no one, and come alone. If you dare.” With the show having wrapped its final season, fans of Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars might be looking for something new to sink their teeth into and they should look no further than ‘Dead Girls Society’. When a group of girls from different social circles learn they have the same invitation to play a game they find themselves in a race to see just how far they will go to win where failure is not an option, for the puppet master pulling the strings makes it clear the only way out is death. 

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The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

“What if you aren’t the Chosen One? The one who’s supposed to fight the zombies, or the soul-eating ghosts, or whatever the heck this new thing is, with the blue lights and the death?” If you ever wondered what happened to the characters who filled out the background as the main group in Buffy the vampire Slayer went about their day hunting monsters and stopping the apocalypse this book is for you. Follow Mickey and his group of friends as they go through their senior year in a town where everyone knows something bad lurks in the night, and kids sometimes disappear but Mikey doesn’t have to worry about that because the Chosen ones have it covered, or do they? 

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Alright you clowns i’ve had it up to here with your zack-taylor-is-only-the-funny-friend-and-nothing-else-bs

Because Zack Taylor is funny and loud and sometimes obnoxious, but he’s also extremely dedicated and caring. My god he’s literally punishing himself in these panels because he almost failed to save someone, and he hates that he came so close to that failure.

I mean if these panels tell me anything it’s that this boy hates failure and pushes himself to obscene measures just so that he can keep from making mistakes, never mind the fact that screwing up is just a part of life. I imagine that this mindset bleeds into a lot of other aspects of his life too, like his care of his mother, or the jobs he works to provide for his family. Failure is not an option for Zack Taylor. 

Like he may talk a big game but this kid is dedicated to being a Ranger and to saving people, regardless of his own personal health and that’s important for us to unerstand his character. I mean chances are that Zack is a virulent perfectionist and doesn’t half-ass anything.

Please, his snarkiness and propensity to tell bad jokes is a part of him yes but hes also a multifaceted character, there’s more to him than just being a goofball.

(panels are from the Power Rangers Aftershock comic)

Essays in Existentialism: Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day coming up, how about a themed Clarke and Lexa story?

The hospital swirled with the quiet steady of patients and doctors, all taking their time getting anywhere at all. Nurses stations filled with deliveries of bouquets and cards and chocolates, while the halls were littered with cardboard hearts and babies with little wings and bows. Reds and pinks of every shade and color turned the fifth floor into a haven of sappiness and commercial love.

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If Windu was made the leader of the Jedi, what would this mean for the current leader and everyone’s favorite frog puppet Yoda? Well, now his characterization can also be changed for the better. The Yoda of the original trilogy is a calm, weathered old alien who is one with the Force and never without some simple-yet-deep messages for an impatient Luke. In the prequels, however, he sits around all day until he can go jumping around in lightsaber fights with sick flips and spins, which kinda betrays his teachings from Empire with his talk of “wars make not one great.” But if Windu was the head of the order, Yoda could instead be written as someone who had transcended such titles because of his connection with the Force.

Someone as powerful as Yoda should be above the day-to-day minutia of the Jedi, as well as someone who’s willing to let Padawans and Masters solve problems on their own instead of running to him for broken-English wisdom. But as Windu begins militarizing the Jedi more and more, even Yoda couldn’t keep his opinions to himself, and would eventually have to try and convince the Jedi to hit a blunt and chill the hell out. Sadly, he would find that his words fell on deaf ears thanks to the subtle corruption of Sidious and the allure of glory in the Clone Wars. Now we have a huge, yet narratively coherent, fault for Yoda: he was too complacent after the fall of the Sith a thousand years ago, and didn’t believe it necessary to keep preaching to the choir. He failed the Jedi and retreated into exile because of it. His reaction to Luke leaving for Bespin is now informed by this desire to keep teaching Luke as long as possible, the exact opposite of his actions in the prequels. When he tells Luke the only way to bring balance back to the Force is to chop the shit out of his father, a way of redemption for his failures, Luke’s decision to take the third option and redeem Anakin is another powerful way to show how Luke is going to change the Jedi for the better.

5 Franchises With One Weak Character (And How To Fix Them)

MythBusters  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Holy crap, RUN!”
  • “Here comes chaos!”
  • “QUACK, damn you!”
  • “When in doubt… C-4.”
  • “Am I missing an eyebrow?”
  • “Well, there’s your problem…”
  • “Failure is ALWAYS an option!”
  • “Generally, I prefer a little bit more.”
  • “I always enjoy seeing _____ in pain.”
  • “This is starting to feel like a BAD idea….”
  • “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”
  • “Our Death Ray doesn’t seem to be working.”
  • “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, right?”
  • “High explosives and electricity, WHOO HOO!”
  • “This is why we can never have anything nice…”
  • “If I had any dignity, that would have been humiliating.”
  • “Oh, my God! This is more fun than should be allowed.”
  • “This is one of those ‘What the hell am I doing?’ moments.”  
  • “Remember, don’t try this at home. We’re what you call EXPERTS.”
  • “I think that was one of the most destructive things I’ve ever done. That was cool!”
  • “I think this thing could hurt you. I think we’re about to find out whether it will hurt you.”
  • “Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down!”
  • “You know, I promised my mom and dad I wouldn’t do anything stupid after I got out of college.”

It took Obama less than a day to get the White House website up to code. Trump’s still isn’t.

  • Almost two weeks since Trump’s inauguration, the White House website may not be in compliance with federal rules governing website access for people with disabilities and non-English speakers.
  • Under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, federal websites and websites that receive federal funds are required to have accessibility features for blind and vision-impaired people.
  • And a Bill Clinton-era executive order requires federal websites to meet certain requirements for assisting people with limited English proficiency.
  • Kenneth Shiotani, a senior staff attorney for the National Disability Rights Network, pointed out the Trump administration’s failure to display accessibility features for people with disabilities.
  • The website also includes no option for Spanish translation.
  • In 2009, the Obama administration’s site featured both Spanish translation and accessibility features on inauguration day. Read more

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Nineteen Things I've Learned at Nineteen

     1. Mindset: The characteristic that differentiates you from everyone else. A vehicle that is driven daily by you. How you perceive and express the unique soul that you are. Something that changes with you as you grow older, no matter what. Your experiences help with the rapid evolution taking place in your mind while living in this seamlessly changing world we roam about. Accept change even if you don’t want to, because in all honesty you’ll be a different person a  year from now. Capitalize on any opportunity put before you that can enhance your mindset, friend. An open mind, is key. Don’t live life shunning ideas out when it can potentially be the things you love.

     2. Love: A word with an infinite amount of meanings. A choice not a feeling. People say, “Love fades away.” the only reason for that is because they chose to stop trying with that person. If both of you wake up everyday wanting each other as much as you did in the beginning of the relationship, it’s bound to last. Love isn’t easy, it’s just as difficult as people claim it is. But, have you heard the phrase, “Nothing good comes easy?” So, why give up as soon as you both experience signs of hardship?

     3. Happiness: As temporary as it currently is, possibly one of the best feelings you may experience. The state of well-being. The small moments in life that you wish could last forever. Ultimately the goal everyone wants to reach in life. Happiness may exist more in other peoples lives, but you should never envy them. Because, eventually, you’ll experience true happiness. A happiness you thought would have never been present in your life. Seize that moment and never let it go. If you’re still afraid that won’t happen anytime soon, don’t worry at all. It’ll come when you least expect it.

     4. Depression: The feeling of being stuck. Helplessness. Hopeless. Tired. There are ways to soothe it, but it never really feels like it goes away. The hole you are trapped in seems to be too far down to see the light on the other side. You’re a great liar, because everyday you go out it’s unnoticeable. The second you get home, you find yourself in your room overthinking the unthinkable. Bottling everything up, because who wants to hear about it anyway? That’s the best way to lead yourself to self destruction. It may be hard to know exactly what you’re feeling, but people love you. No matter how much you disagree, there are people who care and want to listen. Your walls don’t need to be as high as mountains, because even the greatest people will get tired of being pushed away.

     5. Loneliness: Alone. By yourself. A room full of unfamiliar faces. Some people’s worst nightmare. A feeling you dread. But, comfort can be found in being alone. You may find out things you never knew about yourself, because no one else was there with you. No one else was there to give you advice, or another point of view. That can help you grow as an individual, showing you that you’re just as strong by yourself. A little step towards loving yourself.

     6. Music: Have you ever closed your eyes while listening to one of your favorite songs and sang as loud and sincere as you could? Falling victim to the sweet melody. Thinking of all the things that you and the artist can relate in. The lyrics are the emotions that you cannot express in words. The beat is the different layers of sound that can instantly trigger that emotion in your brain. Music is an escape from reality. A safe haven. A stress reliever. A shoulder to cry on.

     7. Insight: A person is letting you into their life. Giving you the details of certain problems they have faced. Not holding any detail back. You’ve been told you’re a good listener, and you love when people vent to you. Because they trust you, and depend on you. You get to speak your point of view and comfort them, but don’t feed them lies. They’re telling you for a reason, don’t sugar coat anything. If something they are doing is preventing them from accomplishing their overall goal, point it out. If you told your problems to somebody and they responded with things that you didn’t want to hear, but you know deep down it’s true. How would you feel about that person?

     8. Doubts: It’s only normal. A gut feeling that is hard to shake off. You may have doubted yourself many times before. Something as simple as thinking you’ve done poorly on a test, or maybe as extreme as doubting someone’s words towards you. The great thing about doubts is, that the uncertainty that you felt for the short/long period of time will become a certainty. It’ll be answered, and then a new worry will introduce itself and that’s just part of the process of life.

     9. Defense Mechanisms: You once loved someone so deeply. You loved them so, because you’ve never been hurt before. Gave them everything you had, and it still wasn’t enough. They left. It seems as if they never cared for you in the first place, you were just an item for the time being. You may have been lost and confused, because this hasn’t ever happened to you. The person you’ve gotten attached to has detached. And it hurts. It hurts so fucking much, and you’re left picking up the pieces in the end. The promises to yourself start rolling in. “I’m never going to be that attached again.” “I’ll never let anyone break through my walls again.” etc… You’ve built your walls strong and high. You’ve grown weary on people’s intentions with you. You’ve toned down the feelings you’ve once felt. Pushed people away when you’ve felt they’re getting to know you a little too much. The only person you’re hurting is yourself, because you may have pushed out some of the greatest people you could meet. All because you never want to hurt like that again.

     10. Relationships: What makes us human? The ability to talk? Walk? Morality? The creativity we may possess? Our brain? Or is it the relationships we build with people we meet throughout life? Meeting the different personalities, different mindsets, and characters out there in the world. Bonds of trust being formed over simple or complex communication. A friend, family member, or significant other. These relationships that are crafted are symbiotic. You both learn something from one another. Whether it’s a new word, or a new perspective of a situation or idea. Lessons are always a result of a relationship good or bad.

     11. Obstacles: A certainty in life. In fact, life wouldn’t be the same without a little struggle here and there. The two options are success or failure. There may be some obstacles you cannot overcome at the time it arises, but you will be able to once you’re ready. And if you still don’t succeed, everything happens for a reason, don’t get discouraged. Maybe the task was for you to fail, because when a door closes, three more open.

     12. Lost: There’s no way to explain this feeling. Pure emptiness and misdirection. You ponder on the choices you’ve made to get you to the spot you’re in. Contemplating the direction of the next step you should take. Worrying if you take that step you’d become even more confused. But then there is also the possibility of finding your footing once again. Leading you on the right track that you needed to be. Our minds are powerful, sometimes they get away from us. But things will fall into place, no matter how far you’ve wondered off track, you’ll get to where you need to be.

     13. Life: An infinite amount of questions flutter around life. In short, It’s what you make of it. You are in control of everything for yourself. The things that happen around you is decided by fate. Negativity may plague your life, but you can live it positively. Or your life may be full of positivity, but you live it negatively. Sometimes you can be dealt shitty cards, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of the game.

     14. Path: The story you’re going to tell. The journey you are living in this moment. The decisions you’ve made, the things you have learned. The skills you’ve picked up, and the people you’ve run into. The mark you will leave in this world, and on the people you have come into contact with. The path you cannot see, because it’s not carved in front of you yet. And why would you want to look back?

     15. Past: Things that you cannot change. Things that already happened. The anchor that can hold you down, from swimming up. Why continue drowning?

     16. Morality: Something as simple as cracking a smile back at someone who smiled at you. The restoration of faith in humanity. Or the, “Are you fucking serious?” question you ask yourself consistently about ten times a day. Why treat somebody the way you wouldn’t want to be treated? Instead of speaking out of impulse, think about the things you’re about to say. The way you present yourself and how you treat people can be changed, for better or worse. Everyone you speak to is human, they have feelings. Take that into consideration.

     17. Forgiveness: A hard thing to do a times. It may feel like the person that has done wrong to you, doesn’t even deserve it. But holding on to a grudge can affect you from moving on and forgetting. Instead of taking the knife they stabbed you in the back with and stabbing them back, drop it. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You have the opportunity to be the bigger person. It’s something you owe yourself, because showing forgiveness is harder than showing anger. And you want to prove to yourself that you’re stronger than they thought. Forgive and Forget.

     18. Value: Know your value and the value of everything else you have. Don’t take anything less than what you deserve. If someone isn’t treating you with the same kind of respect you treat them, it’s time to cut ties. You are worth the world and more and some people will see that, but not all. Don’t take anything you have right now for granted either. Because as soon as you do, it’ll be taken away from you.

     19. Wisdom: Elders, peers, siblings, parents, family, teachers, and friends. Everyone lives a different life. The more you ask, the more you’re aware of the different places people come from. There is no same resolution to identical situations. Expand your knowledge of why people do things a certain way. Everyone was raised differently, don’t expect the world to be just like you.