a failed attempt-

it fucking kills me
that we parted this way-
it’s like everything that has happened
between us
always meant to end on
these fiercely negative terms…
i had my chance,
and i fucking blew it.
i spent too much time
basking in perfect contentment
in the beauty of your company
when all i wanted to do
was tell you that i still love you
i found the words getting caught
in my throat.
i was so terribly afraid of 
anything and everything
going wrong
and as soon as i finally realized
that we were okay,
that there was no awkward tension
or empty silence-
i fell just short of all that i 
had promised to myself
leading up to this fateful day.
i failed myself
in not doing exactly what
i had set out to do,
i failed myself in not telling you
the truth.
it seems like fate got in the way
once again,
in having your best friend show
up right as i was ready
to give you my all.
this was my one and only change
to fix what was broken
and now i think i have lost
it forever.
as much as it hurts me
to know how many more 
tears i will undoubtedly shed-
i suppose that this
is exactly how it was supposed 
to be.
the universe gave us a sign
and stopped me from
baring my soul to you one last time.
there will never be you
and me
i hope you know that i tried
that all i wanted was to 
mend what was broken.
i am so sorry
i know that i failed us.


I’m selling prints of some of my recent and favorite work in order to fund upcoming zine releases. These are just a few of the images I have available, more on my site  and any of my work you like can be made into a print in a multitude of sizes. I’d like to try and get some more work put out soon without having to resort to crowd funding. I feel this would better suit my work, school, and personal schedules and allow me to get my new projects out without any added pressure. 

Our biggest detriment as a species is not failure, but our belief that failing means that we’ve lost the rights to start again. We haven’t - you fail, you get back up. You fail again. You get back up again. Whatever. It doesn’t matter - you’ll get there eventually, and as long as you do, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down on the way.
—  Something that my arête teacher said to me in June and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since. 
Be mindful of the way you may compulsively sell yourself to others, of the embarrassed tone that may creep in your voice when you explain that you don’t have a plan yet, of the way you qualify what you’re doing with “just this job…” or “only that class…” Please be gentle with yourself always. In spite of what they may say, most humans are still in the process of searching for life. You are a beautiful, perfectly imperfect person whose worth is not monetary. Failure isn’t the enemy; fear of failure is.

#ows - The criminal justice system in America is #failure when 2 completely different standards are being applied. One is when you get arrested arrested after smoking pot then you end up with a serious criminal record. While the other standard is applied to those reckless banksters who wreck the economy with no punishment or stupid fines which they can write off making it affordable. ONLY in America is where would have a criminal justice system that fails when it’s rigged to favor those who can afford it.

Crime does pay for people like the bankster.