normal analysis video: nintendo didn’t do so well in the wii u era due to a lot of things, the wii u wasn’t different enough from the wii marketing wise, nintendo focused too much on the 3ds compared to the wii u, it didn’t have a lot of third party support, and they underestimated new things that were becoming more important in gaming like social media and online play, among other things.

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First jus wanna say I love your blog! Esp the bedtime stories 😍💘 i wanna ask something so don't get mad? So I saw an ask about a daddy getting cheated on by his little and your answer was that it was a chance for him to grow and learn? Why do you say that, and then when a little gets cheated on you say the daddy is fake, horrible, doesn't deserve them, and that they have to leave them? Why is it okay for a little to do that, but not a daddy? Doesn't seem fair to me 😐

I never said it was okay in either respect. Its just not that common… and I dont commonly hear about it that much. what you do hear repeatedly on a daily basis is about how some pervert, or pedophile, or wolf in sheeps clothing pretending to be a daddy just totally eviscerates the persons hopes, dreams, and aspirations. i’m not saying that doesnt happen to daddies… because it does. its just not very common because you dont commonly find good daddies to begin with.

in regards to my “chance for them to grow” comment.. it goes for both sides. Mistakes are not failtures, they are what give us the opportunity to move forward. 

I know I make it seem like I have some great DD/lg life and track record, but truth be told I have been burned and hurt plenty.

I have been cheated on. 

I have been abandoned.

I have been thrown to the wayside like a bag of garbage.

One little literally abandoned me in the middle of a conversation where things were going well. She was in one of her classes at university, we were having a great conversation, she sent me a picture with a smile and then poof.

One little all the sudden one day decided she wasnt into DD/lg anymore. Only when she was horny… and basically told me she turned it on and off like a light switch. This after we had been in a relationship for over a month.

One was doing drugs behind my back and making out with guys to get those said drugs.

Others I have mentored have just disappeared.. 

ive been chewed up and spit out my fair share along with way. … i just take whats thrown at me and what i am put through and use it as a chance to grow and learn and become better tomorrow.