Always check who is lying next to you in your hotel bed

This is why:
Once my ex-coworker checked in a woman and a man in the same room. they didn’t know each other, they never met before.
They both arrived late and did not go into the room. They decided to party first and then check the room. They went out had a blast and drank on or two drinks to much. Both of them came back within half an hour. They layed down in the bed and well they were drunk and needy so they had sex.
The next morning they woke up next do each other. Let me tell you it was a suprise for both of them because somehow both of them thought their better half is next to them.
They came down and made my life hell.
However now she is pregnent and he is the father  and they are both sueing the hotel.
I just found that out. she is fucking pregnent.
Let that sink in.