I wish I could fit all the photos from these costumes into one set, I really do ;^; I don’t even know where to begin…but I’ll try and make this quick///

I can’t believe I finally made this costume after all these years, and to make it perfect, to wear it with such amazing people and cosplayers I’m still in awe and want to cry from such bliss each time I look at these! Chrono Crusade has been such a big part in my life for such a long time. It was the first real series I ever read as a manga way back when, and if you’ve read it too, I think we can agree that you’ll never forget the first time you read it all. It holds, quite possibly, my highest regard and favorite story of all time and, without a doubt, I would be nothing of the person I am today because of it. I’m honestly surprised (and proud!) of myself for not crying my makeup off seeing us all together. I’m still not sure if it’s heartwarming or heart wrenching?? I made some of the best memories wearing Rosette this past youma and I cannot wait to wear her again with, what we hope to be, more members to join in <3


Demon Chrono/failmacaw



Photo credits go to (in order): TofuPhotography, Cosplay in Black and White, cosIT, Potatokraken (4 and 7), Swoz(5 and 6) Thank you all so much, as always, you make us look so beautiful and animu <3

To everyone that went into this, stopped to talk to us about this silly manga that broke our hearts for the rest of our lives, took a picture, gave a passing compliment, and everything in-between, thank you all! you’re what makes this hobby so rewarding <3


Ohayocon complete.

I mostly have a lot of sorting, editing, and hopefully I can show some sort of growth. I purposefully scheduled less shoots for myself so I could focus on having fun with the shoots themselves, and taking time to work on quality post production. SO, that’s hopefully something that reflects here.

Otherwise, the con itself was whatever and had very little to offer other than hanging out with friends. The friend hanging out was top notch A+ good times, and I got to meet in person a few people I’ve been corresponding with for a while, so that was rad.

Here’s some previews from Day 1, 2 and 3.

Cosplayers are:




…Mission accomplished?

wow so cosplay

there was more than this but these are the only ones that matter to me :v everything was either brand new, revamped, or in ty lee’s case, finally worn to a real convention. This last year was the best year yet, and not just in cosplay! I met so SO many new friends, lifelong friends, that i cannot wait to make more memories with this next year and years to come you guys know who you are and you all mean the world to me <3 Biggest shoutout to my lovely lady and partner in crime, Dawn, always so flawless and always the best <33 and Sean, shoots with you are always my fondest memories and the best part of any convention. A con without you guys just isn’t much of a con at all uwu

In no particular order, photo credits go to: Swoz, Animaze-GuyPhotography, Elemental Photography, potatokraken, CTGraphy, slothtier, Dragonfanphotos, MissHeartlessgirl, and cosIT Photography

Thank you all so so much as always, this hobby wouldn’t be much without you <33

I already have plans for 2014 to be a monster of a year for cosplay ;) Kicking off right this january at Ohayocon, keep an eye out!

So heres a fun story

We cosplayed genderbent Homestuck trolls at Colossalcon for fun! Our friend Monet was unable to attend and she cosplays Gamzee. So, in honor of her, our Femzee imitated a picture of her from a shoot she did with Amanda last colossalcon! We love you Monet and you were sorely missed!

Original Photo by Elemental and Featuring harshwhimsical
Second Photo by Potatokraken featuring failmacaw



The didn’t come out the best quality because frick my camera but hhh,,, I was so happy and lucky to get some photos with failmacaw as Equius!!! Dawn is and always will be my favorite Eq uwu ever since I first cosplayed nepeta

I’m Nep and failmacaw is Equius if you haven’t gathered and um

I’m not really certain who took the photo for me but thank you very much!!!


Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure?), short for “costume play”, is a type of performance art in which participants wear costumesand accessories to represent a specific character or idea from a work of fiction. Cosplayers often interact to create asubculture centered on role play. A broader use of the term cosplay applies to any costumed role play in venues apart from the stage, regardless of the cultural context.

Nia / Mako / Hiccup / Travis / Photo

I take my hobbies seriously. 

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