ok so with Hiveswap out ive been thinking about Homestuck a lot lot more. I refuse to let myself fall into the state of obsession I was once in but I had a thought and I couldn’t not share it. I was thinking about the role Zodiac signs play in Homestuck and that lead me to think about the Tarot. Where I had a realization, the 22 sburb players and the 22 major arcana have waaaaaaay too many similarities. Here’s my thought process:

John: “The Fool” not only is it the first Arcana but also John tends to know nothing as we mainly learn the rules of the universe through him. Also his character is mega centralized around comedy and practical humor, Sassacre’s text being the prime example.

Rose: “The Moon” this is due to her mysticism with dark yet benevolent forces such as the Horrorterrors as well as Grimdarkness

Dave: “The Hanged Man” the part of Dave’s classpect that makes him so powerful is his use of the Doomed Dave’s (prime example being Davesprite) existence. They can lead him in the right direction and assist him as well as harm him but they are always sentenced to death regardless.

Jade: “The World” her classpect manipulates the physical and spacial properties of the the universe, as well as her actions in minimizing the worlds of the inciphisphere and leading them to the new session.

Aradia: “Death” The role the concept of death plays in her character as well as her constant infatuation with the concept of funerals and corpses speaks enough.

Tavros: “The Chariot” so obviously Tavros uses a lance and a wheeled machine but beyond that, Tavros’ entire character development, as well as his role as a Page is based around moving forward and looking straight ahead.

Sollux: “The Lovers” a little less obvious but hear me out. Sollux’s whole character is centered around duality, and every major point of conflict for Sollux is based around failed romance, his matespritship with Aradia that lead to her death, as well as his budding moirallegience with Feferi that lead to her death, and his (½) death.

Karkat: “The Emperor” Karkat makes a very clear point in being the leader of the situation, his rancorous nature, as well as his strife specibus being sicklekind also speak to this.

Nepeta: “The Hermit” Nepeta often keeps herself isolated due to Equius’ wishes, she even lives in a cave.

Kanaya: “The Sun” this is due to her relationship with the green sun as a rainbow drinker as well as her being the only troll to ever enjoy sunlight.

Terezi: “Justice” I find this one is fairly obvious from her introduction scene with the scalemate trial as well as her confrontation with Vriska.

Vriska: “The Wheel of Fortune” her powers and her weapon both rely on her good fortune. Her strife specibus revolves around the idea of rolling a dice, or alternatively, spinning a wheel

Equius: “Strength” Not only is there the obvious implication in his muscles, but Equius always has infatuation with the strength of others, as to why he despises many lowbloods and refuses to lay a hand on highbloods.

Eridan: “The Magician” From the first moment we see Eridan he constantly refers to his hobby with magic, his strife specibus for a period of time is wandkind, and even though he states he doesn’t believe in magic, he also is known to state many other things about himself that are clearly denial. The part he plays as an angel slayer also brings black magic to mind.

Feferi: “The High Priestess” Originally I believed Feferi was the Empress but with more thought I find that role goes better toward another player. Feferi, although royal, never rules, instead she heals all, not just the royally blooded.

Jane: “The Empress” Her assosciation with the “batterwitch” and The Condensce, the real Empress of Alternia, is enough to speak to Jane being represented by the Empress Arcana.

Roxy: “Temperance” Her entire arc around recovering from alcoholism.

Dirk: “The Tower” His early character revolves around being hard to approach and distant from the rest of the group.

Jake: “The Hierophant” His intrigue with ancient ruins and treasure. His whole reputation as an adventurer really.

Calliope: “The Star” Kind and bright she supports the Alpha kids from afar and spreads positivity.

Caliborn: “Judgement” Lord English plays the role of a god-like figure, administering what ever it wants to do and believes it should.

Thoughts? It seems too damn convenient for it to just be a coincidence.

EDIT: oops, forgot, Gamzee is the Devil Arcana for obvious reasons
“El Interrogatorio”

Ella: ¿Qué harías si muero?

Él: Te guardaría luto.

Ella: ¿Durante mucho tiempo?

Él: ¡Muchísimo tiempo!

Ella: ¿Por qué?

Él: (Serio) Porque te quiero y tu pérdida sería dolorosa para mí

Ella: (Con una sonrisa) ¡Que Bonito! ¿Volverías a casarte con otra?

Él: No.

Ella: (Con expresión dolida) ¿Por qué no? ¿No te gusta estar casado?

Él: Sí que me gusta.

Ella: Entonces ¿sí que te volverías a casar?

Él: (Carraspea) Creo que después de haberte guardado luto durante el tiempo suficiente y mi vida volviese a tener sentido, sí.

Ella: ¿También dormirías con ellas en nuestra cama?

Él: Es de suponer, ¿o no?

Ella: ¿Reemplazarías mi foto por la de ella en la mesita de noche?

Él: Pondría las dos fotos.

Ella: ¿También tendrías sexo con ella?, ¿En nuestra cama?

Él: (Bebiendo un sorbo de café) Seguramente llegaríamos a eso. Supongo…

Ella: ¿Jugarías también al beisbol con ella?

Él: Sí, lo haría.

Ella: ¿Le darías mi guante de beisbol?

Él: No, ella es zurda.

Ella: ¿Cóoomoooo?

Él: ¡Puta madre, la he cagado!

CONCLUSION: Jamás te sometas al interrogatorio de una Mujer.
No tenemos resistencia, ni inteligencia para ello.


Te Defiendes Mejor

Sitting before me is a woman you might like

Sitting before me is a woman you might like.
She is dedicated and calm,
She’s got long hair, the colour like
Mine, green eyes, freckles and lip balm.
She is dressed modestly and bears
No signs of other make-up, accessories,
excesses or high-heeled footwear,
Her hands are smaller, and her mind
Is more focused than mine.
She is a law student, currently
Studying labour law.

She doesn’t fiddle with her hair
And she doesn’t write poems about strangers.

She doesn’t look at other fair girls
Trying to picture them with her beloved on a date
Imagining the meter of their heart-beat rates
She doesn’t waste her time,
She isn’t lagging behind,
She doesn’t wake up trembling
Under the absent touch of a boy
who’s been unavailable or busy or ill,
who stopped writing, but swears
he’s been trying and he still
Holds her dear,
I bet she doesn’t even like beer.

She’s no one’s comrade, she is a lawyer.

 And I know you two would fit,
because she’d keep you frozen with awe
with her talk about claims, demands and laws
Of affection,
I’ll bet she’d give you an errection
with her well-structured, lingustically accurate
logical argumentation that shields
the parts of her you’ll never get to
perhaps you two were really meant to
be, perhaps her magnetic fields
will attract you, yet keep you at arm’s length,
perhaps she’ll unlock your emotional strength
and make you want to protect her,
Oh I’ll bet you’d be thrilled, if you’d met her!

It’s hopeless, pathetic and it can’t be helped
I reckon I’m not your lucky strike
But darling I couldn’t help but notice that
Sitting before me is a woman you might like.


Okay, but imagine this as your otp. Muse A the professor & Muse B the student. They’ve only interacted in passing or talked about school related things, Muse B being an their student, a student is average. Both fail at romance & have tried dating sitess/apps. Maybe both muses have ran into each other with dates, any awkward situations to make this more awkward.. Then they both try a new dating app that everyone says is a really good one & this happens. What do the muses doing? Talk and see why they were matched, seeing if a connection could really happen?

Kiwi - Harry Styles Imagine

Words: 3,215

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Requested: No

Warnings: Swearing, mention of drugs and alcohol

Based off the song, ‘Kiwi’

Part 1 of ‘Kiwi’ - Part 2 - Part 3

They met back in high school, bumping into each other in the hallway. He did not know her at first, learning that she just moved from New Zealand, but she was not your typical girl. Her status from her parents made her known across her school. But she was not like the other girls he found, he knew about parties that went on on school nights, where all her friends went, but he saw her at the local market, or at the park on those nights. He found that she was never interested in drinking, drugs or sex, like the other boys and girls. She would turn down everyday date with her friend’s friends, they told her that she was boring for not doing it, but it was the money that kept their friendship tied.

He tried his best to talk to her, every time he would see her, he tried to have the courage to say a simple word, but none came out. He knew he was like every other ‘low commoner’ of the school, over being head over heels in love, but, he could not care about it, all he wanted was a simple conversation at that moment.

It was a month after that finally whispered a word to her. He learned over the month that she was in his gym class, and art, but she stayed to her friends. She changed classes, changed chemistry classes, for unknown reasons. Harry was out of the bliss, he was scribbling random doodles when she walked in, him not knowing, it was the moment that the teacher said, “Miss. (Y/L/N), take a sit next to Mr. Styles.”, that all it took for him to look out, her telling him a ‘thank you’ and sitting next to him, on his left.

He tried his best not to stare, to be different around her, but when the teacher finished his lesson, and told the class to finish up their notes he turned to her, her not knowing.

“Hi, (Y/N).” He mumbled, he knew he was dead right there and then, wanting to shoot himself for just saying, ‘hello’, to the most known girl around school, but her head shot up.

“Hello, Harry.” She said back, him picking up on the foreign accent, he turned to his body towards her, she just smiled.

“You know my name?” He asked.

“Of course, I’m not a person to just know my friends, you seem really nice, so I asked around, and I found out, you’re also in my gym class.” She stated.

It escalated from there, it went from waving in the hallway, her friends giggling to her about how she can’t wave to people below them, but she did not care. Then, the two started to hang out more, (Y/N) coming away from her girlfriends and starting to hang out with him. He learned more about her, how her mum is British and her father was a Kiwi, like her, how her family has striving business, and that her parents are too poche for her taste, having a man already lined up to take her hand in marriage, but she ignored what will happen in the future and lived in the moment. That was one thing he loved about her, her living in the moment, worrying about the future another day.

But it was not friendship that arose, months later, their first kiss took upon, together, and it came more. They were a couple, her staying always at his house, even overnight, she wanted to escape her parents, the fighting between them and her brother, and their marriage, she did not want to walk along the hallways and get lost, she wanted to stay beside the one person she knew loved her, and that was him. It all came from a simple, ‘hello’, but like every relationship, it somehow ends. When Harry was the one to tour around the world, part of a band, he was not her safe haven anymore. The two fell apart, she got married, all accordingly to plan, she was married at the age of seventeen, both parents consent, in Scotland. He was hitting world records then, touring the world with his new band, singing his first album, forgetting her.

She thought she was happy, moving to New York, taking her dream job and becoming a therapist, she liked it at first, but it was more of her parents wanting her to become that, but she got a job as a waitress, and married a rich business man. But the days dreaded, school days were long, work days were longer, and coming home to a drunk husband was never fun. She she excused herself, she quit her job, finished school, and became a therapist, working from eight to five. Though instead of going home to her husband who would be either drunk off his ass or fucking another girl, she went to a bar, drank, flirted, did drugs sometimes, just living her young life to the fullest.

He was twenty-two when he saw her again, he was in New York for work, and saw her at a coffee shop, but she was in and out, not even seeing him, but he saw her. When he dated her in his teens, she seemed all innocent, rich, daddy’s girl, a virgin, but no. Dating her was the time of his life, she was adventurous, just adding a tad bit of excitement to his boring world. She took him to places that forbid them by law, example, private properties, going to the carnival when it was closed, walking the streets at 2am, in the rain and blasting ‘Greenday’, throughout the small, dodgy places. It made him feel like he was unstoppable around her. But one thing he forgot, she was the one who told him to go on the X-factor, she was the reason he was standing in a fancy, New York coffee shop, selling records that hit the top of the charts, and he forgot all about her, did not even come and say his famous, ‘hello’ to her, when visiting his mother, did not call her, text nor email, just placed her in his subconscious mind, and look what it has gotten him, failed romances and singing his lungs out.

He finally talked to her a week later, walking into a bar, trying to drown himself on whatever was on tap. He saw her in the corner of the place, in a black, tight, strapless dress, flirting with a few guys and taking in the smoke of a cigarette like it was candy, while smoking one. But, he realised that she was not as innocent looking as she once was, now she has a perm, a tattooed arm, and she is showing as much skin as possible, laughing and drinking. He could not stop staring at her, she has changed, and he wanted to know, how.
Harry slowly took in the drinks, not as fast as her, drowning herself in hard liquor, and bossing the boys around her in how to win a game of pool. She was your typical badass girl, now. It must’ve felt like minutes, but it was more as an hour, when she finally noticed Harry, she gave him a smirk, excused herself from few college boys, and headed his way. She turned around at the beginning, giving a look to a boy when he smacked her ass, but she just gave him a smirk and walked off, sitting next to him.

“Look who I found, the famous Harry Styles. Is it just me, love, but were you staring at me, should I feel honoured that a man like yourself was looking at me?” She said, signaling towards the bartender to get her another, he laughed, telling the bartender to cancel the order and give her a water.

“I don’t really know, (Y/N). How much have you been drinking?” He asked, trying to figure out how drunk she was. She laughed, glaring at him.

“Had a few scotches, rums, and a whiskey, it was whatever those wankers over there, got me. I did not feel like buying myself drinks.” She said, leaning down on the table, trying to get over the alcohol, noting it was only a little bit past ten.

“Let me take you home, (Y/N), you’re pissed off your ass. Where do you live?” He asked, she started to get up, using Harry as a object to help her, starting to strut towards the door, ignoring his question.

Once outside, she turned to him, giving him her famous smirk, wrapping her arms around his neck, placing her head on his chest. Harry did not feel awkward for some reason, just wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her.

“Let’s get you home.” He simply said, placing her arm around his shoulder and helping her walk, placing her into his car that was around the corner of the pub.

She sat next to him, staring ahead, he took note of her tattooes, some of them looked retro, sailor girls, anchors, boats and water, he remembered how much she enjoyed swimming, that was one thing she use to do, that he could never do. In the early mornings, she use to come to the local dock, jumping off, just wearing a bikini, going into the pacific. He could never have the gut to just wear a bathing suit, no wet suit nor life jacket, she could stay in there for hours, he use to be the one who had to pull her out before she got hypothermia. She was still staring ahead, but she spoke to him, but not looking, grabbing the water bottle beside her.

“I don’t want to go home.” Is all she said, straight face, looking at the traffic that lied ahead, even though they were still in park. Harry looked ahead now, watching the drunks walk out of the pub.

“Why? Where do you want me to take you?” He asked, she turned to him, still all serious faced.

“Can you take me to your place, I just don’t want to go home.” She said, grabbing her phone from her bag and placing it on silent, he did not even realise that it was ringing. Harry felt controlled by her, that was one thing that happened in their past relationship. People dig dominant girls, and she is more than just that, it drove men around her crazy, it drove him crazy. But he placed the car in drive and took her to his New York apartment, sitting in silence.

“What are you doing for a living?” He said out of the blue, she just looked at him, taking a deep breath.

“I’m a therapist, but it seems I can deal with my patients problems better than myself.” She said, starting to laugh. Harry remembered she use to tell her deepest secrets when she was drunk, that is why she did it so much, to not hide herself.

“How so?” He asked, watching the road, she did the same.

“Take me home, actually, turn here.” She told him, all Harry did was nod, pulling up to a more than a million dollar mansion, walking out.

“Bye Harry, see you around.” Is all she said, starting to walk up the long pathway towards the house, lights turning on.

Harry saw her again, a few days later, she was sitting outside of a bar, drinking and coming down from her high. She was in a different black dress, but just as showy, just watching around her. Harry saw her, he was walking down the road to get to his apartment, when he just saw her, looking up the blue sky, and just thinking. His body took control and he sat right next to her. It took him by surprise when she was the first one to talk.

“I’m quitting. I know I said it before, but I am doing it.” She stated, still looking ahead of her, taking her left hand and passing him the bottle of beer. She was sober, he thought she was high, but she was sober.

“I follow the same fucking routine, everyday. Wakeup, escape from that house, go to work, get high after with some fuck heads from college, fuck one, drink and pass out as home.” He just nodded, letting her continue.

“Harry, you promised me you’d come back, and you did, but never to me.” She said, turning to him, placing her head on his shoulder. He took note of the wedding ring that laid upon her left, ring finger.

“I know, and I’m—” He was interrupted.

“It’s fine. You promised to marry me and look at me, now, going home to a fuck head, because that is what my parents wanted, apparently.” She said, it took him by surprise, a girl like her, as strong as her, opinionated and passionate, actually married the man that her parents sent up her with.

“I love you.” He blurted out, she took her head off of his shoulders.

Like every relationship, it escalated, it was like them, the two of them became more, ignoring what will happen and live in the moment, she would come to his place, talk about their life, he learned that she is still the girl who made life fun. She felt like herself around him, again, forget about her husband. He learned that she loves to play with men, and it made him laugh. It was only weeks together, but he changed her, she stopped smoking, drinking and doing the drugs, and she just lived like before. But the relationship did not just end like that, they started to date, to kiss, to make love to each other. They were still young, let them live a little longer.

“My husband is such a hypocrite. When we married, I was seventeen and he was twenty-five, and it was like we eloped, going to Scotland, got married, no wedding, really, and went straight to New York. Anyway, we said to each other that we could not see anyone, a month later, I found out he has girlfriends, and fuck buddies, so I did not care anymore. I just use his money for school and a nice ride and place to stay, and just lived, hooked up, dated. I fucking hate this wedding ring, it’s like a thousand pounds, but I don’t like my home.” She concluded and starting to laugh, he just watched her. The two of them were sitting on his couch, drinking wine and sharing experiences.

“I loved to play with guys, played hard to get, I just felt loved in a way, so I was like an actress, every night I would go to another bar, have a new identity, and name and pretend I was someone else, but I would always wear a black dress, it was like therapy to me, I felt loved.” She said to him.

Love came out of the relationship, (Y/N) filed for a divorce, she started to become more with Harry, until. Harry and her ended months later, she ended it, she did not know why, but the two were constantly fighting. She took up the hard liquor again, not the drugs nor smoking, but she enjoyed the liquor, the divorce went through, fastly, surprising her, but she would come home drunk sometimes, she was uncontrollable, he found, just like before. She loved to do what she use to do, she the same, look like an angel in the day, but was a demon by night, and he could not function with her. He also wanted to end it and focus with his life, his music, it was the best for both of them, she wanted to explore the world, and he could not do that with her. But what hooked her to walk away was the words he spoke to her, “You’re a drunk, constantly craving for attention, it is like during the day, you don’t care about me, that I am here, and that I love you, and you go out and get pissed out of your mind, mess around with guys, with flirting, and come home and demand attention from me, sex from me. You need to go to rehab, we are done.” It hurt her those words, but there were more than that said. And he just left, like before, not telling he was going, he went away, and forgot, like the first time around, but she called him.

She sat next to him, months afar from the night of the bar, she was still, sitting next to him on the couch, it was like she was a silhouette, looking ahead, can’t tell if she was alive or not, like the night they met, driving her home, she showed no emotion. Minutes later, she stood up. She called Harry to ask if he could come over, she had something to tell him, but she did not know if she could squeeze it out, blurt it to him, she got up, helped herself to the liquor that was in the cupboard. Sitting next to him, she acted the same, giving him a cup of the famous liquor, Hard Candy, she gave him a glass, she took the bottle, chugging it.

“Fuck it.” She said, placing the bottle down, and started to kiss him.

Now she sat, it was four months since the two ended, she has not seen him for four months, and she sat next to the toilet, the taste of vomit still in her mouth, and four pregnancy sticks above her on the counter, she knew it before she could look at it, but again, she was just a broken drunk, according to him. He has not contacted her for four months, when she tried to call, it went straight to voicemail.

It was half an hour of sitting in her own pity party when she finally got up, took the sticks and sat down in the same spot, next the toilet, all four of them read the same, the stupid double, pink line. She did not know what to do, so she pulled her phone out, tapped his number and waited, it went straight to voicemail, like she expected.

“Hi Harry, its me, (Y/N), I know you don’t want to talk to me, but I just want to let you know that I am better, I went to rehab, and I’m fine, but you really did hurt me, but that is not what I want to talk about. Harry, I’m having your baby, but it is none of your business. I don’t want you in its life at all, I don’t want you to call me, because we are not each other’s business anymore. Don’t call me, block me, do what you need to forget me, since you’re pretty good at that, I’m doing the same. We are over, I finally realise it,  and I don’t want to see you anymore, I’m not your innocent girlfriend back from highschool, I’m a fucked up, divorce woman, tattooed and forgotten, and now pregnant. So, don’t call me back. Bye.” She said, ending it, placing the phone next her, and knew she had to continue her life.

I felt like I should write an imagine based off the the song, ‘Kiwi’ by, Harry Styles, so I did. Hope you enjoyed!

Requests OPEN

Lots of love,

-Ava xx

the ocean was full of noise but we were empty.

we used to walk by the ocean;
sand under our feet and the water
licking at our ankles, swirling 
and sucking and sighing.
you had one hand on a camera
and the other empty around air.
you mouth closed on silence and
i tried to coax speech out. your gaze
was as distant as the blue horizon
and i felt like a silenced figure;
a photographed collection of limbs,
legs, and blue eyes. I stretched out
my stride into a tumbling sprint,
dizzy with salt. You never ran to catch me
only stayed just above shoreline, walking
with one steady foot 
after another.

one more list of untranslatable words

cinq à sept - quebec french: preferred time for illicit romance, or simply a social gathering that takes place roughly between 5 and 7 p.m.
hygge(lig) - danish: any place, any person and any situation that can cause you to feel an inner and deep reassuring feeling of comfort and warmth
hüzün - turkish: sadness, melancholy; a gloomy feeling that things are in decline and that they will get worse
drachenfutter - german: a gift with which one might attempt to placate a lover you have angered; literal translation “dragon feed” suggesting the giver of the gift is somewhat cold-hearted
meriggiare - italian: literal meaning “to pass the hottest hours of the day in a shady outdoor place”; conceived by poet Eugenio Montale
เกรงใจ (kreng jai) - thai: direct translation “awe heart”; the consideration one is encouraged to show towards other people’s feelings that derives from the desire to make them feel comfortable
甘え (amae) - japanese: behaving in a way that makes other people to want to take care of you; more common in parent-child relationships (The Anatomy of Dependence by Takeo Doi M.D.); greek counterpart - παλιμπαιδισμός
sobremesa - spanish: time spend at the table to chat or drink coffee long after you have finished eating a meal
ubuntu - bantu: humanity, the quality of being humane; phliosophy according to which an individual does their best in ways that can benefit the community as a whole; “I want you to be all you can be, because that’s the only way I can be all I can be.” - archbishop desmond tutu
kalsarikännit - finnish: literal meaning “boxer boozing”; drinking or getting drunk alone at home, in your underwear
恋の予感 (koi no yokan) - japanese: literal translation “premonition of love”; the sense that you are about to fall in love, a very subtle spark that may or may not develop into love over time
ξεροσφύρι (xerosfyri) - greek: consumption of alcohol without accompanying food
kummerspeck - german: literal translation “grief-bacon”; the weight gained through excessive eating after a failed romance; emotional overeating due to general sadness
kaapshljmurslis - latvian:  a person who is cramped while riding public transportation usually during rush hour
shemomechama - georgian: to continue eating even when you’re full; or to suddenly realize, with some embarrassment, that you’ve eaten it all
שלימזל (schlimazl) - yiddish: a chronically unlucky person; someone who is prone to misfortunes
שלימיל (shlemiel) - yiddish: a clumsy person who unwillingly creates their own misfortunes

list 1 & 2


Writing by @moustachiopenguin :

If someone were to ask him about his first love, he would lie and say he’s forgotten.  He wouldn’t tell them about a boy named Kise Ryouta.  He wouldn’t share memories that make him smile and make him ache.  He’d pretend not to remember racing hearts and sweaty palms and stolen kisses.  There would be no stories about commuting between cities and missing trains home.  He’d have nothing to say about locked doors and flushed cheeks or bruised lips. 

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Barbie (Chapter 7)

Chris Pine X Reader.

Summary: What started as a simple date ended as a failed romance. Or has it truly failed?

Warnings: Cursing. mentions of abuse. Fear. 

Authors note: I’m so flippin’ sorry for the lateness. I intended on posting it a lot earlier but i hated it. I re-wrote it probably ten times, not joking either. However on no sleep this one came to me and for once i actually enjoyed the idea and thus we have this! Enjoy. 

Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. 

During your “relationship” with one Christopher Pine, you’d learned a few things. One: He was a talented fucker, no pun intended. He could twist your words or even his own. Two: He could mend your heart with his words or a kiss. Three: Staying mad at him was proving to be difficult. He was standing before you with his puppy dog eyes, warm and welcoming glistening in the light with tears. 

“So, you’re gonna go back to Beau?” the words repeated in your head. There was absolutely no doubt in your mind what so ever that you’d ever go back to Beau. Beau was a monster… as much as human could be.

He was a mess. Controlling, Erratic and absolutely toxic. He had no filter and no respect for you. He was and forever will be the greatest mistake you’d ever made… unless things with Chris continued to go sour. Then it’d be a tie. 

“Does it matter?” You ask, rolling your eyes. 

“How could it not?” 

“I don’t know. I thought that type of thing was cool.” You lie, shrugging your shoulders. “I mean, you got to go talk to your ex why couldn’t I talk to mine?” The words seemed to escape before your brain even realized what you had said. 

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Seokjin Scenario: Heartbreakers.

Request: Ola~ Can I have a scenario where Jin “accidentally” flirts with some girls and it makes the reader jealous so she gets back at him and flirts with other guys as well which makes Jin jealous too and sort of makes a tension between the two of you because you only wanted Jin to get a taste of his own medicine. Reader and Jin do make up after talking and possibly a little make out and promise not to do this kind of stunt on each other agian. Gracias~

Genre: Romance / Drama

A taste of his own medicine, that was what Jin needed and exactly what you were going to give him, you thought, taking a careless sip of your vodka while he laughed along to whatever the girl on the bar was telling him.

You recognized that girl’s way of looking at him, Seokjin was too attractive, god you could write a book just about that and he was clearly flirting with her, keeping the talk going, leaning closer for her to hear him over the blasting music of the club and you felt a weight in the middle of your chest because you hated it with all your might, Jin wasn’t yours to keep but you wanted him to be, you wanted to walk over to that girl and tell her to leave your boyfriend alone because you could keep him company, thing was that Jin wasn’t your boyfriend, not exactly, you had been seeing each other for a few months as a let out, a no strings thing, something both of you could use as a relief but that didn’t encase in a relationship per se.

You drank the rest of your vodka in one go, hearing one of your friends saying she was going to the bathroom, you had gone there with two friends and Jin had tagged along with two of his friends too so you could be even. You nodded distractedly at her because your eyes were only focused on the hand Jin was placing on that girl’s arm. It made your blood sizzle on your ears, you knew you had caught feelings for him that you weren’t supposed to, there wasn’t permanency in what you had going on with Jin besides weekends and some other crazy night in between but you knew you wanted that to change even if it was a little silly, you had agreed to this friendship with benefits with Jin because you were sick of failing at romance and relationships and there you were, falling harder than ever for him.

You walked away from the VIP booth you had for that night and made your way to the dance floor, far enough from Jin for him to not think you were doing this on purpose but close enough for him to see you perfectly under the dim lights, alcohol was thrumming in your veins and you weren’t even tipsy but it made you feel fearless, you were going to put up such a good show dancing that he was going to look at you whether he wanted it or not.

The music was upbeat and sultry at the same time, you started to sway your hips in a sensual way, letting the music guide you and shortly after, a guy approached you. He was clearly interested, he couldn’t compare to Jin for you but you could say he was attractive too so you started to dance with him really close and to keep up with the small talk. You took a discreet glance to where Jin was and when you saw his eyes on you, you smiled, biting your lower lip and stepping closer to the guy, what a perfect timing that was.

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In Every Living Thing #5

“In every living thing there is the desire for love.” ~ D. H. Lawrence

Nalu | Sculptor/Greek Myth AU
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words: 2000
rating: T

Yes, it’s been more than a week since I last updated this. Yes, I am both sorry (that it took so long) and proud (that I wrote it at all). Yes, it is an actual update! I can’t believe it either!! 

moon ii.

Old romance might have failed, but modern romance surely wouldn’t.

At least that’s what Lucy thought when she signed Natsu up for online dating. 

“But Lucy,” Natsu whined, “Do I have to?”

“Absolutely,” Lucy huffed, “The best way to learn about love is to be in love, so that’s what you have to do in order to be able to stay here; I told you. Got that?”

“I guess,” Natsu grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

It had been a month since he had become part of the lonely Heartfilia household, and what he had contributed, mostly, was life. Life and the unexpected, but more frequent company of not only Wendy but also Gajeel, who seemed to slowly but surely grow more accustomed to being more than just the guy who left Wendy at the door and disappeared.

Change had come slowly, and it was still happening, but it had not gone unnoticed.

The fact that Natsu had decided that romance wasn’t for him and he’d rather hang with Lucy and Wendy to play video games and listen to their stories wasn’t exactly helping Lucy’s love mission along. Especially not her new plan of making him fall in love, instead of merely talking about it and continually failing to explain.

“You promised me!”

“Right, right.” Natsu sighed theatrically. “I’ll go and try to love her! But only for you.”

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Why was the Jon/KellyC ship done so half-heartedly in Season 7?

I think this question will decide whether GOT will be widely disappointing beyond shipping or even the ending itself. Because it begs the question how competent GOT’s creators are at executing that endgame.

This particular plot shows their ability or inability to execute a fairly simple storyline so it is perceived in a certain way. If it’s not as appealing as it should be then it would be time to abandon all hope for a coherent, well-executed Season 8.

For a simple storyline like “boy meets girl” a TV show like GOT has many, many cinematic means at its disposal to signify that these two characters are meant for each other and are falling for each other. While it would be unrealistic that it would employ all of them, them having a light touch when it comes to using romantic acting and dialogue means is really weird.

For example, these cinematic means include:

In scenes that the characters do not share
- clear matching, contrasting and/or complimentary visuals, aesthetics and themes for the characters individually (casting, hair, make-up, costumes, settings, props, music, framing, editing, dialogue, thematic arcs, character arcs)

in shared scenes
- framing and editing that puts them “on equal ground” while sets them apart from other characters
- “male gaze” type of POV shots that insinuate (sexual) attraction of the POV character (works for either sex)
- romantic music, lighting, settings
- facial expressions and body language (shared laughter, smiles, gazing at one another, touching, signaling sexual attraction, invading each other’s personal bubble)
- romantic situations (meet cute, the misunderstanding/deception, fighting, witty banter, resisting sexual attraction to one another, making a sacrifice/grand gesture for love, love triangle/jealousy, rescuing the other, touching, kissing, fucking)
- dialogue (communicating and bonding over common interests, goals, ideas, similar past experiences (good, bad, meaningful, and unimportant but telling),shared jokes, sexual innuendo, witty banter, openly admitting to liking the other.)

All of these can be defined by the script/producers. While GOT’s scripts don’t normally define costumes, there is a heavy dose of direction on body language, facial expressions and what the characters think. I don’t subscribe to the belief that they are literally fixated on their actors’ emoting to the detriment of the show itself that they micromanage that aspect in the script but some do.

No movie or TV series would use all of these means for one couple. And it’s not actually necessary to do it. It’s possible to film a great romance without any dialogue. It’s possible to make a great romance with stoic characters. But the more is missing, the more the rest of these cinematic means have to pick up the slack.

Jon/D*ny’s romance ticks off a few of these boxes. But there are bunch of boxes it could have easily ticked off and yet it refused to do it. A lot of this on Jon’s side, who shares more personal insight about himself with Gendry and Beric in one scene respectively than he does with D*ny in the entire season. (He doesn’t share any sort of personal story or interests with her.) He also looks supremely dour, smiling little. She even tries to rescue him and he refuses to be rescued by her. His public declaration/grand gesture is all about politics and honor, with love nowhere to be declared. Their meet cute is not very cute and we never even see their first kiss. We get a single male gaze POV shot from D*ny’s POV which obscures whether D*ny is fascinated by his abs or grows suspicious of the scars that look like they should have killed him. Jon supposedly checks out D*ny but we are told by that by Davos, not the camera or the editing.

This is not just in contrast to my list, it’s also in contrast to previous relationships on GOT in which they employed plenty of these low key cinematic means successfully and easily. Ygritte makes Jon laugh repeatedly. We know Edmure is attracted to Roslin Frey because the camera, the editing and Tobias Menzies’ face tells us this within less than five seconds. One of the first convos between Shae and Tyrion is Tyrion sharing the story of his first marriage with her. We know Robb knows why Talisa left Volantis because we were there when she told him what motivated her to do it. We get the male gaze POV camera for Daario and D*ny.

And these thing are quick and cheap. They are not expensive dragon rescue scenes. They are one camera set-up, a five-seconds bit of dialogue, one cut to a half-second bit of facial expression.

The argument that this is about time or budget isn’t convincing, so what is the argument for not pulling out all the usual stops for this romance?

Explanation #1:

What we see is what we get. These character have a half-hearted romance because that is what they have. They are not having an epic romance, they are hooking up. This might be mutual, this might be one-sided. It might be harmless, it might be done with a nefarious purpose. But this “epic romance” is done so half-heartedly because it isn’t one.

Explanation #2:

It’s an epic romance but it’s doomed. Knowing that this ship will crash and burn because of politics, characterization, or death, D&D didn’t want to invest time, money, and audience investment in it. Why bother if it is not going to last? Why trying to get the viewers root for it, if they are better off rooting for whatever endgame they need to root for?

Explanation #3:

It’s an epic romance and it’s supposed to be perceived to be an epic romance. But for some reason the writers, producers, actors, directors, cinematographers and editors thought this ship would need very little in the way of sails, rudders, or engines in order to sail its way into viewers’ hearts. That is a big miscalculation and betrays either a lack of control over their show or an inability to perceive weak spots in the execution of their story lines.

Obviously this explanation is the most worrisome since it throws the shows ability to resolve any storyline satisfactorily in some doubt. If they cannot credibly execute the simple storyline of “boy meets girl and they fall in love”, what hope can you have for any storyline?

The worst bit is that currently they do have a couple that ticks off plenty of these boxes. And it’s not just one bit of dialogue and a rescue situation but nearly the full range of individual and shared aesthetics from costuming to camera framing. That one platonic couple is overloaded with cinematic means to denote romance while the epic romance fails to show us a first kiss means that either Explanation #3 isn’t true or that D&D have even less of a grip on what they’re doing than this half-heartedly executed romance would let on.

It’s one thing to miscalculate the effort needed to sell an epic romance. It’s another to simultaneously make a platonic relationship look unintentionally romantic. That would be just sheer incompetence.